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Shayla Price
Shayla Price


Human connection plays a critical role in our daily interactions. Despite advancements in technology, we still enjoy talking with a real customer support agent or sales rep, rather than an automated system. Moreover, if we can see the person’s face, we can build a better connection with the individual. 


The same is true for comments on WordPress websites. When people leave comments, you may find yourself gravitating to the ones with a profile picture. We trust that the person left an honest opinion because they were brave enough to upload their avatar alongside their comments. For businesses, a brand logo can have a similar effect and can serve as your avatar to boost brand visibility and establish a connection with your audience. 

However, if you’re posting comments on multiple blogs, it’s a time-consuming task to upload your logo every single time. Gravatar solves this problem by connecting your avatar with your email address. So, when you log in to leave a comment on a WordPress site, your avatar will automatically appear next to your statement. If you’re a website owner, you also have the option to let your visitors use Gravatar in the same way.

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In this post, we’ll cover why you should use a Gravatar and how to set up your own Gravatar profile. 

What is Gravatar?

Gravatar stands for Globally Recognized Avatar. This web service lets users upload an online avatar and will associate the avatar with their email address. That way, when visitors log in to WordPress using their email and leave a comment on a WordPress website, Gravatar automatically uploads the avatar on the user’s profile. Then, that avatar is shown next to the comment on the site.

example of gravatar use wordpress

Here are two main reasons you should use Gravatar:

  • Gravatar saves you the trouble of uploading a new avatar for each blog you comment on. When you comment on websites that integrate with Gravatar, your photo or brand logo will display. So, instead of just showing a name with a mystery person icon, people can identify with your logo. As a result, you get brand consistency across the web.
  • WordPress administrators can activate Gravatar on their sites to give commenters more brand visibility. By using Gravatar, you get transparency about who posts comments on your site.

Setting up your Gravatar profile means you don’t have to upload your picture on every comment you make on WordPress sites. This easy setup process saves you time, so you can focus on leaving thoughtful comments. Follow the steps below. 

1. Sign up for an account on the Gravatar website.

2. Sign in using your WordPress.com credentials or sign up for a free WordPress.com account.

3. After logging in, approve Gravatar to use your WordPress.com account.

approve account in gravatar use wordpress

4. Now, click Add one by clicking here to upload your image.

5. After uploading your image, you can crop the image and select an appropriate rating for your image. (Your Gravatar image can be rated G, PG, R or X. G is suitable for all audiences, and X is restricted for adult-only content.)

select rating in gravatar use wordpress


6. And you’re done! Your Gravatar will now appear when you post a comment on a WordPress site. It will look similar to this example:

example 2 of gravatar use wordpressSource

You can encourage visitors to add their photo when leaving a comment on your site. By enabling Gravatars, you make it easier for visitors to share a picture. Follow the instructions below.

1. Log in to your WordPress dashboard as an administrator.

2. Go to Settings > Discussion and scroll down to the Avatars section.

3. Next to Avatar Display, check the Show Avatars box

WordPress settings for gravatar use wordpress

4. Next to Maximum Rating, select the type of avatars permissible on your site.

5. Next to Default Avatar, select Gravatar Logo.

6. Click Save Changes.

Earn brand visibility by adding an avatar to all your blog comments. With Gravatar, you don’t have to upload your logo every single time. Instead, connect your avatar to your email address, and the tool will automatically add your profile picture when you leave a comment. Plus, you can activate Gravatar on your WordPress site for your visitors to use. It only takes a few minutes to set up, so get started today. 

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