24 Best Membership Design Examples We Love [+ How To Make Your Own]

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Whether you’re selling a product or building an affiliate presence, sometimes it isn’t enough to build a standard website—no matter how good it looks. These days, it’s all about community and providing value to your visitors through membership programs.

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The best membership website designs make their offering and value to members clear right off the bat. They’re easy to use and simple to navigate, especially the sign-up process. Taking a look at some examples of great membership website design can help inspire your own site, so the sign-ups come flowing in.

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1. Peloton

Peloton has taken the fitness world by storm with its interactive exercise bikes. Peloton owners can join live classes and interact as a community, all from the comfort of their own homes. The Peloton site and app even provides a way to become part of the community without owning a bike.

What we like: The Peloton membership site clearly outlines membership benefits and provides links directly to download the app, even for users without a bike. It even has a handy toggle so you can view the membership pricing table in a way that outlines only the differences between the pricing tiers.

2. MasterClass

Focused on providing training courses from industry leaders across a huge range of topics, MasterClass membership gives you access to all 180+ classes currently available and any added in the future. Members also get access to the MasterClass community so they can interact and share resources with other members to enhance the experience.

What we like: MasterClass has one of the sleekest membership sites around, with a beautiful monochrome design accented with splashes of pink in their logo and CTA buttons. The site guides users right into the correct journey for them with a one-question survey right on the homepage.

3. ProBlogger

Designed for copywriters and bloggers to connect with companies looking to hire freelancers, contractors, and full-time employees, ProBlogger also offers a membership option. With this membership, you can go beyond the free resources offered on the site and access private courses curated to improve your freelancing career and writing expertise.

What we like: The ProBlogger website is super easy to navigate, and you’re never more than a click away from accessing membership content or options. The layout is clear, while the copy is everything you’d expect from a professional blogging website, concisely communicating member benefits and options.

4. Headspace

Headspace is an app and community that helps members achieve a more peaceful state of mind and improved sleep quality. The app caters to individuals, families, and corporate teams with a wide range of membership plans available. Members get benefits like daily inspirational videos and meditations, access to a full library of meditations, and a community where they can connect in member-led chats to share experiences and tips.

What we like: While the app promotes calm, the Headspace website is full of color and imagery, directly showcasing the app's various meditations in action. Visitors can also access short clips from meditations to get a sample of what they’ll receive as part of their plan.

5. Jopwell

Now part of the True platform, Jopwell is a space for Black, Latinx, and Native American students and professionals to find help with career advancement. They do this primarily through their thriving community, but also by partnering with employers to help them build more diverse and equitable workplaces.

With membership, you can access The Well, a hub of resources and useful tips for career advancement. It also runs a calendar of virtual events that cover job-seeking and company-sponsored in-person recruitment events.

What we like: Jopwell keeps its message and culture front and center on the homepage and throughout the site. Jopwell also boasts an impressive list of corporate sponsors, and their logos are clearly displayed right in the homepage hero to boost credibility.

6. The Female Entrepreneur Association

Female Entrepreneur Association caters directly to women in business, especially those who are at the first rung of the business ladder or seeking to scale existing enterprises. The members club provides access to curated training content showcasing the association’s FEA Success Pathway. Members can connect with each other in the community and access a calendar of events throughout the year to level up their businesses.

What we like: The FEA site combines a cohesive color palette with elegant fonts, and uses CTAs throughout the website to convert visitors to members. Using free resources, videos, and a chat function, the site makes it very simple for visitors to learn more and sign up.

7. Dollar Shave Club

Dollar Shave Club sells shaving and skincare equipment on a subscription basis. Members select the products they want and receive them at regular intervals so they’re always stocked up on what they need. Members can change the frequency and delivery date of their packages at any time.

What we like: The Dollar Shave Club website keeps it super simple. It’s easy to navigate right to the products and get started with what you need. You can even tell them about your daily “get ready” routine so you get exactly the products you’ll need. Members can even try out “free trial” sized versions of a product before they add it to their package regularly.

8. Patreon

Patreon is a platform online creators can use to create a membership space for their followers. With Patreon, creators can build a membership space with a subscription model for users to access unique, gated content and more.

What we like: The Patreon homepage uses a cool mouse animation over the striking hero image to make the scrolling experience interactive and engaging. The “login”, “get started” and “find a creator” buttons right in the main navigation make it easy for both creators and users to navigate the platform.

9. YogaWorks

YogaWorks is a membership-based online yoga studio. With a monthly or annual fee, members can access virtual classes across all different kinds of yoga. All the classes are led my certified, expert instructors. YogaWorks also offers teacher training programs for instructors to qualify or improve their teaching practices.

What we like: Through the site, users can see a live schedule of classes to see how a membership would fit around their schedule. They can also check out previews of classes to get a flavor of what they’ll receive with their membership package.

10. The Membership Academy

The Membership Academy is a membership site built for, well, memberships! For business owners interested in building their own member-based subscriptions or communities, the academy provides tons of useful resources, training, and community support.

What we like: The Membership Academy opens with a beautiful homepage hero that is very clean and simple. The CTAs make it easy to sign up right there, or log in if you’re an existing member. Further down the page, the benefits and features of your membership are clearly outlined, along with social proof that showcases the number of existing members.

11. Wanderful

Wanderful is a really interesting community that provides resources and information for female travelers, including those who document their travels online. From safety resources to destination information and resources for growing an online travel profile, Wanderful offers a lot in return for membership.

What we like: The homepage is beautiful, using background video and catchy captions to grab the visitors' attention. As the user scrolls, a pop-up offer appears with a free Women Traveling Solo 101 guide and toolkit, enabling the site to capture visitors for further email nurturing.

12. Magnolia Network

The Magnolia Network is a unique crossover between a streaming service, an ecommerce site, and a membership site. Through a subscription to the network, users can watch shows focused on renovation and interior design projects, and DIY instruction content. Aside from TV shows, membership also provides access to tutorial content across home renovation, gardening, cooking, and more.

What we like: The Magnolia Network site leans into its home design niche across all aspects of its design. From interior design imagery to stylish fonts and a hello bar that promotes events, online sales, and shows, the site is easy to navigate and packed with content.

13. The Copywriter Club

The Copywriter Club is a community and membership program built by copywriters, for copywriters. The idea behind the club is to provide resources that help copywriters take their skills and career trajectory to the next level. With a membership, you can get access to a private community, courses catered specifically to your existing level of experience, templates, newsletters, coaching sessions, and workshops.

What we like: The art deco feel of the website is vibrant but simple. The main navigation bar guides visitors to useful free resources like podcasts and the site blog. Further down the page, visitors will find a link to a free quiz to help them find their copywriting superpower, allowing the site to guide users to a membership sign-up more effectively.

14. Flaviar

For the existing or aspiring whiskey connoisseur, Flaviar is a club that offers individual bottles or tasting boxes so members can sample their favorites and discover new vintages. With the Black membership, you can also get access to rare bottles from The Vault, receive special pricing on online orders, and free shipping.

What we like: While Flaviar sticks with a fairly regular whiskey-themed color palette on the site, the user experience is second to none. Information about Flaviar’s brand selection, online purchasing opportunities, and distinct promotion of The Vault membership is promoted effectively throughout the site.

15. Being Boss

Being Boss is a podcast, resource hub, and community for creative entrepreneurs, whether they’re looking to scale a business or build a dynamic side hustle. The resources include articles and downloads with tips for business and opportunities to buy the founder’s book and CEO Day Kit.

What we like: Being Boss uses a clean and minimalist design, and showcases social proof to promote the podcast and resources available right off the bat. The monochrome design is interspersed with fun, colorful click animations over the main navigation.

16. Guitargate

Guitargate is a community and tutorial hub for people who love to play guitar, whether they’re just starting out or have been playing for years. Started by a professional musician, Guitargate has grown to a community of over 200,000 subscribers. With a paid membership, you can access a full library of guitar tutorials and request a “react” video to your own skills.

What we like: This site uses tons of social proof such as quotes from active, successful community members who share information and testimonials about their experiences. The pricing panel clearly outlines what members receive with each package, including a completely free tier.

17. Photography Concentrate

Photography Concentrate is an educational website for all things photography. It has tens of thousands of members who leverage free training, newsletters, and free toolkits to improve their skills. It’s mainly geared towards amateur photographers, so the brand is built around providing free and friendly advice for beginners.

What we like: The Photography Concentrate website uses unique, comic-style graphic design for its branding and visuals. This supports the friendly feel the brand aims to achieve, and helps the content and subscription offerings stand out.

18. The Criterion Collection

For movie buffs and nostalgia-lovers, The Criterion Collection provides monthly bundles of DVD and Blu-Ray discs containing restored and remastered classic movies, including materials such as original supplements and movie features. Members can order packages to be delivered or enjoy the collections by streaming them on the Criterion Collection channel online.

What we like: The website design makes full use of film imagery, clips, and stills to convey its offering. The scrolling effect through the homepage almost feels like a photo or movie reel, further reinforcing the club’s offering and using striking visuals to encourage purchases of specific collections.

19. Food Blogger Pro

Food Blogger Pro helps food bloggers take their cooking hobby and grow it into a successful online business, mainly through tactics like affiliate marketing. It was started by the founder of the successful Pinch of Yum brand and her husband to offer expert resources for cooks who want to follow a similar path. With membership, you get access to over 80 food blogging courses, monthly live membership calls, access to the community, and discounts on blogging tools.

What we like: The Food Blogger Pro website uses fun graphics and a bright color palette to bring some fun energy to the user experience. Further down the homepage, visitors will find the founder's story to bring a human touch to the site.

20. The Modern Marketing Collective

The Modern Marketing Collective was started by Emily Osmond, an entrepreneur who has been through the journey of starting and building her own business. Aimed at small business owners who need strategic advice and help with growth, the collective provides access to courses and resources, and a community of business owners on the same journey. With the premium membership package, you even get two mentoring calls with Emily herself.

What we like: Emily applies a sense of her own personality to the branding on the collective’s website. She features in plenty of the imagery which, given that her expertise is the draw of a membership package, is a great move. Right under the hero, the site uses plenty of social proof to provide real-world examples of the membership plan’s value.

21. Drop Ship Lifestyle

Dropshipping is a popular online business or side hustle in the digital age. But if you’re starting out, it can seem like a complicated venture. Drop Ship Lifestyle helps newcomers in the area get to grips with how they can start and grow a drop shipping business.

Membership goes beyond just training and resources (although those are provided, too)—Drop Ship Lifestyle will even verify your dropshipping niche and give you a business plan to make it a success.

What we like: It only took a few seconds of scrolling through the homepage to understand the unique selling points and value of a Drop Ship Lifestyle website. The site even includes a “which of these best describes you” form to help tailor a way for visitors to get started.

22. Ladyboss

Ladyboss is an eCommerce store selling weight loss shakes that has also built up a community around its philosophy. Throughout the year, Ladyboss sends newsletters and organizes both virtual and in-person events like bootcamps to help their members continue on their weight loss journey.

What we like: The Ladyboss site is an explosion of color and imagery, showcasing members, events, and products. The homepage contains several prominent calls to action, including newsletter subscription forms and their 30-day slimdown challenge.

23. Ravelry

Another example of a hobby site, Ravelry brings together a community of knitting enthusiasts. With a membership account, users can access a forum packed with knitting tips, new patterns, special interest groups, book recommendations, and a project notebook where you can share images and updates on things you’re working on for community feedback.

What we like: Unlike many other member sites, you have to create a free account to access Ravelry. A prompt to sign in or sign up is the first thing that greets you on the homepage. Once signed in, individual panels make it easy to access all the different groups and resources on the site and the navigation contains handy links to the community, support, and your own notebook.

24. Smart Passive Income

Smart Passive Income is a resource hub and community for entrepreneurs who want to find ways to grow online communities and make passive income. The site includes podcasts, guides, and courses. With a paid membership to SPI Pro, members can also access further educational courses and materials and a whole community of experts and fellow entrepreneurs.

What we like: The site uses a super sleek, clean design with plenty of whitespace and calls-to-action that jump out from the page. They highlight successful members right in the homepage hero and use videos further down the page to showcase the courses and community benefits available for members.

Getting Started

Building a great membership website takes careful planning, and you should keep the brand consistency and user experience top of mind. With the right structure, layout and flow to your membership site, you can engage users right off the bat and help set expectations for the great experience they’re about to have as a member.

From highlighting free offerings to making paid membership benefits super clear, make sure your site gives people a reason to sign up at all times.

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