25 Nail Salon Website Designs We Love [+ How To Make Your Own]

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Meredith Wilshere
Meredith Wilshere


Nails are the perfect way to express yourself. You can choose short or long, bright colors or neutrals, flashy and eye-catching or matte and subtle. It’s the same as picking the design of your website, pulling in different factors, and making personalized choices to show off your business best.

hand holding a phone showing a nail salon website

We’ve pulled together a list of 25 nail salon websites that have caught our eye to inspire you when building your business’s website.

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1. Park Slope Nails

Best nail salon websites, example from Park Slope Nails.

What we like: Starting off the list is Park Slope Nails, a Brooklyn-based nail salon that offers a variety of services. What we like about this website is the strong visuals, the easy-to-use call-to-action (CTA) “Make Appointment” button, and an easy website that flows. The pink theme in the text, CTAs, and photos ties the visuals together nicely, creating a cohesive experience for viewers.

2. Nail Spa Elmsford

Best nail salon websites, example from Nail Spa Elmsford.

What we like: Nail Spa Elmsford displays a beautiful and clean background image that showcases a cute and trendy nail design. Visitors and potential customers can click through the gallery which displays possible designs and services so they can make the most out of their visit. The font is fun and attention-grabbing, while the pictures are crisp and visually exciting to the viewer. They also include customer reviews on their homepage to add social proof.

3. Ama The Salon

Best nail salon websites, example from Ama the Salon.

What we like: Ama The Salon is a London-based nail salon whose website offers a look into the brand itself: fun, full of color, and well-thought-out. The design is immediately eye-catching and distinct, with a fun design showcasing the high-quality nail polish and an easy-to-find appointment booking button. We also like that, instead of listing the menu options across the top, Ama conceals them in a readily available hamburger menu that follows you as you scroll.

4. Jocelyn Petroni Skin & Nail Salon

Best nail salon websites, example from Jocelyn Petroni Skin & Nail Salon.

What we like: This website design brings the viewer a sense of calm and serenity, something that the nail salon is looking to emulate and the customer is looking to achieve. The white theme and sunny photos contribute to this feel. The website, like the design, is breezy to navigate and makes booking an easy task. The branding and design is strong and cohesive throughout the website.

5. QQ Nails & Spa

Best nail salon websites, example from QQ Nails & Spa.

What we like: One of the best design elements that we’ve seen for nail salon websites is featuring an image of the services it provides. QQ Nails & Spa is no exception. Here, the image being displayed matches the colors and branding of the website, pulling together a fun and cohesive vision for the website. The header includes direct links to social accounts and the ability to book services online. At the bottom of the homepage, they list their services and prices, providing transparency for clients.

6. MiniLuxe

Best nail salon websites, example from MiniLuxe.

What we like: MiniLuxe is a chain nail salon, with multiple locations across the northeast. This means that its branding needs to be consistent across locations, with clean copy and text design and a website that’s clear to its customers. The layout is easy to navigate and filled with pictures of the different salons and offerings. They also include merchandise for sale right on the homepage for those who are interested.

7. Glosslab

Best nail salon websites, example from Glosslab.

What we like: Glosslab shows a different take on the classic website design, with varied photo designs and text that doesn’t lay right behind it. The navigation is easy to click through, and the different design elements pop out well for the viewer to flip through the pages. They also offer a deal for first-timers with a pop-up offering buy one, get one free manicures in exchange for the visitor’s email address. Offering a coupon is a great way to build your email list, nurture leads, and invite customers to show up.

8. Le Charme Nail Spa

Best nail salon websites, example from Le Charme Nail Spa.

What we like: Bay Ridge-based Le Charme takes things in a different direction by using a slick black-and-white theme and including a picture of inside the studio. Customers can imagine themselves picking out a nail color from the wall and then relaxing in the chairs of the studio. They don’t feature a single painted nail on the entire website — pretty bold for a nail salon! If you have an open and airy layout in your studio, you might also want to highlight your interior.

9. Gloss Spa

Best nail salon websites, example from Gloss Spa.

What we like: Gloss Spa is a good example of a different way to design your website, with featured text on the left and a minimalist photo on the right. It also includes a chatbot for customers to pose questions and book appointments, making the website easy to use, navigate, and book.

10. Nail Saloon

Best nail salon websites, example from Nail Saloon.

What we like: The Nail Saloon website includes elements we’ve pointed out before, like a beautiful look into the studio and a relaxing invite inside. The colors are crisp and clean, with a granite fixing and texture on the design elements. The website’s style serves as an extension of its physical space.

11. Jadore Beauty Spa

Best nail salon websites, example from Jadore Beauty Spa.

What we like: Jadore’s website opens with a video playing in the background, catching the eye of the viewer and inviting them to explore the website. The design draws your attention in and the website is easy to navigate, allowing for ease of use and clear CTAs. Contact info, hours, and location are included at the top of the homepage, and a simple services menu follows below.

12. Pure in Heart

Best nail salon websites, example from Pure in Heart.

What we like: This is one of the more simple designs we’ve seen, with colors that are consistent with the Pure In Heart branding and text that doesn’t crowd the image. Potential customers can click through the tabs and find all the information they need, and contact them if needed.

13. Nail It Salon

Best nail salon websites, example from Nail It Salon.

What we like: Nail It Salon takes a more bold approach to its website, with deep reds both behind the model and on her nails. This allows for the white text to pop and stand out. The bright red is one of its brand colors, so it brings elements from its logo and design to its website, where the brand's ethos is also on display. This is a pop of color that might inspire you to do the same with your nails when you book its services.

14. Paint Bar

Best nail salon websites, example from Paint Bar.

What we like: Paint Bar boasts it’s not your average nail salon and its website is no exception. The design is breezy and minimalist, and the glitter on the nails brings fun and color to the page. The website is not crowded with text, so customers can book and find what they need easily.

15. Honey Nail Salon

Best nail salon websites, example from Honey Nail Salon.

What we like: Honey Nail Salon is a perfect example of a website that mirrors the design of the studio. The color combination of black and yellow stands out against other website pages, and strengthens the brand design techniques. The consistency of the branding is a great design choice and allows customers to remember it when they see the studio.

16. NAF! Salon

Best nail salon websites, example from NAF Salon.

What we like: The first thing that comes to mind when looking at this website is the idea of fun. The colors make the text pop, and the comic book-esque styling of the logo is something we haven’t seen for a nail salon website before. The studio is a beautiful space, and customers are invited to have fun clicking through the pages. Videos of the studio interspersed with the photos make the studio come to life and keep the viewer engaged.

17. The Beauty Assembly

Best nail salon websites, example from The Beauty Assembly.

What we like: This one stood out to us because it takes a different route than the other examples we've seen: It highlights its brand’s mission and ethos in the hero image with a faded picture of nails in the background. The Beauty Assembly keeps what makes it different at the forefront of the page, and grabs your attention.

18. Lotus

Best nail salon websites, example from Lotus.

What we like: The soft pinks throughout this website are calming and inviting, creating a cohesive experience for visitors. Clear booking CTAs are sprinkled throughout the site along with a CTA to subscribe for weekly special offers — a great idea to keep clients coming back. We also like that they feature photos of the “Nails Masters” on the homepage, immediately making their services more personal.

19. Bollinger Nail Salon

Best nail salon websites, example from Bollinger Nail Salon.

What we like: Bollinger makes a bold statement with an eye-catching photo as the hero image. The white text stands out against the bold background and the CTA is clearly labeled for easy use. The red nails on the models throughout the site pop against the neutral-colored background. A unique feature is that they keep track of how many of each service they have provided, which contributes to viewers’ sense of their expertise and social proof.

20. Top Nails

Best nail salon websites, example from Top Nails.

What we like: Top Nails is another good example of an eye-catching homepage with bright colors and elements. Top Nails also offers a blog, like a few of the websites we’ve seen before, so that clients can understand Top Nails’ experience and point of view. They also display a huge photo gallery to inspire nail designs clients might want.

21. Juniper

Best nail salon websites, example from Juniper.

What we like: Juniper is a nail and hair salon and spa, and customers can tell by looking at the homepage, which shows multiple products that might be used during their visit. The layout is open and airy and inviting through warm colors and clean design. It invites customers to look around and enjoy their stay.

22. Love and Lacquers

Best nail salon websites, example from Love and Lacquers.

What we like: Love and Lacquers takes a bold stance on its website, boasting its services by showing off a pair of well-pedicured feet. This is an inviting image, and makes the viewer think of a service they can book. It’s a perfect way to start a conversation around booking. The whole website is simple but effectively communicates everything a client needs to know.

23. The W Nail Bar

Best nail salon websites, example from The W Nail Bar.

What we like: The W Nail Bar website opens on a sweeping video that shows off the salon, the services it offers, and the customers who enjoy its services. The ”Book Now” stands out as a CTA and there is a chat button in the bottom corner for potential customers who have questions.

24. Cuticles Nail Spa

Best nail salon websites, example from Cuticles Nail Spa.

What We like: Cuticles Nail Spa has everything we love in a website: crisp design elements, clean and concise copy, and eye-popping visuals. This Black-owned nail salon highlights its natural products and social consciousness, while also displaying the different services it provides.

25. September Nail Salon

Best nail salon websites, example from September Nail Salon.

What we like: The September Nail Salon welcomes visitors to its doors — literally on its website. The picture on the homepage is welcoming to those who visit, and an easy visual for those who go to the salon itself. The menu options below the hero are accompanied by large photos in a grid layout for easy navigation.

How to Design a Nail Salon Website

Source different forms of inspiration.

Like nails themselves, your nail salon website should be a reflection of your brand’s personality and style, with elements that make sense for your business. When thinking about what you would like your website to look like, create a list of elements and designs you would like to see for your business.

The examples above are a great starting point. Do you want to lead with text or a carousel of visuals? Is there a service you want to display the most? Where do you want to put your online booking link? Looking at these different examples should start turning your creative wheels.

Pick the right software for your needs.

The questions above then lead into the next part of the process: picking the right software to host your website. Are you looking for something where you can lift specific elements from a template and modify it, or are you looking to build your website from scratch?

The content management system or website builder you choose will likely have a directory of themes or templates, where you can use filters or the search bar to find ones related to your salon, with a specific layout, and more. Be sure that whichever one you choose offers mobile responsive templates since most people browse the internet on their smartphones.

Select a theme or template.

A salon theme or template can help you easily change the look and feel of your site without having to code it from scratch. It will also have layouts and elements that are specifically suited for nail salon websites. For example, you may want a theme or template that has:

  • Clickable telephone and social media links,
  • CTAs for booking appointments on every page,
  • Customizable text-based salon packages,
  • Forms for booking and other inquiries,
  • Multiple areas for location and contact information, including website footer,
  • Image and video backgrounds.

Having these features or add-ons will ensure you can create a custom design and salon offerings with little to no coding, accept appointments, and have a marketplace where customers can order gift cards, merchandise, take-home treatments, and more.

Customize your design.

Once you’ve picked where you’re going to be building your website, the fun part begins. Pulling from the inspiration in this article, you can pick and choose which elements you would like to include, which pieces make sense for your business to highlight, and which aspects of your brand you would like to put on display.

To capture your unique brand identity and make the design your own, you’ll want to do the following:

  • Add your logo.
  • Change the color palette and font to match your branding.
  • Replace the stock images with images of your designs, nails, and treatments.
  • Update the placeholder copy.
  • Upload your pricing and salon packages.
  • Insert social media icons.
  • Add personalized forms.
  • Customize your navigation menus.
  • Change the size, colors, and fonts of buttons.
  • Upload photos of your best work and designs.

Once you’ve taken this step, you can really see your design come to life.

Integrate an online booking system.

To streamline your booking process, you can integrate an online booking system so that your clients have ease of booking, and you don’t have to worry about keeping track of all of your appointments. Keeping them in one consolidated place will allow for streamlined business processes and continued better customer service. This is one element we’ve seen included on each website and is a crucial CTA for your business.

The Best Website Designs to Inspire Yours

From this list, we’ve included many different websites to pull inspiration from. One thing these sites all have in common, however, is a foundation in user experience principles. Each website is crafted with the goal of helping visitors book a service.

So, take pointers from the examples you like, then combine them into something that’s truly your own. Given your experience in the business of designing nails and salon packages, we know this process is where your creativity can shine.

examples of brilliant homepage, blog, and landing page design

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