It’s one thing to generate interest when users click through to your business or brand website — it’s something else entirely to capture visitor curiosity enough that they’re willing to register on your site for email updates or newsletters.

In fact, recent data suggests that the average opt-in rate hovers just under 2% — meaning it takes substantial work for businesses and site owners to convince visitors it’s in their best interests to register their contact information.

Most of your success depends on content: If you consistently serve up compelling, contextually-relevant content on your website, potential customers are more likely to stay and more likely to register for more.

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But it’s also critical to design and deploy registration templates that are simple to access, quick to complete and easy on the eyes. If visitors are forced to go hunting for sign-up forms, aren’t sure what information to enter or don’t get confirmation of their registration, even 2% is a generous benchmark.

In this guide, we’ll tackle the ins-and-outs of creating a great registration form template — and what tools are available to help streamline the process.

How to Create a Registration Form

To quickly create a free registration form with HubSpot, follow these steps.


1. Log into your HubSpot account.

If you don’t have a HubSpot account, you can quickly create one and get started on your free registration form template.

how to create a registration form hubspot log in


2. Select Forms under Marketing in the top-left.

The marketing tab also includes options to create emails, ads and landing pages for your website, but for right now we’ll focus on forms.

how to create a registration form hubspot select forms


3. Click Create a free form.

If you’ve created any other forms, they’ll appear on this page. You can delete, edit or customize previous forms if you’d rather not start from scratch.

how to create a registration form hubspot create a free form


4. Choose the form type you prefer.

Options include embedded page forms, standalone pages, pop-up boxes, drop-down banners and slide-in right and left boxes. In this example, we’ll select the embedded form, then click Next in the upper right.

how to create a registration form hubspot choose the form type


5. Select the Registration template from the left-hand sidebar.

You can also create contact forms, newsletter signups, eBook and support forms from this page.

how to create a registration form hubspot select registration template


6. Click Start.

This page offers a basic preview of your registration form along with multiple customization options.

how to create a registration form hubspot click start


7. Select your specific contact properties.

On the left-hand sidebar, you can select additional contact properties such as Street Address, City or Mobile Number. You can also edit the labels of specific form fields and add help text.

how to create a registration form hubspot select contact properties


8. Choose style options.

Scrolling down the left sidebar lets you access multiple style options including checkboxes, radio buttons and header text. You can also add rich text or images to your form.

how to create a registration form hubspot choose style options


9. Choose your Follow-up options.

Select Follow-up at the top, then Create Follow-up Email. Here, you can customize subject lines, text body and create an email footer.

how to create a registration form hubspot choose follow up options


10. Preview your registration form.

Click “Style and Preview” to see what your registration form will look like on desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

how to create a registration form hubspot preview registration


11. Click Publish.

Here, you can either grab a shareable link or copy the code necessary to embed this form directly into your website.

how to create a registration form hubspot publish

Great Registration Form Examples

Let’s take a look at some examples of great registration forms.



It’s straightforward, familiar and easy to get started. With minimal information and time commitment, users can get their account up and running.

registration form examples facebook



Simple is the name of the game here. With just an email address and password, users can easily create an account for all Mint, Quickbooks and TurboTax products.

registration form examples intuit



Typeform quickly highlights its value proposition — better data with forms, surveys and quizzes — and then makes it easy for users to signup with just two form fields and two check boxes.

registration form examples typeform

Free Registration Form Templates

Looking for some free registration form templates to spark your imagination and help drive visitor conversion? We’ve got you covered.



freshDesignWeb offers 60 free HTML CSS sign up and registration form templates to choose from. It includes everything from minimalist sign-up forms to progressive templates and validation-based forms.



formsite allows you to quickly preview and download multiple free form templates (free sign-up required) to help generate user interest. Forms include notification options in addition to auto-reply confirmation.



With formplus, you can sign up for free and get access to more than 100 templates including designs for sales leads, rental applications, webinar registration and membership registration.

Registration Form Building Options

In addition to free form template sites and form building through your HubSpot account, there are also other great online building options to help create great forms, including:


Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms offers all the tools you need to create professional-looking registration forms. This WordPress plugin features easy installation and customizable forms building to help you build better forms more quickly. Get a basic licence for $59 per year, or an elite licence — which includes powerful add-ons — for $259 per year.



WPForms is a free WordPress plugin that makes it easy to add drag-and-drop forms to your WordPress website. The plugin includes over 100 templates that can be used for creating nearly any type of form such as feedback forms, registration forms, and survey forms. Paid plans begin at $39.50 per year, and include additional features such as integrations, add-ons, and usage across multiple sites.



The Forminator WordPress plugin is free, and lets you easily create everything from contact and registration forms to quizzes and polls. Its drag-and-drop visual editor lets you quickly build, edit and customize your forms.



Typeform not only helps you build better forms — it helps you connect with customers and learn more about their preferences. Forms can be easily created and embedded and the company’s “Logic Jumps” are designed to personalize each form. Pricing starts at $35 per year for their “Essentials” plan and $70 per year for Premium, which includes priority service and support.


HubSpot WordPress Plugin

With the HubSpot WP Plugin you can integrate HubSpot’s powerful form features into your WordPress site with this free WP plugin. All forms automatically sync with your HubSpot CRM so you can easily manage contacts, lists and interactions.

The right registration form can capture user interest and improve brand recognition — start with a great template to maximize your impact.

Use HubSpot tools on your WordPress website and connect the two platforms  without dealing with code. Click here to learn more.

 Use HubSpot tools on your WordPress website and connect the two platforms  without dealing with code. Click here to learn more.

Originally published Mar 17, 2020 9:28:55 AM, updated September 07 2021


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