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Creating your personal website resume is an essential step in any job search. It's a great way to showcase your skills and talents, as well as let potential employers know a bit more about who you are. Plus, having an online presence makes it easier for recruiters and companies to find you.

woman builds resume website examples

The great thing about creating a website resume is that you can make it as creative as you want. From the layout to the color scheme, there‘s no limit to what you can create. To help inspire your website, we’ve pulled together 30 of our favorite examples from around the web.

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1. Kantwon Rogers

resume website example; Kantwon Rogers

Kantwon Rogers' resume website is a prime example of a visually captivating and engaging online presence. The site immediately grabs attention with a cheerful animated headshot of Kantwon set against an extensive Fuel Yellow backdrop. A friendly waving hand above the animated head adds a personal touch, making visitors feel welcomed.

The thoughtfully integrated color palette, with vibrant Fuel Yellow dominating and Sea and Burnt Pink accents strategically placed as text and color splashes, enhances readability and overall aesthetics. It's a testament to effective web design, ensuring that your online presence leaves a lasting impact.

What we like: Kantwon's website masterfully balances design and user experience, offering an unforgettable first impression for visitors.

2. Oliver Anderson

resume website examples; Oliver Lucian Anderson

What we like: Oliver's resume website is a visual masterpiece. Instead of the conventional static header, he uses video to elegantly distinguish between various sections, adding a dynamic touch that aligns perfectly with his craft. The homepage is adorned with extensive displays of his captivating photography work, providing a compelling glimpse into his artistic prowess.

Additionally, the sidebar navigation, set against a Light Mustard background, complements the extensive use of bold colors throughout the site, enhancing aesthetics and ensuring seamless navigation.

Oliver's online portfolio stands as a testament to creativity and functionality, making it an inspiring example for fellow artists and professionals alike.

3. Ximena N. Beltran Quan Kiu

resume website examples; Ximena N. Beltran Quan Kiu

What we like: Ximena's resume website is a testament to her ability to seamlessly blend her PR background and freelance writing prowess. The site's homepage artfully reflects her dual expertise, presenting both facets side-by-side, allowing visitors to easily explore her diverse skill set.

The highlight of her website is an attention-grabbing image featuring herself alongside Michelle Obama, serving as powerful social proof. This instantly establishes Ximena's credibility to her target audience, conveying her experience and connection within the industry.

Ximena's resume website is a stellar example of how to showcase professional versatility while leveraging impactful visual elements.

4. Luana Psaros

resume website examples; Luana Psaros

What we like: Luana's website opens with a striking framed image of herself, accompanied by a credit to her photographer, adding a professional touch. The clever use of Blue and Lilac hues creates a distinctive and visually appealing atmosphere, giving her homepage a unique character.

One standout feature is the footer, where Luana centralizes icons leading to her social media platforms. Placing them slightly apart from the main content adds a sense of separation, ensuring easy access for site visitors without overwhelming the homepage.

Furthermore, Luana's header menu offers clear navigation to other pages on her website, providing a seamless browsing experience. Her resume website masterfully combines artistic flair with user-friendly design, making it an excellent showcase of her talents and personal brand.

5. Melanie Daveid

resume website example: Melanie Daveid

What we like: Melanie's website immediately captures attention with a bold black font overlaying her name, featuring an illegible red handwritten text. This unique visual element sets the tone for her site, leaving a lasting impression on visitors.

As visitors scroll down, Melanie provides a concise yet informative bio, followed by a mini CV that guides potential employers toward her professional journey. The clear structure and content flow make it easy for employers to understand her background and skills.

Melanie's website saves the best for last by showcasing her contact information and partner details against bold Royal Azure and ArtyClick Red backgrounds. This design choice adds a vibrant and memorable touch, ensuring that visitors easily connect with her both personally and professionally.

Melanie Daveid's resume website stands as a testament to creativity and effective storytelling in the digital realm.

6. Alisha Selenaresume website examples; Alisha Selena

What we like: Alisha's choice of the Brandy Punch font color for her introductory texts adds a touch of sophistication. This subtle yet effective choice immediately introduces visitors to her personal brand, setting the tone for her site.

The hero image, a woven black image against a Flush Mahogany background, is both captivating and classic. It commands attention without overwhelming the viewer, creating a visually pleasing first impression.

Beneath the hero image, Alisha offers a concise bio, complete with a call-to-action (CTA) button in white and black. This CTA encourages users to explore her resume, streamlining the navigation process.

A notable feature is the LinkedIn icon, the sole icon visible on her homepage, making it easy for visitors to connect with her on a professional platform. Alisha Selena's resume website is a fine example of timeless design and strategic user engagement.

7. Kelsey Alpaio

resume website examples; Kelsey Alpaio

What we like: Kelsey’s website shows the power of simplicity. Her site only has two pages: a home page with a bio and clips, and a link to her full portfolio. This clean layout ensures that her work shines — no distractions.

One standout feature is the centralized two-column layout showcasing her work. She clearly features the prominent publications she has appeared in. She then includes a brief summary of the content and a hyperlink so visitors can learn more.

Kelsey Alpaio’s resume website brilliantly marries creativity and functionality.

8. Andy Martin

resume website examples; Andy Martin

What we like: Andy's resume website immediately captures attention with its catchy hero image, where he sits gracefully with his trombone resting on his lap. This image not only conveys his passion but also draws visitors into his world of music.

Andy's pride in his work shines through with the inclusion of an audio player feature on the landing page. This allows visitors to enjoy snippets of his released music directly, offering an immersive and engaging experience.

Additionally, the presence of two prominent call-to-action (CTA) buttons next to his social and streaming icons enhances the user experience. These buttons provide visitors with quick access to his leading site and contact page, streamlining navigation and interaction.

Andy Martin's resume website harmoniously combines his musical prowess with digital finesse, showcasing the artistry of his online presence.

9. Scott Lacy

resume website examples; Scott Lacy

What we like: Scott's resume website starts strong with a dynamic hero image of himself in action, captivating visitors right from the homepage. The image of him skating reflects his dedication and athleticism, instantly engaging his audience.

The header menu, which becomes more visible against a black background while scrolling, offers seamless navigation to other pages on the site. This user-friendly design ensures that visitors can explore Scott‘s story with ease. Icons leading to Scott’s Instagram and YouTube pages provide additional avenues for engagement, connecting his website with his social media presence.

One striking feature is the prominent display of large logos from brands associated with Biathlon and Scott, set against an extensive dark grey background. This visually appealing section emphasizes his professional credibility and adds a touch of elegance to his resume website.

Scott Lacy's website skillfully merges athleticism with digital design, making it a compelling showcase of his journey in the world of biathlon.

10. Lior Raz

resume website examples; Lior Raz

What we like: Lior's website is a true masterpiece, artfully interchanging between colored and black-and-white images and video content as background elements. This dynamic visual design is at the core of his website's allure, providing visitors with a visually engaging and immersive experience.

Navigation is intuitive and user-friendly. A hamburger menu positioned at the top right corner of the homepage reveals a horizontal layout of header text, each linked to specific sections on the homepage. This streamlined menu ensures effortless exploration of Lior's extensive portfolio.

Furthermore, a unique plus sign embedded in a circle serves as an innovative navigation feature, opening up specific sections. This creative touch adds an interactive element that guides visitors through Lior's website with ease and style.

Lior Raz's resume website is a testament to how thoughtful design can elevate the digital presence of a multi-talented artist.

11. Libby Peterson

resume website examples; Libby Peterson

What we like: Libby's website immediately captivates visitors with a hero image, an aerial view of her worktable. This image not only sets the stage but also reflects her commitment to her craft, making it a powerful centerpiece.

Throughout her homepage, Libby employs design techniques like parallax scrolling, neat arrangement, bold typography, and crafty lines to elegantly present her work history. These elements work in harmony to guide potential clients through her journey, leaving a lasting impression.

A notable design choice is the repetition of the aerial view image towards the end of the homepage, adding a sense of closure and cohesion to her storytelling. Peterson's resume website is a testament to how thoughtful design can elevate the narrative of a journalist, creating a compelling digital presence.

12. Emily Sullivan

resume website examples; Emily Sullivan

What we like: Emily's resume website begins with a striking hero image — a centralized headshot of herself — commanding immediate attention. The choice of dark slate grey as the background adds a touch of elegance and sophistication, making the hero image stand out even more.

Beneath the captivating hero image, Emily strategically places testimonials from individuals she has collaborated with. These testimonials, highlighted in Lavender Pinocchio font color, serve as social proof of her skills and character, reinforcing her professional credibility.

One of the standout features of her website is the use of well-designed call-to-action (CTA) buttons. These buttons, with a black-and-white color scheme, not only add a sense of refinement but also guide visitors to take specific actions, enhancing their overall experience.

Sullivan's resume website is a stellar example of how to seamlessly blend artistic talents with effective digital storytelling.

13. Rubens Cantuni

resume website examples; Rubens Cantuni

What we like: Rubens' website is a design marvel in itself, embracing playful GIFs, bold typography, vivid colors, lines, and even a customized cursor. These elements not only showcase his design skills but also immerse visitors in a unique and visually stimulating experience.

One standout feature is the website‘s interactivity. It empowers visitors to tailor the website’s design according to their preferences, inch by inch. This level of personalization not only engages users but also demonstrates Rubens' commitment to user-centric design.

Rubens presents his extensive experience in a user-friendly format, making it easily collapsible for visitors to explore at their own pace. This approach ensures that visitors can quickly gain insight into his journey and accomplishments without feeling overwhelmed.

Cantuni's resume website is a testament to the power of design and interactivity, creating a dynamic and memorable digital presence that mirrors his expertise in the field.

14. Jey Austen

resume website examples; Jey Austen

What we like: Jey's website exudes elegance with its dominant white and black color scheme, providing a clean and stylish backdrop for her creative portfolio. The use of the Gothic font Pirata for header texts adds a touch of uniqueness and artistic flair, setting the tone for her work.

Large icons and typography are thoughtfully integrated, enhancing the visual appeal of her website. These design elements create a sense of harmony and balance, making it visually pleasing and user-friendly.

The call-to-action buttons on her website are particularly impressive, standing out with their bold and eye-catching design. These buttons not only guide visitors but also add a dynamic touch to the overall aesthetics of her site.

Austen's resume website serves as a striking example of how design and artistic sensibility can be effectively showcased in the digital realm.

15. Allison Driscoll

resume website examples; Allison Driscoll

What we like: Allison's website opens with a warm and inviting hero image — a smiling portrait of herself. This immediately establishes a personal connection with visitors. A prominent black-and-white call-to-action (CTA) button stands out, inviting visitors to explore her resume.

The layout of her website is not only visually striking but also highly informative. A three-column arrangement, featuring bold black typography, efficiently conveys all the essential information visitors need to know about her professional journey. This user-friendly design ensures that her story is easy to digest.

One notable feature is the chat feature that provides visitors with direct access to Allison. This adds a layer of interactivity and personalization to her website, fostering engagement and potential connections.

Driscoll's resume website is a stellar example of how to blend professionalism with design aesthetics, creating an impressive online presence.

16. Jessica Hopper

resume website examples; Ojieame design

What we like: Each person has a wide array of talents and abilities. It can be hard to boil down all that you are in one website. Jessica Hopper does so brilliantly on her website.

On her home page, Jessica boldly states that she is an author, director, and producer. She then has clickable images showcasing the different types of work she makes — from books to documentaries to podcasts. If you were looking to hire Jessica, all you’d have to do is click on the type of work most relevant to your posting.

Further, Jessica’s website takes visitors on a journey. The centralized layout showcases personalized branding consistent with her work, creating a memorable and immersive experience.

17. Tobias Becs

resume website examples; Tobias Becs

What we like: Tobias' website makes a powerful first impression with a hero image featuring him shoulder-high with a ball — a captivating image that leaves a lasting mark on visitors. This image speaks to his unique accomplishments and talents.

High-quality images and videos are consistent themes on his user-friendly website, ensuring that visitors have easy access to his content. This approach allows him to showcase his creativity and achievements effectively.

The sidebar menu, featuring links to Tobias' social media and streaming platforms, is thoughtfully designed in white, providing easy navigation on the right-hand side of the website. This user-centric design ensures that visitors can seamlessly connect with him on various platforms.

Becs' resume website beautifully combines his Guinness World Record prowess with his content creation skills, creating a digital space that resonates with his accomplishments and creativity.

18. Brooke Applewhite

resume website examples; Brooke Applewhite

What we like: Brooke's resume website stands out with its sleek black-and-white color scheme, creating an elegant and sophisticated backdrop for her content. The choice of a black-and-white hero image of herself adds a personal touch to her site, while maintaining a cohesive design aesthetic.

Beneath the full-width hero image, Brooke skillfully displays logos of top brands she has collaborated with. These logos, rendered in black and white, provide immediate credibility and a sense of her professional achievements.

One standout feature is the customization of her cursor, which takes the form of a compass icon visible throughout her website. This unique touch adds a subtle layer of interactivity and reinforces her commitment to navigation and user experience.

Applewhite's resume website beautifully blends her design and development skills, creating a seamless digital presence that reflects her expertise and creativity.

19. Aaron Hinton

resume website examples; Aaron Hinton

What we like: Aaron's resume website combines aesthetics with readability effectively. White legible typography over a half-length sea-colored background creates a visually pleasing and user-friendly design. This choice allows visitors to focus on the content without distractions.

Two prominent call-to-action (CTA) buttons, positioned over the sea-colored background, provide clear direction for visitors. These buttons, leading to his work and resume, ensure that users can easily access the most critical parts of his portfolio.

Aaron's extensive work is thoughtfully presented in a centralized four-column layout. This arrangement alternates between images and video content, delivering a powerful visual impact and providing a dynamic experience for visitors.

Hinton's resume website reflects his mastery of storytelling through film and design, offering a compelling journey into his creative world.

20. Gracie Wilson

resume website examples; Gracie Wilson

What we like: Gracie's website is a testament to her creative abilities. Throughout the site, visitors can find her hand lettering and illustrations, which beautifully reflect her artistic talents and interests, creating an immersive and visually engaging experience.

Her short bio is not only informative but also user-friendly, as it contains a link to her resume. This link, in Medium Turquoise color font, ensures that visitors can easily access her full professional profile.

Strategically placed call-to-action (CTA) buttons, set against the same Medium Turquoise background, guide visitors seamlessly through her homepage. These buttons provide intuitive access to key areas of her website, enhancing user experience.

Wilson's resume website beautifully combines her graphic design skills with her personal creative pursuits, offering a delightful journey into her world of art and design.

21. Olivia Killingsworth

resume website examples; Olivia Killingsworth

What we like: Olivia's resume website effectively puts her in the spotlight by prominently featuring headshot images of herself throughout the site. The hero image, in particular, captures attention and establishes a personal connection with visitors.

A Vimeo-powered demo reel and short clips, set against a Rosy Finch background, offer a captivating glimpse of Olivia's acting prowess. These videos not only demonstrate her talent but also add a dynamic element to her portfolio.

Olivia's homepage also provides download links to her professional resume and voice-over reels, enhancing user-friendliness and ensuring that visitors have easy access to her comprehensive professional materials.

Killingsworth‘s resume website serves as a stellar example of how to center one’s profession and talents, creating a compelling digital presence in the world of acting.

22. Eldridge Doubleday

resume website examples; Eldridge Doubleday

What we like: Eldridge's website artfully blends his multifaceted identity with design elements. The words describing him, set against a black-and-white mountain view image, create an immediate sense of connection and intrigue.

His passion for design shines through with the use of natural colors and landforms as backgrounds, which complement his design ethos. These backgrounds add depth and personality to his site, creating an immersive experience.

Eldridge's selected works are presented in a centralized three-column layout, allowing visitors to appreciate his design prowess. Additionally, the display of logos from previous employers, set against an all-white background on a black-and-white aerial image, adds a touch of professionalism and elegance to his resume website.

Doubleday's website beautifully showcases his design expertise and creativity, making it a captivating digital landscape of its own.

23. Maddie Harris

resume website examples; Maddie Harris

What we like: Graphic design takes center stage on Maddie's website, exemplifying her prowess in the field. Her portfolio section presents a visually pleasing display of both released and yet-to-be-released works in an organized two-column layout.

Maddie‘s website stands as one of the best personal website examples, skillfully alternating between the vibrant colors of Macaroni and Cheese and Orangey Tangerine for her call-to-action (CTA) buttons. This design choice not only adds a pop of energy but also guides visitors’ attention effectively.

Her resume and contact CTA buttons, thoughtfully placed side-by-side and adhering to the same color scheme, create a balanced and user-friendly experience.

Harris's resume website is a testament to her design excellence, offering visitors an engaging glimpse into her world of UX design.

24. Aja Frost

resume website example; Aja Frost

What we like: Aja’s website is a masterclass in showcasing expertise, with content curated around her job experience. This focused approach effectively communicates her qualifications and expertise to potential employers.

Aja also includes icons of the publications she has worked for in the past, demonstrating that she’s a professional. You can clearly see the prominence of her work.

The generous use of empty space on the website is a strategic choice, allowing her content to shine. This whitespace directs the visitor's attention to the essentials, highlighting Aja’s experience. This is a testament to how simplicity and precision can make a powerful statement in the world of digital resumes.

25. Martin Ringlein

Martin Ringlein

What we like: Martin's website stands out for its user-friendly design. The horizontal scrolling feature simplifies navigation, allowing users to effortlessly explore his career milestones using arrow keys. This design choice is particularly beneficial for individuals with extensive experience, as it provides a clear and structured way to tell their career story.

Adding information about one's current career status and goals on a personal website is a smart move. It provides valuable context for recruiters and potential clients. This transparency not only communicates the status of a job search but also helps clients understand how to engage with Martin professionally.

Overall, Ringlein's resume website serves as a model for presenting a multifaceted career journey in a clear and accessible manner, while also providing essential information for those looking to collaborate or hire his expertise.

26. Andrew McCarthy

resume website examples; Andrew McCarthy

What we like: Andrew's website is a masterclass in minimalist design, featuring ample white space and concise content. Short sentences and relevant hyperlinks reduce text density, ensuring that information is easily digestible for visitors.

While Andrew doesn't provide extensive personal details, his approach is intentional. As visitors scroll down, they encounter his previous work experience, email address, and a sentence about his skateboarding hobby—repeated throughout the homepage.

The true charm lies in the subtle interactivity of the website. The background shape and color change as visitors move the page, creating an engaging experience. This feature not only showcases Andrew's design skills but also adds a playful touch to his digital persona.

27. Vladimir Gruev

resume website examples; Vladimir Gruev

What we like: Vladimir's resume website demonstrates the power of color in design. His pink and blue color scheme, balanced with black and white for legibility, offers valuable insights for those aspiring to create vibrant and colorful websites that are still easy on the eyes.

The standout feature of his resume is the interactive cube that follows the cursor. This dynamic element adds a layer of engagement, with the text inside changing as visitors hover over different navigation links. It‘s a brilliant example of how interactivity can enhance a digital resume’s impact.

Beyond the design, Vladimir‘s resume makes a compelling case for why people should hire him. His About page includes clear goals, skills, and guiding principles, presented effectively with a Venn diagram. This approach serves as a model for active job seekers, highlighting the importance of clearly communicating one’s value to potential employers.

Gruev's resume is a visual masterpiece that combines design prowess with persuasive content, making it a standout example in the world of digital resumes.

28. Pascal van Gemert

resume website examples; Pascal van Gemert

What we like: Pascal's resume website is a testament to user-friendly design. Its single-page template, designed for scrolling, ensures effortless navigation for all visitors. The layout is well-organized, offering a wealth of information about Pascal without overwhelming the user.

The handy sidebar is a thoughtful addition, redirecting visitors efficiently to their desired sections. This smart navigation feature enhances the overall user experience.

The page‘s attractive appearance, including a large header image of Captain America and famous quotes introducing sections, adds personality and depth to Pascal’s digital persona. These details provide visitors with a fuller picture of who he is as a professional.

Pascal van Gemert's website is a shining example of user-friendly design, showcasing how thoughtful layouts and engaging elements can enhance a digital resume‘s effectiveness in communicating one’s skills and personality.

29. Nathaniel Koloc

resume website examples; Nathaniel Koloc

What we like: The strength of Nathaniel's website lies in its content. His ability to craft strong, impactful statements to describe his professional work as an entrepreneur and people executive is noteworthy. Statements like “I love building powerful teams and tuning them to perform their best” resonate with visitors and convey his passion and expertise.

Nathaniel also effectively utilizes social proof to bolster his credibility. In addition to featuring logos of his own work, he highlights the organizations and individuals he has helped. This approach adds layers of authenticity and authority to his profile.

Koloc‘s resume is a masterclass in simplicity and effective storytelling, demonstrating how a well-crafted narrative and social proof can make a significant impact in presenting one’s professional journey.

30. Anthony Wiktor

resume website examples; Anthony Wiktor

What we like: Anthony’s homepage immediately grabs attention with a bold headline, effectively presenting his unique selling proposition. This approach instantly communicates his value to visitors.

Featuring well-known brand logos like Disney and Fox is a clever strategy to showcase his previous work at major corporations. These logos serve as powerful endorsements, convincing visitors of his suitability for the job.

Impressive graphic elements, including color-changing hover effects, demonstrate his technical prowess and creativity. These interactive features engage visitors, leaving a memorable impression and reinforcing his expertise.

On the About page, the inclusion of a smiling photo adheres to a best practice for business websites. This personal touch fosters trust and confidence among visitors, making them more inclined to collaborate with him.

Wiktor's resume website beautifully combines strong branding, engaging graphics, and a personal touch to create a persuasive online presence that resonates with both visitors and potential clients.

Showcase Your Skills and Accomplishments Through Your Resume Website

Personal website resumes are a great way to showcase your skills and accomplishments in an organized and visually appealing manner. The examples highlighted above demonstrate how you can create a unique and memorable website resume that stands out from the competition.

From modern designs to interactive timelines, each of these websites has something unique to offer—while still delivering the necessary information required for a successful website resume. By following the examples provided, you can create a website that stands out and impresses potential employers.

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