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There’s a common saying you may have heard: “Keep it simple, superhero.” (Sometimes people say “stupid” instead of “superhero,” but we're nicer than that.)

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That expression holds up for a reason — humans love simplicity, especially when it comes to visual experiences like websites. The less information visitors need to process, the more easily they can enjoy your site and the more likely they are to convert.

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That said, creating a simple website is not as, well, simple as it may seem. It’s easy for complexity to creep in as you try adding more features and visual elements. That’s why we recommend starting with a template to guide you through your website-building process. In this post, we’ve compiled 20 of our favorite simple website templates for your design inspiration.

Best Simple Website Templates

1. Atomic Lite (HubSpot)

screenshot of the simple website template atomic lite

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One of the most popular themes in the HubSpot Theme and Template Marketplace, Atomic Lite is a simple, customizable, and all-around excellent theme for launching your Content Hub website. It comes with multiple page layouts to accommodate any simple business website, plus blog options and fully responsive layouts.

Price: Free

2. Relxo (HubSpot)

screenshot of the simple website template relxo

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Relxo is a minimalist theme for Content Hub that can capture the essence of your health, lifestyle, fashion, or beauty business. Complete with large areas dedicated to images and video along with prominent text areas, this theme is perfect for website owners with a knack for copy. Fully modern and responsive, this theme requires zero coding knowledge to get started.

Price: Free

3. Quest (HubSpot)

screenshot of the simple website templatequest

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The Quest theme for Content Hub is another fitting option for website owners taking a stripped-back approach to website design. This theme is based around card-style elements, and displays images, text, and other site features in self-contained cards. This makes it great for presenting separate pieces of content in a way that feels digestible for viewers.

Price: Free.

4. Atlas Free (HubSpot)

screenshot of the simple website template atlas free

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As the name tells us, this simple HubSpot theme is free and easy to use. Its aesthetic is pretty typical of a modern business/SaaS company website. If that’s the look you’re going for, be sure to give this option a try. Plus, you get plenty of templates for pages like pricing, testimonials, and frequently-asked questions.

Price: Free

5. Generator (HubSpot)

screenshot of the simple website template generator

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Generator is a simple but powerful website theme made for marketers who want a codeless experience. With its mobile-first design, you can be sure that visitors across devices will have a positive experience on your site, making them more likely to convert. Plus, its pages are optimized for speed, helping you to rank in search engine results and capture more organic traffic.

Price: Free

6. Aesthetics (HubSpot)

screenshot of the simple website template aesthetics

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The Aesthetics template takes on a modern, artsy look, making it perfect for trendy websites that utilize bold shapes, images, text, and a lot of whitespace. Highlight your artistic achievements, portfolio works, events, or anything else with ease and with style.

Price: Free

7. Accelerator (HubSpot)

screenshot of the simple website template accelerator

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Looking for a website template to accelerate your business’s online presence? Look no further than the aptly named Accelerator theme. This Content Hub theme is optimized for speed, mobile devices, and an overall positive UX. Take a look at the demos — chances are you’ll be able to adapt this theme to your needs.

Price: Free

8. Miniblog (Colorlib)

screenshot of the simple website template miniblog

Colorlib also offers a huge library of high-quality website templates, including simple HTML templates. We’ll start with Miniblog, a blog template for clean, minimal blogging sites. If you plan to leverage a blog to promote your website (which we highly recommend doing), consider this template as a starting point.

Price: $19

9. Sunfest (Colorlib)screenshot of the simple website template sunfest

This vibrant but user-friendly template was designed for summer music festivals, but can be adapted for any event website or any site with a countdown. It’s a Bootstrap-CSS-powered theme, so the entire design is mobile-first. This is essential for smartphone users who want to register for your event-on-the-go — a mobile-first design can have a real impact on your ticket sales.

Price: $19

10. Minishop (Colorlib)

screenshot of the simple website template minishop

Also powered by the Bootstrap framework, the brand new Minishop website template provides minimalist ecommerce inspiration for virtually any product you want to sell. Use the impressive default design that the template comes with, or, if you have the know-how, tweak the HTML and CSS to your liking.

Price: $19

11. Personal (Colorlib)

screenshot of the simple website template personal

If you’re looking for a simple HTML template to build a personal website, consider the Personal template from Colorlib. This template works best for freelancers, creative professionals, or anyone looking to display their accomplishments in a clean, succinct way.

Price: $19

12. Pentax (Colorlib)

screenshot of the simple website template pentax

Like the template above, Pentax is another option for showcasing your creative output. Pentax is made for photography websites but can be adapted for visually engaging personal or business websites. Parallax effects, responsive designs, hover effects, and a library of CTAs tie the entire template together.

Price: $19

13. Pointer (Colorlib)

screenshot of the simple website template pointer

If you’re a consulting agency, Pointer might be the best option among HTML templates. The template comes with essential features like a testimonial section, subscription widget, contact form, and more. In addition to multi-page website options, there’s also a one-page website template if you want to strip back even more.

Price: $19

14. Original (Colorlib)

screenshot of the simple website template original

Original is a basic template, but it gets the job done for most business websites. It comes with standard features like responsive design, large image areas, menus, sliders, signup and contact forms, and blog functionality.

Price: $19

15. Pixova (Colorlib)

screenshot of the simple website template pixova

Colorlib also makes WordPress themes, including this one for multi-page and one-page business websites, as well as blogs. What started as a simple landing page template has grown into a full-website option, and the developers continually update the theme to ensure the best building experience possible.

Price: Free

16. Modern Minimal Photography Portfolio (Canva)

screenshot of the simple website template modern minimal photography portfolio

You may have heard of Canva, known for making high-quality visual designs possible for everyone. But, did you know that Canva also offers pre-build website designs you can sample? Check out this one, which places heavy emphasis on minimalist design and photography. Simply duplicate the template for yourself and make customizations as desired.

Price: Free

17. Food and Restaurant (Canva)

screenshot of the simple website template food and restaurant

Check out this free, simple restaurant website idea/template if you’re in the food industry. The muted tones, generous use of negative space, and user-friendly menu make this a perfect starting point for restaurants, bars, or cafés.

Price: Free

18. Classic Minimal Modeling Portfolio (Canva)

screenshot of the simple website template classic minimal modeling portfolio

This Canva template mixes simplicity with elegance, implementing a grid layout with impressive results. Choose this option for a trendy design with heavy use of images set against a dan backdrop.

Price: Free.

19. Organic Warm Fashion Retail (Canva)

screenshot of the simple website template organic warm fashion retail

Fashion retailers rejoice — Canva has loads of free, simple templates perfect for your online store, including this one which brings warmth and comfort to your visitors’ online shopping experience. Use this template as a base, then enhance it with your own custom CTAs, scrolling effects, and, of course, products.

Price: Free.

20. Beauty Website in Light Orange (Canva)

beauty website in light orange

Finally, this simple beauty website template stuck out to use for its smart use of color and cohesive feel. Everything in the design is eye-catching and appealing, without coming across as overwhelming. It’s a difficult balance to strike, but fortunately the designers of this template have done the work for you.

Price: Free

Simple Templates for Your Website

For a while, the trend in websites was to make them as visually stimulating as possible. But, in recent years, the consensus among web designers is that less is certainly more. With a simple website template, you highlight only the most important aspects of your online business, making for happier visitors, happier customers, and ultimately a happier bottom line.

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