34 Best Gutenberg WordPress Themes for 2022

Colin Newcomer
Colin Newcomer


A Gutenberg WordPress theme goes above and beyond to integrate with the WordPress block editor. So if you’re looking for a clean experience, consider switching to a Gutenberg theme.

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Grow Your Business With HubSpot's Tools for WordPress WebsitesIn this post, we've curated our picks for the 34 best Gutenberg WordPress themes, including free and paid options. Some options offer full-site editing while others are traditional WordPress themes that still offer tight integrations with the block editor. Explore which theme works best for you. 

What are Gutenberg WordPress themes?

In 2018, WordPress introduced Gutenberg, a block editor that replaced the CMS’ traditional interface. In this editor, each element in your content is a block, allowing you to easily change the layout of the page. You can drag around paragraphs, images, columns, and more. 

Gutenberg-compatible WordPress themes are designed to work best with this block editor. These themes offer enhanced block styles, custom block patterns, or even support for WordPress’ new full-site editing features for block-based template editing. 

The list below gathers our picks for the best premium and free Gutenberg WordPress themes. 

A quick note: If we don't mention Full-Site Editing (FSE) in the theme's description, you should assume that it uses the "traditional" WordPress theme approach for customization, but with above-average support for Gutenberg. Not sure what FSE is? Read our full WordPress full-site editing guide.

34 Best Gutenberg WordPress Themes 2022

1. Kadence Theme

Gutenberg wordpress theme, Kadence

Kadence Theme is a multipurpose WordPress theme that offers tight integration with the Gutenberg editor.

While it doesn't support Full-Site Editing, Kadence does offer dozens of importable starter sites that are built with the Gutenberg editor. It also bundles in the free Kadence Blocks plugin to extend the editor with new features.

In fact, thanks to the dynamic content features in Kadence Blocks, you can still use full, block-based theme building with Kadence.

What we like: Kadence offers dozens of importable starter sites built with Gutenberg. If there’s anything you want to change, you can use the Kadence Blocks plugin to extend Gutenberg.

Pricing: You can opt for a free version. Pro versions start from $59.

2. Blocksy

Gutenberg wordpress theme, Blocksy

Blocksy was built from scratch with Gutenberg in mind. The theme allows all types of blocks and manipulations. This will help you get your site created quickly even without coding skills.

Plus, Blocksy is well-designed, lightning fast, and easily integrates with both Elementor and WooCommerce if you want to go beyond Gutenberg. It's also multipurpose, so you can use it for any type of site.

What we like: Blocksy offers beautiful importable demo sites that are built with Gutenberg for easy block-based customization. This theme also supports all of the core Gutenberg blocks.

Pricing:  You can opt for a free version. Pro versions start from $49.

3. Bricksy Pro


Bricksy Pro is a blogging theme from Anariel Design that was built to work with Gutenberg. While it does offer pre-set site designs, you can easily create your own style thanks to Bricksy's support for full-site editing. This includes tons of professionally designed block patterns and block styles.

What we like: Bricksy supports full-site editing for full Gutenberg customization. If you’re looking for guidance, you’ll also have access to tons of block patterns that you can use in your designs.

Pricing: A pro version costs $59. You can also select a basic free version. 

4. Basti


Basti is a Gutenberg WooCommerce theme that lets you use full-site editing to create and customize your WooCommerce store. You can easily customize all parts of your store via blocks and the theme also supports Global Styles for easy style customization.

As a dedicated WooCommerce theme, Basti also supports all of the WooCommerce blocks.

Best for: Online stores. Basti’s WooCommerce integration makes selling online easy. You’ll also have four starter layouts to make setting up a store simple.

Pricing: Prices start at $79.

5. GeneratePress

Gutenberg wordpress theme, GeneratePress

GeneratePress is another multipurpose theme that offers tight integration with the Gutenberg editor. In addition to full styling support for all of the native Gutenberg blocks, GeneratePress also offers pre-built starter sites created with Gutenberg, along with its own bundled GenerateBlocks plugin to extend Gutenberg with some helpful new blocks.

While GeneratePress doesn't support WordPress full-site editing, it does offer its own block-based, theme-building tool that lets you customize your entire site using blocks (including your theme templates).

What we like: GeneratePress is lightweight and performance-optimized, which helps your site load fast. Your users won’t have to wait long before getting access to your content. 

Pricing: You can opt for a free version. Pro versions start from $59.

6. BlockWP

Gutenberg wordpress theme, BlockWP

BlockWP is a minimal Gutenberg WordPress theme for writers or other content creators. It offers a clean design with plenty of white space, along with full support for all of the native Gutenberg blocks and styles. You can also add some third-party block plugins such as Kadence Blocks.

What we like: BlockWP is totally free, which could make it the best free Gutenberg theme for your needs. Plus, the design is clean and offers lots of white space, which is great for writers.

Pricing: 100% free.

7. Astra

Gutenberg wordpress theme, Astra

Astra is a multipurpose WordPress theme that uses a similar approach to the Kadence Theme and GeneratePress themes above.

You can get started with over 100 importable demo sites built with Gutenberg (plus even more that are built with Elementor). Then, you get full support for all of the native blocks, along with dozens of new blocks thanks to the bundled Spectra plugin.

What we like: Astra bundles in the Spectra plugin to give you access to dozens of new editor blocks. You’ll also have tons of customization options in the real-time WordPress Customizer.

Pricing: Free versions are available. You can also switch to pro for $59.

8. Gutentype

Gutenberg wordpress theme, Gutentype

Gutentype is a premium WordPress Gutenberg theme for writers or other text-based content creators. It supports all of the native Gutenberg blocks, along with enhanced styles to help you get more control over how those blocks look.

Gutentype also includes a variety of pre-built pages to help make the theme your own.

What we like: Gutentype offers multiple pre-built starter sites with clean design aesthetics. Plus, you get lifetime updates with your purchase.

Pricing: $69

9. Catch FSE

Gutenberg wordpress theme, Catch FSE

Catch FSE is a full-site editing, Gutenberg theme from Catch Themes.

The block-based approach lets you customize everything about your site, from your blog posts to your header, using the Gutenberg editor. It also supports Global Styles so that you can easily switch up your site's look.

What we like: Catch FSE is built for full-site editing. The theme also supports Global Styles to easily change your site's design.

Pricing: You can have access to Catch FSE 100% for free. If you’re looking for more features, an optional FSE Pro plugin from the developer lets you extend your site with new blocks and patterns.

10. Neve

Gutenberg wordpress theme, Neve

Neve is a lightweight multipurpose WordPress theme that was built from the ground up for the Gutenberg editor. It offers full support for all of the Gutenberg block styles and alignment options, along with dozens of importable starter sites built with the Gutenberg editor.

What we like: Neve offers full support for all Gutenberg style options. To extend the editor with new features, Neve also integrates with the developer's Otter Blocks plugin.

Pricing: Neve offers a free version. Pro versions are available from $69.

11. Carrino

Gutenberg wordpress theme, Carrino

Carrino is a colorful Gutenberg blogging theme for bloggers who want to stand out. It helps you create a fun, unique design that will definitely catch your visitors' attention. The theme also supports all of the Gutenberg editor features so that you can get the most from your blocks.

What we like: Carrino includes extra blocks to help you list posts on your homepage. This is great for writers or ecommerce stores with a blog.

Pricing: $59 with lifetime updates.

12. Twenty Twenty-Two

Gutenberg wordpress theme, Twenty Twenty-Two

Twenty Twenty-Two is the default WordPress theme for 2022. To showcase the power of Gutenberg, Twenty Twenty-Two offers a flexible Full-Site Editing approach, complete with block patterns, Global Styles support, native block styling, and more.

If you want a taste of everything that Gutenberg has to offer, it's a great theme to start with.

What we like: Twenty Twenty-Two is available for free and comes with a variety of features to customize your site. This theme is a great option if you’re looking to easily build a site while on a tight budget.

Pricing: 100% free.

13. Rosa LT

Gutenberg wordpress theme, Rosa LT

As the first restaurant WordPress theme built fully on Gutenberg, Rosa LT elevates the editing experience so even the most novice site owners can create a website for their restaurant.

Blocks are the basis of every page, so everything is easy to edit, add, rearrange, and customize. Besides the parallax block, you can add a media block with text and a gallery of images side by side. You can also create slideshows, food menus, a location map, an online reservation system, or even an online shop.

Best for: Restaurant owners. Rosa LT makes customizing a site easy, so you can get back to the heart and soul of your business — making delicious food. This theme also offers full WooCommerce support if you want to create an online restaurant ordering system.

Pricing: Prices start at $75.

14. Cartify

Gutenberg wordpress theme, Cartify

Cartify is a WooCommerce Gutenberg theme that lets you build a great-looking eCommerce store using the Gutenberg editor. To make that happen, Cartify comes with 20+ block-based demo sites, 30+ custom blocks, and 150+ block patterns.

What we like: Cartify extends the core Gutenberg editor with new blocks and block patterns. Plus, you don’t have to worry about these features becoming outdated. Lifetime updates come with your purchase.

Pricing: $59 with lifetime updates.

15. Foodica

Gutenberg wordpress theme, Foodica

Foodica is one of the best Gutenberg WordPress themes for food bloggers or other websites in the food and recipe space. In addition to its clean design, Foodica includes special blocks to help you create recipe cards and instructions using Gutenberg.

Best for: Food bloggers. Recipe cards, instructions, and an easy-to-use blogging feature allow your food blog to shine. 

Pricing: $69

16. ContentBerg

Gutenberg wordpress theme, ContentBerg

ContentBerg is a Gutenberg WordPress theme designed for content marketing or personal blogging. This theme offers clean designs that give your text content plenty of space to shine. It also has special styling for all of the Gutenberg blocks so that you can create great-looking articles using the full power of the Gutenberg editor.

Best for: Writers. ContentBerg’s clean designs work great for writing. You’ll also have access to special styling elements for all the core editor blocks.

Pricing: $69 with lifetime updates.

17. Authority Pro

Gutenberg wordpress theme, Authority Pro

Authority Pro is a Gutenberg-optimized theme built on top of the popular Genesis Framework. In addition to benefiting from the Genesis Framework's SEO and performance optimizations, Authority Pro was specifically optimized for Gutenberg so that you can take advantage of all the native blocks and alignment options.

What we like: While this is an older theme, the developers specifically updated it to optimize it for Gutenberg. Plus, Authority Pro is free if you host with WP Engine or Flywheel. (WP Engine purchased the company behind the Genesis Framework.)

Pricing: $360 per year for access to all Genesis Pro functionality. Or, get the theme free if you host with WP Engine or Flywheel.

18. Blockify

Gutenberg wordpress theme, Blockify

As the name suggests, Blockify was built to help you create your WordPress site using blocks. This theme offers a performance-optimized foundation to take advantage of the full-site editing features in Gutenberg. You’ll also have support for Global Styles (with four preset variations) and block patterns.

What we like: Blockify is lightweight and offers a performance-optimized foundation for your site. You won’t have to worry about speed or load times. 

Pricing: A free version of Blockify is available. Pro versions start from $39.

19. Gutenify

 Gutenberg wordpress theme, Gutenify

Keeping things rolling with the "ify" naming convention, Gutenify is another theme (from a different developer) designed to help you take advantage of full-site editing.

Rather than just offering a single theme, Gutenify offers a foundation and then a number of child themes for specific use cases such as blogging, finance, agency sites, and more.

No matter which theme you choose, you'll be able to customize everything using Gutenberg and full-site editing.

What we like: Gutenify offers ten different Gutenify designs for various niches. The different child themes include their own styles and block patterns to make the process easy. 

Pricing: Free.

20. Björk

Gutenberg wordpress theme, Björk

Björk is a free full-site editing, Gutenberg theme from Anders Norén, one of the most prolific creators of free themes. Like other themes from Anders, it has a very minimal look that puts the focus on your content. As a full-site editing theme, it also includes block patterns and Global Styles support to help you customize your site using blocks.

What we like: If you’re looking for options, Björk comes with 15+ block patterns to easily customize your layout. You can also choose from seven pre-built style variations.

Pricing: Free.

21. Frost

Gutenberg wordpress theme, Frost

Frost is a theme from the same team behind StudioPress and the Genesis Framework. It's specifically built to take advantage of cutting-edge Gutenberg full-site editing features to help you customize your site using blocks, block patterns, Global Styles, and more.

What we like: If you want to go all-in with Full-Site Editing, Frost is a great theme to consider.

Pricing: Free.

22. Zakra

Gutenberg wordpress theme, Zakra

Zakra is another lightweight, multipurpose Gutenberg theme in the same vein as themes such as Kadence Theme, GeneratePress, and Astra. While it doesn't offer Full-Site Editing support, Zakra includes a number of pre-built demo sites using Gutenberg, along with full support for the native Gutenberg blocks and features.

What we like: Zakra starts with 80+ pre-built starter sites, many of which use Gutenberg. Some also use Elementor.

Pricing: Free version. Pro version from $69.

23. Getwid Base

Gutenberg wordpress theme, Getwid

Getwid Base is a lightweight Gutenberg theme designed to pair with the developer's Getwid block plugin, which lets you access new editor blocks and block patterns. You can easily use Getwid Base as a standalone Gutenberg theme, as well. However, we do recommend pairing it with the Getwid plugin for the best results.

What we like: This theme offers custom blocks and block patterns. Getwid is also built with a lightweight design to help your site load quickly.

Pricing: 100% free. The Getwid plugin has free and paid options.

24. Botiga

Gutenberg wordpress theme, Botiga

Botiga is a Gutenberg WooCommerce theme from aThemes that relies on the Gutenberg editor to power its different starter sites.

Beyond demo content that you can customize with Gutenberg, Botiga also offers full support for all of the native Gutenberg blocks and settings. You’ll also have support for WooCommerce blocks and other eCommerce features.

What we like: Botiga is built from the ground up to work with Gutenberg and WooCommerce. You can use these features to create both blog content and an online store. 

Pricing: A free version is available. Pro versions start from $69.

25. Beaumont

Gutenberg wordpress theme, Beaumont

Beaumont is another lightweight free Full-Site Editing theme from Anders Norén, the developer of the Björk from earlier in this list. In keeping with all of Anders' designs, it offers a clean, minimal look that works great for journals or other text-based writing.

As a fun fact, Beaumont roughly inspired the default Twenty Twenty-Two theme (which Anders also had a hand in designing).

What we like: Beaumont comes from a popular and established theme designer that you can trust. Its simple design puts the focus on your words, making the theme a great option for writers.

Pricing: Free.

26. Aldo

Gutenberg wordpress theme, Aldo

Aldo is a modern Gutenberg blogging theme that uses a crisp, black-and-white design. It makes a great option for any type of blogging or text-based content creation. Aldo comes with full support for all of the native Gutenberg blocks, along with enhanced block styles and full support for the Gutenberg alignment options.

What we like: If you’re looking for simplicity and straightforward options, try out this theme. Also gives you four starter layouts to choose from — all of which are clean and text-focused.

Pricing: $69 with lifetime updates.

27. Raft

Gutenberg wordpress theme, Raft

Raft is a free Full-Site Editing Gutenberg theme from Themeisle, the makers of the Neve theme that we mentioned earlier. It offers full support for block-based customization via full-site editing, along with Global Styles support and nine included style variations.

What we like: While Raft is a standalone theme, it also pairs well with the developer's Otter Blocks plugin (or other block plugins).

Pricing: Free.

28. Aino

Gutenberg wordpress theme, Aino

Aino is a free Gutenberg, full-site editing theme from ElmaStudio, the makers of a number of gorgeous WordPress themes. Aino also comes with dozens of pre-built block patterns and two style variations (along with full support for the Gutenberg Global Styles feature).

What we like: Aino comes from an established theme developer that you can trust. This theme also includes dozens of great-looking block patterns.

Pricing: Free.

29. Vivre

Gutenberg wordpress theme, Vivre

Vivra is a free Gutenberg WordPress theme from Automattic, the same company behind WordPress.com and WooCommerce. It offers a minimal design with large typefaces that makes it a great option for blogging. It also supports full-site editing so you can easily customize your site's template.

What we like: Vivra makes use of beautiful typography. The large text headings create an eye-catching design so your words pop.

Pricing: Free.

30. SolarOne

 Gutenberg wordpress theme, SolarOne

SolarOne is a premium Gutenberg full-site editing theme from ElmaStudio. It's also part of the AinoBlocks family. But while the Aino theme above is free, SolarOne only comes in a Pro version. However, its robust features give you more bang for your buck.

What we like: SolarOne includes a very polished design, complete with 14+ block patterns, 12+ custom blocks, and full support for Full-Site Editing and Global Styles.

Pricing: $99.

31. Skylith

Gutenberg wordpress theme, Skylith

Skylish is a premium multipurpose Gutenberg theme that comes with 30+ pre-built demo sites. While it doesn't support full-site editing, you can easily customize those demo sites using theme options and full Gutenberg editor support.

What we like: Skylish comes with tons of options for headers, footers, blog layouts, and other key areas. You also get lifetime updates with your purchase.

Pricing: $69.

32. Tove

Gutenberg wordpress theme, Tove

Tove is the third free Gutenberg WordPress theme from Anders Norén to make it on our list. And there's a reason for that. Not only is Anders a very popular theme designer, but he's also really embraced the Gutenberg editor and full-site editing.

Like his other Gutenberg themes, Trove offers complete support for full-site editing. It also includes 40+ block patterns to help you customize your designs.

Best for: Restaurants and cafes. Templates come with options for business hours and menus. However, you could adapt the theme to other niches.

Pricing: Free.

33. Kori

Gutenberg wordpress theme, Kori

Kori is another Gutenberg, full-site editing theme from ElmaStudio and Aino. Like the previous ElmaStudio themes that we've featured, Kori offers a very polished design complete with full-site editing support, tons of block patterns, and multiple style variations.

Best for: Personal portfolio or resume website. With nine block patterns and page templates, you’ll have plenty of options to showcase your work. 

Pricing: Prices start at $75.

34. Wabi

Gutenberg wordpress theme, Wabi

If you like a minimal, writing-focused approach, Wabi could be the best free WordPress theme for Gutenberg for your situation.

Built from the ground up for Gutenberg, this full-site editing theme from Rich Tabor comes packed with block patterns for every part of your site, including the header and footer. It also supports style variations so that you can easily change up your site's look.

Rich Tabor also offers another similar full-site editing theme named Wei; it's also worth a look if you like this aesthetic.

What we like: Wabi supports Global Styles and offers dynamic accent colors to easily customize the design of your site. You can also choose from block patterns to help you customize your site.

Pricing: 100% free.

Try These Gutenberg WordPress Themes Today

That wraps up our collection of the best Gutenberg themes for any type of WordPress site. Whether you want to use the new full-site editing approach or you just want a theme with deep support for the editor, you should be able to find a great option on this list.

Pick your favorite theme, and you'll be up and running with a beautiful, block-based WordPress site in no time.

Editor's note: This post was originally published in January 2020 and has been updated for comprehensiveness.

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