Top 13 ThemeIsle WordPress Themes for 2022

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Being a WordPress user, you know that there are thousands of themes to choose from when designing your website. 

best themeisle wordpress themes

You also probably know that there is no one-size-fits-all solution, so it may be hard to select the one that best suits your needs. 

Thankfully, there are a variety of online marketplaces with high-quality WordPress themes to make your search a little bit easier, and ThemeIsle is one of them.

ThemeIsle offers a handful of starter themes that can be customized to meet your design needs, with little coding experience necessary. Each theme comes with extensive documentation to guide you through the customization process, helping you to get your site up and running as fast as possible. Should any problems arise, ThemeIsle’s Happiness Engineer Support Staff is ready to help.Grow Your Business With HubSpot's Tools for WordPress Websites

Here are 14 ThemeIsle WordPress themes that you can choose from to begin the process of designing your customized website. 

1. Zelle Pro

Zelle Pro is a paid, multipurpose theme with a minimalist design. It’s perfect for professional firms and creative agencies looking for a clean, compact look.

Zelle Pro is also compatible with WooCommerce, which allows you to set up an online store with little trouble. Other options for Zelle include sites for non-profits and electrical businesses.

zelle pro minimalist wordpress themeisle theme

2. Zillah

Zillah is the perfect theme for independent bloggers and writers. It’s free, but you still have access to a variety of customization options. There are no flashy elements to this theme, so it is perfect for those looking for a tasteful, content-focused look. 

It also features a responsive design, allowing you to give your readers a consistent experience on whatever device they’re using.

zillah blogging themeise wordpress theme

3. ShopIsle

ShopIsle is meant for those looking to set up an ecommerce site. It has free and paid versions, but both can receive payments. There are pre-made templates for different website pages (i.e, About Us, Projects, Team Members) that will help you get your site up and running quickly. 

You have the option to feature images on the front page, where you can display your products and entice customers to browse your inventory. Other ShopIsle users have created sites for jewelry and clothing businesses.

4. Girly

Girly is a visual-focused theme, perfect for those seeking to attract users with their high-quality images. It also supports ecommerce functions, so you can quickly set up your business and allow your customers to purchase your products.

themeisle girly photography wordpress theme

5. Broadsheet

Broadsheet is a user-friendly newspaper theme. It comes with a pre-set “Featured Categories” section, which allows you to display your newest stories front and center for your visitors. It’s perfect if you’re looking to digitize your print content while maintaining a similar look.

themsisle broadsheet newspaper wordpress theme

6. Neto

Neto is a premium WordPress theme compatible with WooCommerce, which is ideal if you’re looking to have customers complete transactions on your site. 

It has a sleek presentation, allowing you to feature your best products with no added distractions. The theme is also translational, allowing you to attract customers from around the world.

themeisle neto ecommerce wordpress themeSource

7. Olsen

Olsen is the perfect theme for bloggers. It has a polished look, allowing you to seamlessly blend visual and written content. 

themeisle olsen blogging wordpress theme


8. Fagri

Fagri is a multipurpose theme that boasts a 15-minute website set-up time. It is commonly used by those who want a simple one-page look, but the customization tool allows you to create additional pages as needed. It supports the WooCommerce plugin, is SEO friendly, and RTL ready.

themeisle fagri wordpress theme

9. TheMotion

TheMotion is made for those looking to use high-quality video content on their site. You can feature your best work front-and-center, and video quality remains consistent regardless of the device your viewers are using.

themotion themeisle video wordpress theme

10. Adrenaline

Adrenaline is designed for sports and travel-centric websites. The default setup features bright colors and eye-catching typography, but the customization tool allows you to make changes to your liking. 

It supports high-quality visuals, allowing you to center photos of your travel packages, and incorporate the ecommerce feature for customers to book your excursions online. Adrenaline is also responsive, meaning that users can visit your site on any device and have a seamless experience.

themeisle adrenaline travel wordpress theme

11. Belise

Belise is the perfect theme if you're looking to create a photo-centric website for your restaurant or personal food blog.

Images are front and center in this theme, allowing you to put your best dishes forward to attract customers. One of the more enticing elements of this theme is the built-in menu feature.belise lite restaurant wordpress theme themeisle

12. LegalPress

LegalPress is a premium WordPress theme for lawyers and accountants. With a clerical look, the theme has an easy and ready-to-use setup, so you spend less time away from your clients.

themeisle legalpress legal wordpress theme

13. Zeko

Zeko is a paid theme specifically designed for non-profit and charity organizations. You can utilize the themes “Hero Image” option to feature current campaigns and even collect contributions from your users with WordPress donation plugins. 

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zeko nonprofit themeisle wordpress theme

Having the right theme for your website can make a difference in how your intended customers will use your site. Whether you’re looking for an ecommerce theme or a theme optimized for creative content, ThemeIsle has a variety of options to choose from that will help you achieve the look you’re envisioning for your site. 

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