50 Ecommerce Templates to Level Up Your Online Store 

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If you run an ecommerce shop, you’re likely most excited about making products and sending them out to customers. Managing a website is just one administrative task on your busy to-do list.

woman downloading an ecommerce template for her website

Using an ecommerce template can be more efficient than creating a website design from scratch. You can use a polished, pre-made interface with customization options that let your digital storefront match your brand. 

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Choosing the right template for your business can seem like a daunting task. So we’ve gathered 50 of the best ecommerce website templates to jumpstart your research. Plus, these templates can be easily integrated with your chosen ecommerce platform. Let’s dive in.

1. Virtue 

Best website ecommerce templates, example from Virtue.


Virtue is a flexible template that offers a range of layout options, making it a great option for any ecommerce business. You can also customize this template with your brand colors, logos, and fonts. 

Virtue is also completely compatible with WooCommerce. If you already work with this ecommerce platform, you can easily make the switch to Virtue. 

What we like: Virtues eStore template offers a range of layout options and many built-in features that are essential for online stores. You implement feature listings, shopping cart functionality, and checkout systems.

2. Shophistic 

 Best website ecommerce templates, example from Shopistic.


Shopaholic is a sleek and modern template that's ideal for fashion and beauty brands. Plus, there are many customization options that can bring your brand to life.

What we like: Businesses can upload their logo, change colors, menus, and more directly from the Admin Panel — no coding skills required. This makes it easy for businesses to tailor their online store to their specific needs. You can create a unique look and feel that represents your brand.

3. Online Shop

Best website ecommerce templates, example from Online Shop.


Don’t let this template’s basic name fool you. Online Shop has everything you need to create a smooth shopping experience. Customers can browse your offerings and make purchases easily without any unnecessary distractions.

Best of all, this template is designed for WordPress, a content management system already used by thousands of small businesses. If you want to create a site with a straightforward, intuitive layout, get started with this theme. 

Best for: With its simple interface, Online Shop is a perfect match for small businesses or first-time digital retailers.

4. Hestia ecommerce templates, hestia


This versatile and responsive template offers online businesses lots of flexibility. 

Start with a full-width hero image to capture your visitor’s attention. You can even include a CTA to drive them to your shop. Then, flesh out your homepage with your business’ story and information about your value proposition.  

What we like: Hestia has blogging capabilities built-in, so you can get started with content marketing straight away. 

5. OceanWP

Ecommerce Template, OceanWP

You can customize most website templates to fit your industry and brand. But not everyone wants to spend hours dragging and dropping modules. Enter OceanWP. 

This theme builder offers more than 220 demos for you to choose from. You can find a starting point for your specific industry niche. For example, OceanWP has specific templates for digital bike shops, pet supply shops, barbecue retailers, and more.

What we like: OceanWP sites are lightweight, meaning they have fast loading speeds. If your shop takes too long to load, your customers will go elsewhere. OceanWP ensures that your content loads quickly and your shoppers stick around. 

6. Vantage 

ecommerce templates, vantage


Cutting-edge sites make the most of movement. That includes CSS animations that keep your visitors engaged. Luckily, you don’t need coding skills to create this functionality. CSS animations are already built into Vantage. 

Additionally, the template has a responsive design that ensures the site looks great on different devices and screen sizes. More of your shoppers are browsing your products on their phones. Vantage makes sure they have an optimized experience.

What we love: If you need extra help, Vantage comes with video tutorials and documentation to get your business up and running in no time.

7. ShopperPress

ecommerce templates, ShopperPress 


ShopperPress offers customization options galore. You can choose from pre-made store layouts and get started in minutes. From there, you can add any design blocks you’re missing — you’ll have 150+ to choose from! 

The ShopperPress comes with a built-in shopping cart. There’s no need to find extra plugins or integrations. You’ll also get access to tax options, so you don’t have to worry about pre-programming different tax rates for counties and regions across the globe. 

Best for: Beginners. With ShopperPress, you don’t need technical skills to create a professional-looking, functional online store.  

8. Amax 

ecommerce templates, amax 


Amax has all of the trimming needed for an ecommerce store. The site features a changing carousel where you can show off your product images. You can also create compelling photo grids to show the range of styles you offer. 

What we love: Amax comes with modules designed for social proof. You can include relevant purchasing stats and quotes from happy customers to build credibility for your business. 

9. Bodega

business website templates, Bodega


Bodega is an ecommerce website template that puts your products front and center. Plus, it has an intuitive interface, so you can easily create your own websites with a few clicks.

Bodega stands out thanks to its clean and modern design. Also, the fast loading speeds ensure that visitors won’t have to wait long before they can view your offerings.

What we like: Bodega has 30 demo sites to help you get started. Plus, you can choose a template made for your industry. That includes clothing, handbags, cosmetics, and more. 

10. Lion

business website templates, lion 


Lion showcases your offerings on your homepage, making navigating your online store easy. 

When visitors stop by, they’re greeted with a changing carousel of your high-quality product images. Then, they can explore all of your products. Your shoppers can even explore items by categories that you create. 

Best for: Small businesses and first-time online retailers.

11. Fashi 

business website templates, fashi 


Fashi is a modern ecommerce template that comes with built-in animations, quick-view options to see products, and a blog feature. 

If you have a marketing strategy that relies on discounts, Fashi has you covered. You can create an offer of the week with a countdown clock. This creates a sense of urgency for your shoppers. They’ll need to act fast to get the best deal, leading to increased sales. 

What we love: Perhaps you have both a storefront and an online shop. Fashi includes Google Maps functionality, so your shoppers can always find you. 

12. Furnish

 business website templates, furnish


While this theme is tailored to home goods, Furnish can showcase various products. This site has everything you need to create a beautiful, modern ecommerce site. 

Furnish allows your high-quality images to shine. When you click on an offering, the image pops out, giving you a larger view. Additionally, this template offers a pop of color. You can feature multiple pastel modules to differentiate your product categories.  

What we like: Looking for blog capabilities? You can start publishing right away with Furnish.

13. Ogani

business website templates, Ogani


If you sell produce, baked goods, or anything edible, Ogani is a great starting point for your online store. The home page features a grid with photos where you can showcase your wide range of offerings. Plus, customers can use the templates search bar to find exactly what they’re looking for.  

What we love: Ogani is fully responsive. That means customers shopping on their phones will have just as good of an experience as desktop shoppers. 

14. Medilife

business website templates, Medilife


If you’re in the health and wellness space, start building your ecommerce store on Medilife. Customers can easily browse products by categories and see high-res images of the items in your shop. You can also create a blog that informs customers about how each product works. 

What we like: Medilife plays nicely with popular plugins like WooCommerce and WPBakery Page Builder.

15. MaxShop

business website templates, maxshop


Most ecommerce templates encourage you to stick to a specific niche. If you’re a digital seller with products across categories, look into Maxshop. This template can help you build a megastore with vastly different categories and products. 

What we like: You can make the most of color, Google Fonts, and free icons to give your shop a cohesive feel.  

16. Crosby

business website templates, crosby


Many ecommerce sites rely on Squarespace for its easy-to-use interface and reliable ecommerce functionality. If you want to leverage this platform, consider using Crosby — a modern, sleek template for online stores.  

You can easily feature your products directly on your home page. Customers can click on each image and learn more about each product. 

Best for: Online stores offering a limited range of products.

17. Pinbin

business website templates, pinbin


If you love the aesthetics of Pinterest, check out Pinbin. This Pinterest-inspired template allows you to display your products in an easy-to-scroll-through grid. The template also includes social media integration, easy navigation, and fast load times.

What we like: The template's responsive design ensures that your website will look great on any device, from desktops to iPhones. 

18. Footwear

business website templates, footwear


If you’re in the shoe business, Footwear was designed specifically for you. Visitors are greeted with a moving carousel of images, showing off all the shoes you have to offer. Then, you can include your tagline and clickable product categories for your wears. 

What we love: Right under your navigation menu, you can call out any special deals or notable discounts. 

19. Winkel

 business website templates, winkel


It’s not enough to see a picture of the product itself. Many shoppers want to see the item in action. Luckily, Winkel supports multimedia content. You can show what the product looks like through images and how people use it with videos. 

Winkel also integrates with your social media platforms. Your content then becomes easily shareable, driving more traffic to your website.

Best for: Small businesses and first-time online retailers. 

20. Impact

 business website templates, impact


Impact is a theme created by Shopify, so you know its features will work with your pre-existing ecommerce platform. You can choose from three theme options from the get-go: one geared toward technology, another for home goods, and the last for clothing. 

Impact also has 35 sections, so users can create a unique store that complies with SEO and accessibility best practices. 

Best for: Brands that have high-quality product images to feature across their sites. 

21. Unite

business website templates, unite


Unite is a fully responsive template that’s compatible with popular ecommerce platforms like WooCommerce. This theme also comes with Photoshop templates to help you create compelling graphics for your online store. 

What we like: The Unite theme is fully responsive, so your website looks great on every device. 


business website templates, ROMOFYI



ROMOFYI is a modern template that offers a range of customizable features. You can choose from multiple layout options, customizing the number of columns and the appearance of grids throughout your site. 

What we like: ROMOFYI comes with extensive documentation and dedicated customer support. If you run into any questions during setup, you can quickly get an answer. 

23. Sydney

 business website templates, sydney


If you want to embed video into the shopping experience, Frame is the theme for you. Instead of a static hero image, you can feature high-quality videos of your product in action. Pair your visuals with a powerful CTA, like “shop now,” and you’re on your way to converting a loyal customer base. 

What we like: Frame has powerful filters, so your users can search by category, price, and more. 

24. HeroBiz

business website templates, herobiz


Sometimes you know exactly what you want but don’t have the coding skills to build it. HeroBiz offers a handy drag-and-drop page builder to help. You can customize your site with the exact widgets you want, giving you control over your design. 

Best for: Storeowners with a specific vision who want a more hands-on role when building their site. 

25. Pharmativebusiness website templates, Pharmative


If your in-person pharmacy is looking to add an online component, this might be the theme for you. Pharmative offers a minimalist template, so you can build an online store that looks modern and trustworthy. 

What we love: Pharmacies offer a wide range of products. This theme comes with a multi-level dropdown menu that can keep all of your offerings organized. 

26. Zay Shop

 business website templates, Zay


Great sites make use of different shapes, background colors, and buttons to break up visual monotony. Zay makes the most of this simple design principle. 

This template opens with a full-width image slider to showcase your different products. Then, users can see circles with your different product categories. Lastly, they see a grid made up of squares featuring the products themselves. 

What we like: This template comes with lifetime free updates. 

27. Bakery

business website templates, bakery


This customizable layout is great for food retailers of any size. You can show off images of your baked goods and make it easy to shop. 

We know that each pastry and cake that you sell requires a description. With Bakery, you can click on an image and more details about the sweet will appear. Here you can list ingredients, price, and the option to add the good to cart. 

Best for: Bakeries and kitchen supply stores. 

28. Amado

business website templates, amado


Amado subverts classic web-design trends to create a unique, innovative experience. Instead of a typical menu at the top of the screen, users can search your site in a left-hand menu. The homepage also has a grid of your products, with no white space to distract from your offerings. 

What we like: Amado fluidly adapts to all screens. For example, on mobile, the left-hand menu becomes a hamburger menu at the top of the page. 

29. Presento

 business website templates, presento


Presento offers dozens of pre-built sections and components and endless customization possibilities — none of which require coding. This makes the template a great gateway into the world of web design. 

Further, the site has a drag-and-drop page editor, so you can create layouts that look exactly like the vision in your head. You can easily feature texts, images, videos, slideshows, buttons, and more. 

What we like: Presento comes with SEO components so you can make sure your site ranks higher in search engines.

30. Abcbook

business website templates, Abcbook


If you’re a bookseller, you know the power of recommendations. Abcbook has all of the functionality to leverage the social aspect of bookselling. Your shoppers can leave reviews on their favorite titles and rate reads on a five-star scale. 

What we love: This theme comes with a search bar, so your shoppers can find the genres, authors, and titles they’re looking for. 

31. Magneto

business website templates, magneto


Magneto offers a wide range of templates for different types of businesses. You can select an option specially designed for home goods, workout equipment, luxury products, electronics, and more.

Each type of template comes with pre-designed widgets and blocks, so you can start selling quickly. 

What we love: Magneto themes offer color customization, a wide range of fonts, and icons to include on your site.  

32. Shoppers

business website templates, shoppers


If your online business has a story to tell, consider using the Shoppers template from Colorlib. This theme’s home page has text modules built in. Here you can explain the inspiration behind your brand and the benefits that make your product stand out. 

What we love: This theme has a dedicated module where you can feature discounts and deals. You can encourage your shoppers to take advantage of steals while they last. 

33. Infinite Loop

 business website templates, Infinite Loop


Infinite Loop offers a well-designed page for your ecommerce business. You’ll have plenty of text modules to describe the products you sell and tell your story. 

This theme also comes with testimonials and a gallery for product images. Customers can get a taste of your work before they even make a purchase. 

Best for: Online business owners who have a background working with CSS and HTML. 

34. Watch

business website templates, watch


Not every online store sells multiple products. Maybe you focus on one category or one item. If so, check out the Watch theme from Colorlib. 

With this template, you can explain exactly what your product does, offer guides on how to use it, and build a comprehensive customer service experience. 

What we like: You’ll have plenty of space to both describe and includes images of your product’s features. 

35. Sublime

business website templates, Sublime


Sublime is a sleek ecommerce theme that can bring your offerings to life. You can prominently feature discount modules, so shoppers can find deals immediately on the home page. Further, you can mark products as new, hot, or on sale so visitors get a sense of your inventory. 

What we love: Sublime offers newsletter integration, so your customers can stay connected with your brand. 

36. Arsha

business website templates, Arsha


Arsha is a versatile ecommerce template that offers responsive design, customization, advanced search options, and user-friendly checkout. If you are a retailer for multiple brands, you can also include their logos on the home page. Visitors will know from the get-go exactly what you have in store. 

What we love: Arsha offers support in multiple languages, so you can provide a great experience for your global audience. 

37. Trace

business website templates, trace


Trace is a sleek website template that comes complete with CSS animation. You can build graphics that move and text sections that change when users interact with them. 

What we love: Trace promises a super fast load time, so you can ensure your shoppers never get frustrated and click away. 

38. Lectio

business website templates, Lectio


Lectio has a unique, modern design that’s great for fashion retailers of any size. You can choose from vibrant colors to reinforce that your brand is fun, modern, and on the cutting edge. 

With Lectio, you can feature images that move as users scroll. You can also create videos with an interactive play button. No matter what you build, Lectio makes sure it has a stylistic flair.

What we love: Lectio comes with built-in animations to keep your visitors engaged. 

39. emart

business website templates, emart


With emart, you can easily create your own online store. Start by selecting one of emart’s 16 site demos. You can choose from templates built for lifestyle brands, furniture businesses, handmade goods, and more. 

Then, you can upload product details and category information, so your visitors can search your site with ease. 

What we love: You don’t need a coding background to make something beautiful. emart has its own drag-and-drop builder, so you can customize your site at any skill level. 

40. Zakra

business website templates, Zakra


This lightweight template is great for any type of ecommerce store. You can choose from over 80 templates and find the theme that most aligns with your product offering. 

Zakra also prioritizes security, so you can make sure your customer data is in good hands. 

What we love: Zakra is compatible with popular page builders like Elementor and Gutenberg. If you’re familiar with these WordPress essentials, you’ll find creating a site with this theme easy.

41. Colorblock

Shopify website themes 


Colorblock comes directly from Shopify, so you know it’s optimized for ecommerce. Here, you’ll find a clean, minimal look that puts the focus on your product imagery. Colorblock also includes support for quick view, mega menus, and more.

What we love: This theme has space for longer-form text sections. You can use this space for brand storytelling and conveying your business’ message. Colorblock also includes support for quick view, mega menus, sticky headers, and more.

42. Peach Sunset

Shopify website themes 


If your brand is fun and makes the most of vibrant colors, Peach Sunset will definitely match your brand. This Shopify website theme is sold via Etsy and offers an eye-catching color scheme. 

What we love: The developer of this theme offers an installation service for an extra fee. If you want someone to help you get set up, Peach Sunset has the right level of support. 

43. Square Online

business website templates, square online


You may already use Square for processing payments, but did you know the platform can also help you build a website? 

With Square Online, you can create a store with dynamic styling tools. The platform lets you pick colors, fonts, and images that match your brand’s aesthetic. 

What we like: If your site needs images, Square can help you make them. Snap high-quality photos with the Square Photo Studio App, then synch them directly with your item catalog. 

44. Caraft

business website templates, Caraft


Caraft is a CSS template that provides the basis for any online store. This theme comes equipped with a hero image slider where you can feature your products. As visitors scroll, they can see the categories of products you offer and the items themselves. 

This theme has no bells or whistles and is great if you intend to take a minimalist approach. 

Best for: Store owners that have coding knowledge, as modifying this template requires you to interact with code directly. 

45. Palo Alto

Shopify website themes 


Palo Alto is a website theme available on the official Shopify marketplace. This is an especially appealing ecommerce option for brands that specialize in outdoor apparel, sportswear, and more. 

What we love: This template has a "shop the look" functionality so visitors can see exactly what your models are wearing. 

46. Luxury 

business website templates, luxury


Here’s another Shopify template that’s available on the Etsy marketplace. Luxury is designed to showcase high-end goods, like jewelry and other accessories. The theme uses warm neutral tones so the metallics in your products truly pop. 

What we love: If you purchase this template, you will also get access to Canva files so all of your images match the theme. 

47. Love Me Boho

business website templates, boho


If your product is bohemian, then your website should be bohemian. This Shopify theme on Etsy can help you get there. 

This site template is vintage-inspired, making use of abstract, lava-lamp-like shapes. Pink is the primary color here, so this is a great option for those that already leverage this color story. 

Best for: Those who want a simple site, as the template only has a home page, shop, FAQ section, blog, and contact section. 

48. Neon

Shopify website themes 


Build a site that pops. Neon Shopify website theme that makes the most of dramatic, eye-catching color. If this bright imagery fits your brand, you can leverage its unique design. 

What we love: When you purchase the theme, you can get Canva templates for the banner images. This makes it easier to customize graphics with your messaging. 

49. Boom

Shopify website themes 


Boom is a single-product Shopify website template. Choose from 70+ demo sites that cover various niches to find a template that works best for you. Sample categories include fashion, cosmetics, electronics, sports, and more.

Best for: Ecommerce businesses offering one type of product. 

50. eStore

Shopify website themes, eStore


eStore is a free eCommerce theme from WordPress that’s compatible with WooCommerce and YITH WooCommerce Wishlist plugins. You can import a demo with one click. This makes setting up your online store a breeze. 

What we love: Sites built with eStore load in under 1.5 seconds. This will help your site provide a better experience for visitors and perform well in search. 

Choosing Your Ecommerce Template

No matter what products you specialize in, these templates offer a great starting point for your site. Before making any final decisions, consider how much time you want to invest in creating your online store. 

If you have a specific vision, seek a template with more customization options. If you’re looking for a site that’s ready out-of-the-box, find a theme already tailored to your industry. Happy web building! 

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