24 Best WordPress Podcasts to Listen To in 2024

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Daniel Doan
Daniel Doan


WordPress is the most popular content management system — if you're reading this, I assume you use it, or are at least considering using it for your website. Whether you’re new to the platform or a seasoned pro, we’ve gathered 25 of the best WordPress podcasts that can level up your website.

woman listens to a wordpress podcast

These podcasts cover everything from building an ecommerce site on the platform to working with plugins to choosing the right theme. Take a deep dive into the internet’s best podcasts about WordPress.

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1. WP The Podcast

wordpress podcast, WP the podcast

WP The Podcast hosts are incredibly knowledgeable about WordPress and discuss the platform’s technical aspects (new features, plugins, etc.). You’ll learn how to use WordPress for business and personal websites.

What we like: In addition to being informative, Blackmon and Strifler make the technical aspect of WordPress entertaining. It’s like learning how to use WordPress from two friends.

2. Matt Report

wordpress podcast, matt report

  • Host: Matt Medeiros, Director of Podcaster Success at Castos
  • Length: 40 minutes

The Matt Report shares best practices from digital business builders in the WordPress and no-code space. In each episode, you’ll learn how to reap the benefits of building your brand online. Conversation topics include turning WordPress into a career, working with plugins, and hiring a WordPress team.

What we like: The Matt Report covers everything you need to succeed online, from customer service to e-commerce. It’s truly a one-stop shop.

3. Boagworld

wordpress podcast, boagworks

The world of web design is complex, but these hosts make it look fun. Each month, for two hours, four web designers talk about their careers and how they balance work with everyday life. You'll get the latest industry news from people who know their stuff.

What we like: The show is whimsical, with entertaining chemistry between its hosts. Whether or not you work in web design, you'll enjoy it.

4. WordPress Plugins from A to Z

wordpress podcast, wordpress plugins from a to z

  • Hosts: John Overall and Amber Overall, WordPress Specialists
  • Length: 40 minutes

If you work with WordPress, you’re likely using plugins to increase your site’s functionality. But with thousands of plugins across the web, how do you know which ones are the best? This podcast covers which plugins work and how to incorporate them on your site.

What we like: This podcast makes navigating the world of plugins simple. With new plugins coming out every day, you’ll stay up-to-date on which are worth your time.

5. Developer Tea

wordpress podcast, developer tea

  • Host: Jonathan Cutrell, Engineering Manager at Guild Education
  • Length: 5 - 45 minutes

Developer Tea is an excellent resource for people who want to stay up-to-date on the latest industry trends. In each episode, Cutrell interviews a different expert on various topics, from the best frameworks to use for web development to tips for becoming a better programmer.

What we like: Jonathon doesn't just interview guests and ask them questions; he also breaks down their answers and provides concrete tips that listeners can use to improve their own work.

6. Kitchen Sink WP

wordpress podcast, kitchen sink wp

  • Host: Adam Silver, WordPress Educator, Trainer, and Developer
  • Length: 10 minutes

Adam Silver is a veteran WordPress enthusiast and agency owner. You'll hear Silver talking about everything WordPress-related with the knowledge that will surprise even those most familiar.

What we like: Each episode has a different theme—so there's always something new each time you tune in.

7. WP Watercooler

wordpress podcast, wp watercooler

  • Host: Jason Tucker, IT Director and WordPress Developer
  • Length: 30 minutes

There are many ways to make your site more optimized. The WP Watercooler roundtables cover practices, tips, and tricks for navigating the platform. That includes news about frequent WordPress updates.

What we like: You can find this show both on podcast platforms and on YouTube. If you’re a visual learner, you won’t miss out.

8. Women in WP

wordpress podcast, women in wp

Women in WP features bloggers and designers who use WordPress every day. Listen to this podcast to learn how they tackle life, work, and play with this dynamic tool.

What we like: Women in WP celebrates women in tech. The show provides a platform that highlights the achievements of women in the field and encourages them to join the league.


wordpress podcast, wpmrr

  • Host: Joe Howard, Founder at WP Buffs
  • Length: 45 minutes

This show covers common challenges people face when developing their own blogs or websites. In each episode, you’ll get insight into responsibly growing your monthly recurring revenue. If you want to hear about the guys behind successful companies such as HubSpot, Startups.com, and others, this podcast is for you.

What we like: WPMRR gives tips and hacks which can help you get around problems without wasting precious developer hours trying different solutions.

10. Gutenberg Changelog

wordpress podcast, Gutenberg Changelog

  • Hosts: Birgit Pauli-Haack, curator of Gutenberg Times.
  • Length: Varies, though usually around 45 minutes.

You may find Gutenberg Changelog useful if you are interested in keeping up-to-date with the newest futures and designs of Gutenberg, the new block editor of WordPress. These don’t dive too deep into the weeds without providing context and connecting the dots.

What we like: They provide a page for each podcast that has everything from announcements to little tips, community contributions, and more.

11. WP Coffee Talk

wordpress podcast, wp coffee talk

  • Host: Michelle Frechette, Director of Community Engagement at StellarWP
  • Length: 30 – 55 minutes

Michelle Frechette's WordPress podcast has quickly become a must-listen for anyone involved in the WordPress community. In each episode, Michelle invites guests to join her over a cup of coffee to discuss a wide range of WordPress-related topics.

What we like: No matter your level of experience with WordPress, you’ll find something of interest in this thought-provoking podcast.

12. WP Tavern

wordpress podcast, wp tavern

  • Host: Nathan Wrigley, Website Design at Picture and Word
  • Length: 25 minutes

Wrigley interviews the leaders shaping WordPress’ evolution. The podcast’s goal is to explore the vast and ever-growing WordPress ecosystem. You’ll hear stories of the people making the platform what it is.

What we like: WP Tavern covers all aspects of WordPress, from plugins and themes to community events and accessibility.

13. The Get Options Podcast

wordpress podcast, the get options podcast

  • Hosts: Adam Silver, WordPress Educator, and Kyle Maurer, Director of Operations at CG Cookie
  • Length: 45 minutes

Silver and Maurer focus on topics that matter most for website development, including how you can find clients and scale your agency successfully. You’ll learn both about building a WordPress site and growing your business.

What we like: In each episode, Silver and Maurer answer one or two questions from real listeners. You can hear common challenges and expert solutions.

14. Think Like a Hacker

wordpress podcast, think like a hacker

The Think Like a Hacker podcast talks about the security of your website. You’ll hear conversations with experts in both information tech and those who work in web development. Explore recent trends that may affect how you develop and secure your sites.

What we like: The cybersecurity world is constantly evolving. This show will help you keep up-to-date on the website flaws that hackers commonly exploit.

15. Do the Woo

wordpress podcast, do the woo

  • Host: Bob Dunn, Founder of BobWP
  • Length: 45 minutes

This podcast takes a deep dive into WooCommerce, the leading e-commerce plugin for WordPress. You’ll also get to hear first-person accounts of building a successful e-commerce site over WordPress and the challenges entrepreneurs face throughout their journey.

What we like: You’ll learn e-commerce management solutions so you can focus on growing your business.

16. Distributed with Matt Mullenweg

wordpress podcast, distributed

  • Host: Matt Mullenweg, CEO Automattic & Co-Founder WordPress
  • Length: 45 minutes

Automattic (the team behind WordPress) has taken their expertise in remote work and created a podcast to explore the latest trends. You’ll see how entrepreneurs use technology like virtual offices for better management of company operations across various platforms.

What we like: You’ll explore new ways people can run businesses without ever leaving home or the office.

17. Front End Happy Hour

wordpress podcast, front end happy hour

Each episode shares the news in the web development world over the last week — including the latest tool. You’ll learn everything you need to know about front-end development to create a great website. Grab a drink, and join the fun!

What we like: This podcast’s panel features software engineers from Netflix, Twitch, and Atlassian. That gives you a chance to learn from the best.

18. CodeNewbie

wordpress podcast, code newbie

  • Host: Saron Yitbarek, Founder and CEO of Disco
  • Length: 40-45 minutes

In each episode, Yitbarek interviews coders from diverse backgrounds about their web development journey. This show also includes beginner-friendly discussions about new technology you should know. Topics include coding boot camps, how to pivot into tech, and web development in WordPress.

What we like: This podcast is great for those who are new to the world of web development. Plus, you’ll get to hear from real people about how they pivoted into the field.

19. WP-Tonic

wordpress podcast, wp-tonic

Join the WP-Tonic hosts every Friday as they discuss recent WordPress stories. You’ll get insights into how you can increase your online business income with this open-source platform.

What we like: From conversations with industry leaders to technical tutorials, it's the perfect podcast for digital professionals.

20. Hallway Chats

wordpress podcast, hallway chats

  • Hosts: Cate DeRosia, Community Engagement Specialist at WordPress & Topher DeRosia, Community Director of Howard Development & Consulting
  • Length: 30 minutes

Hallway Chats brings together people who are passionate about WordPress and the web design community. In each episode, you’ll meet new guests with expertise in marketing strategies for websites designed with WordPress.

What we like: From writing content to designing themes on WordPress, Hallway Chats is a one-stop shop.

21. LMS Cast

wordpress podcast, lmscast

  • Host: Chris Badget, Founder and CEO at LifterLMS
  • Length: 45 minutes

If you want a fresh take on how businesses use the internet for growth, this is the show for you. You'll hear from entrepreneurs who have built thriving online courses and web-based businesses, as well as experts in marketing strategy every week.

What we like: With the world moving towards hybrid work arrangements, LMS Cast focuses on empowering people via online education to create more impact and income.

22. Syntax

wordpress podcast, syntax

  • Hosts: Wes Bos, Lead Instructor of HackerYou, and Scott Tolinski, Creator of Level Up Tutorials
  • Length: 30-60 minutes

With over 500 episodes, Bos and Tolinski dive into the world of web development. Both hosts are full-stack developers and share their work experience. This show will help you stay up-to-date with the latest in JavaScript, CSS, and new technology.

What we like: This podcast covers a wide range of web development topics for people of all skill levels. Both beginners and experienced coders can learn from this show.

23. Your Website Engineer

wordpress podcast, your website engineer

Dustin Hartzler talks you through the ins and outs of building a successful WordPress website in this helpful series. The show talks about how to optimize your site for speed and how to fix common errors that often keep visitors away.

What we like: This podcast provides invaluable knowledge about building websites while keeping every episode concise.

24. WP Briefing

wordpress podcast, wp-briefing

  • Host: Josepha Haden, Executive Director of WordPress Project at Automattic
  • Length: 15 minutes

Josepha Haden provides quick insights into WordPress' philosophy for users and builders alike. You’ll also hear interviews with experts in the field. With short episodes, this show is great for busy WordPress fanatics.

What we like: Considering WP Briefing is produced by WPMU DEV, a WordPress services and products provider, you can trust the podcast's content to be accurate.

Choosing the Right WordPress Podcast

If you‘re looking to improve your marketing efforts, then consider adding some of these top WordPress podcasts to your rotation. From established shows to up-and-comers, you’re sure to find valuable information that can help you take your business to the next level.

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