The 7 Best WordPress Recipe Plugins in 2023

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Madhu Murali
Madhu Murali


As the food blogging industry becomes more competitive, bloggers must ensure their content is easily discoverable and visually appealing. One of the best ways to achieve this is by using WordPress Recipe Plugins.

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A recipe plugin simplifies adding recipes to posts, customizes the look and feel of recipe cards, and even provides nutritional information. We’ve compiled the seven best WordPress recipe plugins of 2023, highlighting their unique features and functionalities to help you choose which one is right for you.

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1. WP Recipe Maker

WP Recipe Maker download page

WP Recipe Maker offers a seamless and user-friendly workflow for adding recipes to any post or page. You can easily create and customize recipe cards by adding images, ingredient lists, preparation steps, dietary information, and much more with the help of the easy-to-use interface. The plugin even includes a nutrition information box that automatically generates data based on the ingredients you add.

This plugin includes an Elementor block, which means you can easily add recipes to your pages without switching between editors. If you're using other page builders, WP Recipe Maker also provides a shortcode that can be directly added to any post or page. With this feature, you can create stunning recipe cards that match your website's unique style, enhancing the overall user experience for your readers.

What We Like: WP Recipe Maker is a fantastic option for bloggers, nutritionists, and food enthusiasts who want to showcase their recipes in an elegant and organized manner.

2. Cooked

Cooked - Recipe Plugin download page

This feature-rich plugin enables you to create beautiful, visually appealing recipes that will entice your readers to spend more time on your website. With its drag-and-drop builder, creating a recipe has never been so easy or so much fun.

Another key feature in Cooked Recipe Plugin is that it includes semantic structure and microdata into each and every recipe you publish. This makes sure that your growing archive of recipes is stored and searchable in a Google-friendly manner. You can be certain that search engines properly understand what your content is all about.

The plugin also offers a pro version starting at $39 for a year of updates, which unlocks additional features like user ratings, profiles, recipe submissions, and many different layout options. This makes it easy to monetize your website, as well as to create a community for your readers with personalized recipe collection options.

What We Like: Cooked is easy to implement, use, and is a feature-rich plugin with many different options for whatever you need.

3. Recipe Card Blocks by WPZOOM

Recipe Card Blocks download screen

With Recipe Card Blocks, you can create beautiful recipe cards that are structured for search engines to understand. You can customize everything about your recipe cards, including styles, ingredients, preparation steps, and much more, creating an entirely unique culinary experience.

Another great feature of Recipe Card Blocks by WPZoom is its Elementor support. You can add custom widgets, menus, pages, templates, and other elements to your recipe pages and ensure they integrate perfectly with your website.

The plugin also includes structured data integration, which makes it easy for Google to index your recipes. This takes the guesswork out of what search engines pick up and ensures that your recipes are displayed accurately. Additionally, the plugin comes with AMP support, ensuring your recipes can be easily accessed and viewed on mobile devices.

What We Like: Recipe Card Blocks by WPZoom lets you create appealing recipe cards that will make your website stand out from others. It's easy to use and intuitive to navigate, with plenty of options for customization to match that of your website. As a must-have plugin for food bloggers, Recipe Card Blocks is a great investment to future-proof your content and set you up on the path to success.

4. Delicious Recipes

Delicious Recipes Download Screen

Delicious Recipes is an easy-to-use and powerful recipe plugin for your WordPress website. The onboarding process makes this plugin an attractive choice. After activation, you’ll go through a detailed walkthrough that lets you customize essential settings. From ingredients to preparation, the plugin's user-friendly interface makes it simple to create professional-looking recipes.

Delicious Recipes Plugin also allows unlimited recipes at no extra cost, making it the perfect choice for those with extensive recipe collections. Additionally, it is SEO-friendly and optimized for Google Structured Data. It even supports schema, a search engine optimization technique, allowing your recipes to rank better and higher on search engines, giving your food blog website better reach and visibility.

What We Like: Delicious Recipes Plugin is easy to use, SEO-optimizable, and offers unlimited recipe creation, making it an excellent solution for those looking to create a vast archive of recipes. Whether you're looking to add new recipes to your website or present your creations in a more visually appealing manner, Delicious Recipes Plugin is the perfect plugin to make it happen quickly and easily.

5. Zip Recipes

Recipe Maker for your food blog from zip recipes download screen

Zip Recipes is a feature-packed recipe plugin that provides a complete solution for bloggers, foodies, and nutrition enthusiasts. One of the primary features that make this plugin stand out is its WYSIWYG editors, enabling users to create and format recipe cards easily. This feature is beneficial, especially for those who don't have coding knowledge but want to create visually appealing recipes to entice readers.

The plugin requires no coding, making it perfect for coding beginners who want to focus on creating content without worrying about technicalities. Additionally, the plugin offers extensive support through knowledge base articles and responsive support, making it easier for users to get help when encountering problems. This is crucial, especially when dealing with many recipes on your website and if you need assistance organizing them.

What We Like: Zip Recipes Plugin is a reliable and easy-to-use recipe plugin. It comes with WYSIWYG editors, requires no coding, and provides a range of support options to ensure that your experience is as user-friendly as possible. Whether you're new to recipe blogging or a seasoned chef, Zip Recipes Plugin is worth considering for your recipe needs.

6. RecipePress Reloaded

RecipePress Reloaded download screen

RecipePress Reloaded offers a wide variety of templates. You can quickly create beautiful recipe cards that are visually usable and distinctive. With a user-friendly interface, creating recipe cards with RecipePress Reloaded Plugin is easy and intuitive, even for beginners.

Another significant advantage of the RecipePress Reloaded Plugin is that it comes with predefined food categories with the option to add more. This makes it easy to organize your website however you want. The plugin is SEO-friendly by optimizing for Google's JSON-LD recipe schema information. This is crucial, particularly for recipe bloggers who want their content to rank higher on search engines. Additionally, RecipePress Reloaded Plugin allows for search engine optimization, which improves the visibility and discoverability of your recipes on the web.

What We Like: RecipePress Reloaded Plugin is an all-in-one recipe solution that combines powerful features with user-friendly design and support. If you're a food blogger looking for an efficient recipe plugin, RecipePress Reloaded Plugin is a great choice.

7. Recipe Box

Recipe Box premium plugin for WordPress

Unlike the other plugins on our list, Recipe Box by DAEXT only comes in a premium option, but with all the features it provides, it might be worth it for your website. The plugin’s most notable feature is its ability to automatically generate rich snippets related to your recipes, which can help improve your search engine optimization (SEO) and make your content more discoverable to audiences.

Recipe Box by DAEXT also boasts 60 customizable options, allowing users to personalize their website and make it stand out among competitors. These options enable users to customize the layout, colors, fonts, and overall style of their recipe cards. As a result, these visually stunning recipe cards make it easy for readers to quickly scan recipes, find what they need, and ultimately improve their user experience.

What We Like: At $19 for six months of support, Recipe Box by DAEXT is an affordable and efficient tool for those looking to improve their site's functionality and overall aesthetic. The plugin is an excellent investment for food bloggers and anyone looking to enhance their recipe website. With its rich snippet generation, customizable options, and visually stunning recipe cards, Recipe Box by DAEXT can help improve your website's functionality, user experience, and SEO rankings.

Getting Started With A WordPress Recipe Plugin

Now that you know the seven best WordPress recipe plugins, you should have a better understanding of the features and functionalities offered by each. To get started, it's important to determine which plugin matches your needs and goals.

With the right recipe plugin, you can create a more engaged audience, build your authority in the niche, and boost your organic reach. So, take your pick and start cooking up some amazing content.


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