10 Helpful WordPress Reddit Communities & Threads to Follow in 2024

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Reddit seems to have a community for every topic imaginable. Still, you might be surprised at all the WordPress resources Reddit has to offer. From general development to themes and plugins, you can find just about anything WordPress-related on Reddit.

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However, with so many communities, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed when you start your search. But, no need to worry. This article will cover some of the most popular and useful WordPress communities on Reddit and some of the best threads.

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If you’re already a WordPress developer or just want to dip your toes into the water, keep reading for some great information.

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Top WordPress Reddit Communities

Let’s start with which WordPress communities you should check out on Reddit. Here are a few of the most popular subreddits.

Remember: You can always find more if you’re looking for more specific topics. And don’t be discouraged by the seemingly endless stream of content on Reddit — dig far enough, and you’ll find gold.


WordPress reddit communities, r/WordPress

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With 171k members, r/WordPress is one of the most comprehensive WordPress communities on Reddit. It’s a self-described “Reddit devoted to all things WordPress,” and one look will show you how true that is.

Don’t forget to sort this community’s posts (or any community’s posts) in different orders to find active discussions and must-read threads.

Best for: Those just starting out. This subreddit offers a host of helpful information for those who are new to WordPress development. If you’re looking to dive in, start here.


WordPress reddit communities, r/WordPressPlugins

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Need some info about WordPress plugins? Then this is the Reddit community for you. Here, you’ll find guides on how to use plugins and threads explaining the best plugins. You might even find some free plugins or more cost-effective solutions for your site.

Best for: Customizing existing sites. Plugins are powerful tools that can add new functionalities to your existing site. This subreddit can help you find the best plugins from reputable developers.


WordPress reddit communities, r/WordPressThemes

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Looking to spruce up your WordPress projects or pick a theme for your site? r/WordPressThemes is the place to go. No matter your price point, you’ll find theme suggestions that will work for you. That includes suggestions of premium themes that are worth the money and which free themes are top-notch.

Even if you don’t find any themes that fit your current project, you may find some inspiration. You can also find fixes to theme-related issues.

Best for: Anyone in need of creative inspiration.


WordPress reddit communities, r/ProWordPress

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If you’re further along in your WordPress career, check out r/ProWordPress. According to the community description, this subreddit focuses on “ADVANCED articles, resources, code snippets, workflow methods, etc.”

r/ProWordPress is a helpful resource for professional WordPress developers who are looking to problem solve. You can also discuss topics in-depth with your peers.

Best for: Experienced WordPress users looking for advanced tips and resources.


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You may have to search a little more to find WordPress threads here, but that can be worth it. r/webdev pertains to everything web development, which includes plenty of WordPress content.

Check this community out if you want to learn both about WordPress that also and web development at large. Chances are, you’ll find some solid information here, even if it doesn’t only pertain to WordPress.

Best for: Developers — or anyone that wants to learn more about WordPress development.

Top WordPress Reddit Threads

Want to dive a little deeper? That’s what we’ll do here. These Reddit communities are great for WordPress development, but here are some threads to get you started.

Learn WordPress — r/WordPress

WordPress reddit communities, r/WordPress

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This thread’s original post may seem sparse, but the good stuff is in the comments. If you’re new to WordPress, start here, and you should learn some useful tips about the platform and how to use it.

Even if you’re more experienced with WordPress, you can find quizzes to test your skills.

What we love: This thread offers a wealth of educational resources. That includes courses, workshops, quizzes, lesson plans, and discussion groups.

Best WordPress GPL Sites, Clubs To Buy GPL Themes, Plugins — r/WordPressThemes

WordPress reddit communities, best WordPress GPL site

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If you’re new to choosing a WordPress theme, start with this thread. You’ll be directed to a variety of top-notch themes and plugins. The price structure of each theme is also simply laid out. You’ll be able to easily tell what you're paying for and if it’s worth it.

You can also compare the services mentioned inside, which should give you a better idea of how you can adapt your WordPress themes.

What we love: This thread gathers multiple WordPress theme resources with different pricing structures, all in one place.

Who Should I Follow to Learn More About Modern WordPress — r/ProWordPress

WordPress reddit communities

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There are thousands of WordPress developers and influencers. Finding a trusted source can seem like a daunting task. That’s where this thread comes into play.

Inside, you’ll find many references, links, and suggestions regarding authorities on WordPress. You’ll be able to see who other developers follow and love.

What we love: The comments in this post gather WordPress authorities from different backgrounds all in one place. You can easily find new developers to add to your resource bank.

Search Adobe Stock, Unsplash, Pixabay, and Deposit Photos From the WordPress Media library — r/WordPressPlugins

WordPress reddit communities, stock photos

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Reddit’s huge user base lends itself to creative solutions, many of which you can use for free. For example, one Reddit user made this plugin that simplifies downloading and using stock images. The developer also answers questions about using the tool in the comments of the thread

What we love: This plugin shows that Reddit communities can solve problems developers face in their day-to-day. By frequenting Reddit threads, you can find solutions to problems you may not even know you had.

Everything You Need to Know Before You Start Developing With WordPress — r/webdev

WordPress reddit communities, web developmentImage Source

“Everything” might be a stretch, but this thread is about as comprehensive as it gets. The original post is full of great information and resources, and the comments dig even deeper.

Make sure to read the whole post if you’re starting out with WordPress, as you’ll find second opinions and more specific advice.

Best for: Those who are getting into WordPress development and want a head-start.

WordPress Development With the Help of Reddit

By now, you probably know how helpful Reddit can be if you’d like to learn about almost any topic. That includes insights from the WordPress community on Reddit. Take a look at the communities and threads in this post to level up your WordPress development skills.


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