Last night, my friend cringed at my laptop screen, noticing that my desktop was cluttered with files on top of more files. While I claim it as organized chaos, the truth is that I waste lots of time finding the documents I need. I could save myself a lot of time by organizing my files into appropriately named folders.

The same can be said for the WordPress dashboard. You can upload videos and images to the media folder, but since there’s no way to organize them, you end up searching for a specific file to upload for several minutes. As you create more content on your website, things only get worse.

WP File Download offers a solution with its drag-and-drop file management system. With this plugin, you can upload files and categorize them for easy access later. There’s also the option to sync the tool with your Dropbox account.

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Let’s explore how WP File Download can help save you time and boost your productivity. 

Why You Need a File Manager in WordPress

Right now, the default WordPress setup only lets you put your videos and images into one media folder. It’s a time-consuming task to scroll through hundreds of files just to find the right image.  You can become easily overwhelmed if you produce a high volume of content with multiple media files in a single blog post. 

You could use a cloud storage service, like Google Drive, to organize your files. However, you’ll increase your workload because you’d have to upload the media files to your WordPress dashboard separately. There’s a better way. 

With WP File Download, your file manager is built into your WordPress dashboard. You can arrange your files how you like and upload them to your posts and pages without leaving WordPress. It saves you time, so you can focus on creating great content.

Key Features of WP File Download 

There’s always a way to get your job done more efficiently. And with WP File Download, you can sort your files in WordPress without the unnecessary hassle. Below are some of the plugin’s key features. 

File Manager Themes

In WP File Download, all your files and categories are managed from your WordPress editor with an auto-saving function. You can select from four themes that each offer different display formats. The plugin gives you the flexibility to choose a theme for each category and override each parameter within the category. Want to create your own theme? No problem. With one-click configuration, you can clone and modify an existing theme. Below is an example of a table theme.

file manager themes on WP File Download reviewSource: JoomUnited

Advanced File Search Engine

Managing a large number of files takes time. This plugin reduces your workload with its advanced file search engine. The search function gives you the ability to find files and folders quickly. You can add a filter to locate files by the date they were created and then preview any files in the search results before you open them. That way, when you need a file, you’ll know exactly where to locate it.

file search engine on WP File Download review

Source: JoomUnited

File Permissions

As the WordPress admin, you have access to all files and data. You can extend file visibility to other members of your team by granting access and permissions. WP File Download lets you limit the file categories you share with specific users, like authors or contributors. You also can control who executes specific actions on files and categories. 

For example, let’s say you run an e-commerce website. Your new photographer handles all the product images and needs access to your design files. You can simply create a Photographer category in the plugin and only give them access to edit the design file category.

file permissions on WP File Download reviewSource: JoomUnited

Email Notifications

If you work on a large team, it can be difficult to track the changes that happen to each file. WP File Download eliminates this issue by recording your files’ activities. Then, it emails you about the specific changes, like a new file upload or file removal. That way, you don’t have to ask your entire team who edited a specific file. Instead, save time by checking your email and contacting the user who made the change.

email notifications on WP File Download reviewSource: JoomUnited

File Download Statistics

When using WP File Download, you can share downloadable files, like ebooks and white papers, with your visitors. If a visitor is connected to their WordPress account at the time of the download, you can also track the files downloaded by the WordPress user account. Use that data to create your own statistics dashboard with filters, such as multiple file category selection, single file selection, and date range. Plus, the plugin integrates with Google Analytics to help you analyze your data. 

file download statistics on WP File Download reviewSource: JoomUnited

WP File Download Add-Ons

WP File Download is a premium plugin, which means it’s available to purchase. You also can upgrade and get the additional features below. 

Cloud Connectors

WP File Download Cloud add-on connects and synchronizes your WordPress file manager with Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive. The two-way synchronization allows you to upload files in the plugin and then access and manage the files through the cloud storage service. This feature is perfect when you’re short on time and can’t access your WordPress dashboard.

Social Locker

When integrated with WP File Download, Social Locker will lock your file downloads behind social media buttons. To receive the download, your website visitors must like or share the content on Facebook or Twitter. This strategy helps improve your social engagement and attracts more traffic to your website. 

Social Locker with WP File Download reviewSource: JoomUnited

Your WordPress media library doesn’t have to be unorganized. With WP File Download, you can choose how to arrange your files, give access to specific user roles, and receive email notifications about file changes. Start saving more time with this plugin.

Use HubSpot tools on your WordPress website and connect the two platforms  without dealing with code. Click here to learn more.

 Use HubSpot tools on your WordPress website and connect the two platforms  without dealing with code. Click here to learn more.

Originally published Oct 18, 2019 12:05:15 PM, updated October 18 2019


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