Spring cleaning is an annual practice of cleaning your home from top to bottom. You’re wiping down windows, buffing your floors, and removing any unwanted clothing from your closets. The goal is to start the new season fresh without any clutter.

In a similar way, your WordPress database gets bogged down with unnecessary junk, too. It’s holding outdated information, like post revisions, spam comments, and unused tags. And over time, this unwanted data slows down your website and diminishes the visitor experience.

To prevent this issue, you must do some spring cleaning on your database. The WP-Optimize plugin is an effective tool for removing all the non-essential data to improve your site’s performance.

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In this post, we’ll discuss why your database matters and how a database cleanup tool can help you optimize your WordPress website.

Why Your WordPress Database Is Essential

Your WordPress database houses all your website’s content—themes, pages, and posts. This data isn’t just your current information. Your database stores all your past revisions, like when you wanted to use that complex theme but ended up using a different theme. 

Without your database, you wouldn’t have a website for visitors to see. So, it’s an irreplaceable component of your business’s online presence. That’s why it's so important to properly maintain your database to prevent any future problems.

Benefits of WordPress Database Cleanup

Despite being an essential part of your website, most website owners don’t clean up their databases. It runs quietly in the background, so no one thinks to check their database to make sure it's working efficiently. 

Your database should contain only a few revisions of your website. If it has too much data, it can cause your website speed to slow down. So, here are two major benefits of doing a WordPress database cleanup: 

  • You save space. Hosting providers give you a limited amount of space to create and run your website. After you get rid of all the unwanted data, you’ll have more room to build the website you want without worrying about whether you’ll have enough space.
  • You optimize website performance. Every action on your site is stored on your database. As more data gets stored, your database will take longer to process information. Cleaning up your data increases your website’s page load time. 

Benefits of Using WP-Optimize Plugin to Improve Your WordPress Database

The good news is that cleaning up your WordPress database doesn’t have to be a major chore. WP-Optimize is a free, all-in-one solution to help you clean your database, compress your images, and cache your web pages. The ability to schedule cleanups is one of its standout features, so you never have to worry about setting annual reminders. Check out the other benefits of WP-Optimize below.

Cleans Your Database

WP-Optimize clears out any unnecessary data, like spam comments, pingbacks, and trackbacks. This process helps you regain any lost space on your database. This must-have WordPress plugin only retains recent copies of your data, so you don’t burden your database with old data. After every optimization, you get a report showing your database statistics along with how much space you saved.

optimizations tab for WP Optimize plugin WordPress database cleanup tool

Source: WordPress

Compresses Your Images

Large image files are often overlooked as an issue in website optimization. They tend to drag down your website’s page loading time. To solve this issue, WP-Optimize comes with a built-in image compression tool to convert large images into compressed files and saves them in your media library. 

Plus, you’ll save time compressing multiple existing images at once with the bulk compression feature and the auto-compress function that lets you automatically compress images as they’re uploaded. 

image compression for WP Optimize plugin WordPress database cleanup toolSource: WordPress

Caches Your Pages

Page caching improves your website’s performance by keeping dynamic data in a temporary storage area so your server can retrieve pages faster.  So, after WordPress processes the dynamic files to generate your pages, WP-Optimize saves it as a static HTML file in a cache folder. That way, your visitor doesn’t have to wait several seconds to view your pages. The plugin also includes a browser cache feature to instruct visitors’ browsers to reuse cached resources.

page cache for WP Optimize plugin WordPress database cleanup tool

Source: WordPress

Your website database probably could use some spring cleaning. With the help of WP-Optimize, you can remove all the unwanted data and optimize your website’s performance. Faster page load times means a better experience for your visitors.

Use HubSpot tools on your WordPress website and connect the two platforms  without dealing with code. Click here to learn more.

 Use HubSpot tools on your WordPress website and connect the two platforms  without dealing with code. Click here to learn more.

Originally published Oct 18, 2019 12:01:30 PM, updated March 18 2021


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