WPGroupbuy: A Groupon Clone Theme for WordPress Review

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Shayla Price
Shayla Price


Forty-two percent of shoppers say low prices are the most important incentive when making a purchase. That’s why consumers are constantly looking for discounted products and services.


Over the years, daily deal sites, like Groupon and LivingSocial have become a go-to resource for consumers to find deals on everything from restaurant meals to deep-tissue massages. Not only are these sites great for consumers to purchase their favorite products, but these sites also offer a chance for reluctant consumers to try out new products. Plus, daily deal sites can help businesses earn an additional revenue stream.

Thanks to WordPress themes you can build your own daily deal site. WPGroupbuy is an effective theme to create an e-commerce marketplace for vendors and consumers. You can customize the theme to fit your brand’s style, control how deals are posted, and set commission rates between you and the vendor.

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In this post, we’ll cover how daily deal sites work and key features of the WPGroupbuy theme. 

Here’s a diagram of how the process works on a daily deal site.

Source: Sitejabber

Source: WPGroupbuy

Key Features of WPGroupbuy Theme

Daily deal sites connect vendors with consumers seeking discounts. WPGroupbuy is a professional theme to help you build a custom marketplace for both parties. Here are a few key features of the theme. 

FlexibleDeal System

With WPGroupbuy, you can determine the elements to include in each deal posting. You can choose the minimum payment required to activate a deal, the maximum number of deals a vendor can offer, and how many deals a consumer can buy. The plugin allows you to include an expiration date, countdown timer, processing bar, and image gallery. 

flexibledeal system on WPGroupbuy Groupon clone theme reviewSource: WPGroupbuy

The theme also comes with a built-in advanced PDF voucher system. This feature lets you choose the delivery method for issuing vouchers to consumers, decide whether to generate the voucher code manually or automatically, and add redemption instructions to the voucher.

Multi-Vendor System

The WPGroupbuy feature transforms your website into a marketplace with multiple vendors. The vendors can signup for a business account and submit deals, track sales, and get paid. Using the advanced editor tool, vendors can also upload media to make their deals more attractive to consumers.

multi-vendor system on WPGroupbuy Groupon clone theme review

Source: WPGroupbuy

As the admin of the daily deal site, you can set commission rates for each vendor or each deal. Plus, you have the control to set a minimum commission amount before vendors receive a payout. You can choose from several payment gateways to pay your vendors, including PayPal, Stripe, or a bank wire transfer. 

Front-End Manager

WPGroupbuy streamlines the frond-end process for your vendors and consumers. Your vendors can manage their deals and send notifications to consumers. Vendors can also give their shop managers limited access to change deal settings. As for your consumers, they can update their account profiles, check an order’s status, and download PDF vouchers of purchased deals.

front-end manager on WPGroupbuy Groupon clone theme review

Source: WPGroupbuy

Template Designs

This theme comes with more than 12 homepage and shop templates. You can customize the WPGroupbuy to fit your brand’s style by changing the logo, header, and layout. You can also encourage visitors to promote your daily deal site by adding the social media icons at the bottom of your homepage. WPGroupbuy is a fully responsive theme, so the templates’ layout will adjust to the screen size of your visitor’s device. 

template designs on WPGroupbuy Groupon clone theme review

Source: WPGroupbuy

Daily deal sites connect consumers looking for deals with vendors offering promotions. With the WPGroupbuy theme, you can customize templates to build your own e-commerce marketplace, decide the appearance of each deal, and control the commission you earn from each deal purchase. Be the connection between the vendor and consumer with the WPGroupbuy theme.

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