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    August 30, 2011 // 1:30 PM

    The Ultimate Google+ Cheat Sheet

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    Google+ is growing like crazy. In fact, it is the fastest growing social network ever. Just as with any other social network, marketers have a lot to learn and do. So we thought we would invest some time into making your life easier. In this post, we've compiled the best content about Google+ from all across the web. Use it to learn how to leverage Google+ for both business and personal uses.

    Google+ Vocabulary: Quick Reference Glossary

    Stream – the list of messages that is displayed on the Google+ home screen and for each Circle of contacts

    Hangout – a platform for group video chatting and collaboration that is used by Google+ members

    Circle – the method of organizing connections into groups for more targeted sharing and better privacy

    Google Profile – your personal home on Google+, which allows you to share interesting, work experiences, personal information, and much more

    Sparks – the magazine of Google+, which bring together information on a topic for easy viewing. Enter a keyword, and see public Google+ posts on that topic.

    Chat – a method for sending short messages to other Google+ members who are also signed in to Google+

    +1 Button – the equivalent of the Facebook Like button for Google+ and Google Search. A user can +1 an item shared on Google+ as well as a search engine result link returned by a Google search.

    Comment – a response to a user's Google+ post

    Share – allows you to share a message that someone else created with your followers (similar to a retweet on Twitter)

    The Basics

    Let's start by checking out this awesome cheat sheet that provides some helpful tips for making the most of Google+:

    google plus cheat sheet resized 600

    Google+ vs. Facebook

    Should Facebook be worried about Google+? Take a look at this awesome infographic and see for yourself.

    Google plus vs facebook resized 600

    Who is on Google+?

    Ever wonder who is actually using Google+? This infographic (larger version here) show that students are major early users, but it also shows many of the companies represented on Google+.

    Google  Demographics resized 600

    How to Configure Privacy Settings on Google+

    Privacy matters, and it's one of the biggest complaints about Facebook. Here is how to control your privacy on Google+.

    google plus privacy resized 600

    Google+ Compared to Twitter and Facebook

    As a social network, how does Google+ stack up against Facebook and Twitter?

    Facebook Twitter Google  resized 600Facebook Twitter Google  resized 600

    Google+ According to Google

    What does Google want you to know about its new social networking platform? Many things, but some of the most important things are included in the following short videos. Give them a look if you want a better understanding of Google+'s features.

    The Google+ Project: A Quick Look

    The Google+ Project: Sparks

    The Google+ Project: Hangouts

    Google+ 101

    Get a complete walk-through of Google+ with this presentation, which provides detailed information on how to get started with the new social network.

    View more presentations from Supernova Studios

    What other awesome Google+ info have you come across on the web that should be included in this post?


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