25 Billion Pieces of Content Get Shared on Facebook Monthly [INFOGRAPHIC]

by Corey Eridon


December 2, 2011 at 7:00 AM

In order to create killer marketing campaigns, marketers sometimes find themselves playing the role of psychologist to understand what makes their audience tick. Getting real insight into the inner workings of our prospects' minds can only be made better with one thing that all marketers love...data! TabJuice tapped psychologists to define six universal learning methods that they've identified in shoppers, and link those behaviors to data that explains how shoppers make purchasing decisions in this Social Commerce Psychology Infographic. You might find many of these concepts extend to the way websites and authors gain authority, increase traffic, and generate leads on the web, too!

Tabjuice Psychology (1)

Do you see parallels and differences between these buyer behavior and successful inbound marketing?

Image credit: TabJuice


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