How Do You Measure the ROI of Social Media? You Don't.

by Rick Burnes


November 14, 2008 at 10:42 AM

Earlier this week HubSpot sponsored the 10th Boston Social Media Breakfast. About 100 people showed up to for a lively discussion with  Andrew McAfee of Harvard Business School Matt Culter of Visible Measures  and  HubSpot CEO, Brian Halligan .

A full video recording of the event is posted below, but here a couple of my favorite lines from the speakers (also be sure to check out the copious  tweeting from the event ):

Brian Halligan:  "What's interesting about social media marketing is that it's really about the thickness of your brain, not the thickness of your wallet." 

Matt Cutler: "What's happening in the world of viral video is that numbers are now beginning to compare very favorably with traditional media buys -- and that's real ROI ."

Andrew McAfee: "Measure what you can measure ... and don't try to hang a dollar figure on it" 


If you want to skip to a specific speaker, Brian starts at 4:54, Matt at 19:38, Andrew at 34:20, and the Q&A at 43:31. You can see Brian's slides  here .

If you want to read more about SMB10 check out the blog posts from  Zach Braiker,   Amanda O'Brien,   Rachel Happe  and  Andrea Mercado . Bob Collins also posted photos  here


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