12 Social Media Love Lines For The Geeky

    by Dharmesh Shah


    February 14, 2010 at 3:13 PM

    hubspot smlove couple

    And, I’m sure I missed a few, so get your creative, um, juices flowing and add your own in the comments or just tweet them with the hashtag #smlove so we can all enjoy them.  And, please use the tweet links to share your favorite ones.  Who knows, you might just catch someone’s eye.

    Oh, and apologies for the gratuitous hot couple photo.  But, if not on Valentine’s Day, then when? 

    A Dozen Social Media Love Lines For That Special Someone

    1) I am so glad I Stumbled Upon you. [tweet]

    2) You and I are so Mashable. [tweet]

    3) I really digg you. [tweet]

    4) We should totally get Linked In. [tweet]

    5) You have a really pretty Face Book. [tweet]

    6) Thanks for that love note. I reddit again and again. [tweet]

    7) I want to be more than just a Friend Feed. [tweet]

    8) Let’s move to the next level, Orkut me loose. [tweet]

    9) I would love to whisper tweet nothings in your ear. [tweet]

    10) Unlike oil and water, we mixx. [tweet]

    11) After dinner and drinks, lets head over to My Space? [tweet]

    12) You smell del.icio.us [tweet]

    Oh, and by the way, if someone you know needs some help “attracting” some attention, why not buy them a copy of the Inbound Marketing book ?  It’ll help them “get found” if you know what I mean.  [nudge, nudge, wink, wink]


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