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    'Tis the Season of Giving: 6 Ways Companies Are Raising Money for Charities This Year

    By Rachel Sprung


    The holiday season is in full force -- which means planning for the coming year, holiday parties, and for many, giving back to charities meaningful to us. One study showed about 34% of all charitable giving is done in the last three months of the year.

    Here at HubSpot, we get into the holiday giving spirit through our annual charity auction, where employees can donate anything they want -- and they sure get creative. This year, our COO offered to lend out his Tesla for the day to one lucky bidder. Another employee offered to wrap all of your Christmas presents. The list goes on. Then, we all gather to live auction some of the items and do a silent auction on the rest. We ended up raising over $28,000, which went to each bidder's charity of ... Read More

    How to Develop a Strong Visual Brand on Social Media

    By Melanie Perkins

    The new world of marketing is increasingly visual. It's no coincidence that the newest and fastest-growing social networks on the web -- like Pinterest, Instagram, and Snapchat -- are focused primarily on visual content.

    So, how can marketers adapt to and leverage an increasingly visual social atmosphere? By

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    5 Quirks of the Human Brain Every Marketer Should Understand

    By Carter Bowles

    The human mind is an amazing instrument, but it certainly has its quirks and flaws.

    The technical term for these flaws? Cognitive biases, which means irrational thought patterns -- trade-offs of the human brain that worked well for us as cavemen, but don’t always work in our favor today.

    These brain quirks can seriously limit your marketing efforts, and even cause them to

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    9 Companies With Truly Inspiring Mission Statements

    By Lindsay Kolowich

    Where does customer loyalty come from?

    Think about those brands that you purchase from over and over, even when there are cheaper options out there. Do you usually fly on a particular airline? Do you buy your coffee from the same place every morning? Do you suggest a specific restaurant whenever out-of-towners ask for suggestions?

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    How Colors Impact What We Purchase [Infographic]

    By Amanda Sibley

    Marketers have started focusing more and more on the design and layout of their content -- and it makes sense. Research shows that 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual, and visuals are processed 60,000 times faster in the brain than text.

    But what if we're missing out on a simple way to increase our conversion rates, without creating any extra content?

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    The 10 Cutest Brand Mascots of All Time

    By Corey Eridon

    This post is full of gratuitous cuteness. Here's why.

    I'm looking into some flights to Ireland (I'm a sufferer of the most debilitating form of wanderlust), and I'm using the flight comparison engine Hipmunk to find a flight.

    I used to use a couple other ones, but the Hipmunk chipmunk is just so cute it's paralyzing.

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    What Every Marketer Should Know About Hiring a Freelance Designer

    By Katie Burke

    The old saying, “you never get a second chance to make a first impression” is certainly true when it comes to your brand. The pressure to make a great impression makes it incredibly important that each of your design touch points looks and feels remarkable to a first-time visitor. Maybe your company’s creative team is 20 people deep.

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    The 10 Commandments of DIY Marketing Design

    By Keith Frankel

    When we first posted a photo of our do-it-yourself design ebook cover on Facebook, one of our fans challenged us a bit on whether we really designed the cover ourselves by commenting, “I bet 1 million $ they hired someone to design that image.” Since I’m the guy who leads the creative services part of our Brand & Buzz team at HubSpot, I figured I would step out from behind the curtain and share the truth about how we go about designing our content.

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    5 Marketing Lessons from Harry Potter

    By Rachel Sprung

    harry potter books Since 1997, the Harry Potter books have been a big part of many of our lives. Whether you were someone who stood in line for hours to be the first to see a new movie or anxiously awaited a book release to find out if Harry Potter would finally defeat Voldemort, you have been a part of the Harry Potter revolution. But this story goes beyond a wizard in a magical world to a strategic approach that J.K. Rowling took when writing the books and marketing them.  So as the movie series comes to an end on Friday, think about the marketing lessons that can be learned from Harry Potter.

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    3 Reasons Why Marketers Get No Respect

    By Jeanne Hopkins

    Get No Respect

    The only person marketers have to blame when they get little to no respect is themselves. You can whine all you want about how your sales department doesn’t appreciate all the leads you get for them , how your boss is ignorant and doesn’t understand your strategies, or how finance shouldn’t question your expenses for a direct mail campaign. I’ve been in marketing for more than 20 years, and each time I feel I’m not getting the respect I deserve, I know it’s not “their” fault; it’s really mine.

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    12 Lessons from Nike to Help Build Brand Awareness

    By Colleen Coyne

    Nike is famous for creating commercials that make you want to jump out of your chair or off the couch and go do something . "It" to be specific. I was doing some research (I promise, boss) on the importance of preparation when I came across this Nike commercial for Nike.com.hk . It struck me that pretty much every two-word cue they include can be applied directly to inbound marketing. My ideas are below.  What do you think?

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    The 9 Worst Ways to Use LinkedIn for Business

    By Diana Urban

    Worst Ways to use LinkedIn for Business LinkedIn is a powerful social network to connect with industry professionals, especially for B2B. People use LinkedIn to connect with coworkers and industry peers, get business advice, and even find new jobs. It’s a great place for businesses to make relevant LinkedIn users aware of their brand. However, just like Facebook and Twitter , there are several common mistakes that companies make on LinkedIn.

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    Understanding the ROI of Customer Evangelism

    By Magdalena Georgieva

    What is the ROI? ” is the question that usually follows announcements of new marketing activities. No matter how creative your marketing initiative might be, if it does not result in benefits larger than the initial investment, it is worth a revision. 

    ROI of Customer Evangelism The ROI question has now long been part of the conversation about inbound marketing , email and social media . Yet, it remains less visible in the realm of another marketing channel— customer evangelism .

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    Marketing Advice from a Basketball Legend: Bill Walton

    By Magdalena Georgieva

    "The Grateful Dead—they made me care; and that is what you have to do with your company,” said basketball legend Bill Walton at yesterday’s HubSpot webinar, How to Market Your Business Like the Most Iconic Band in History . The event was held in connection with the launch of Brian Halligan and David Meerman Scott’s new book, Marketing Lessons from the Grateful Dead .

    As a big Grateful Dead fan, Bill shared with us some thoughts that reiterate valuable marketing lessons:
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