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    How and When to Follow up With All Types of Leads

    By Doug Davidoff


    In the sales and marketing world, there are few issues that are getting more attention than the issues surrounding lead management and follow up. In my experience, clarity around lead management, qualification and response times are the crucial linchpin to align sales and marketing efforts.

    It’s a rather scary statistic, but according to a study most recently done for Harvard Business Review, 71% of qualified leads are never followed up ... Read More

    How to Expand Your Lead Nurturing Strategy Beyond Just Email [SlideShare]

    By Lindsey Gusenburg

    Lead nurturing is a critical part of a marketer’s job, especially in the B2B space. Forrester suggested that a B2B buyer’s journey could be anywhere from 65-90% complete by the time he or she contacts the vendor to move forward with a sale. This reality of a modern buyer’s behavior has added a layer of complexity to both the strategy and technology we use to guide leads through the sales funnel.

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    Is "Nurture" Code for "Neglect"?

    By Jamie Grenney

    Do you ever wonder how much hidden potential is buried in your lead nurturing pile? The truth is, many businesses have leads that slip through the cracks. Maybe on the surface it didn’t appear to be a good lead, maybe the timing was off because they weren’t quite ready to buy, or maybe your inside sales team was just spread too thin at the time the lead came

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    What Is List Segmentation? [FAQs]

    By Niti Shah

    We all like to focus on the sexy stuff. In inbound marketing, this often means focusing on front-facing channels. You know: the sleek, mobile-optimized website design. The well-designed landing pages with attractive CTAs. The well-rounded social media presence. These are the parts of inbound marketing that turns visitors into leads.

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    7 Free Sales Tools to Help Close More Deals

    By Anum Hussain

    Imagine getting a phone call in which someone tells you your home has been broken into and the FBI is investigating. Your heart would drop, right? Mine did.

    But then, about 5 seconds into the call, the message took an unexpected turn: No one had broken into my home, but rather, I was just being warned that break-ins that the FBI

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    Is it Time to Kill Lead Nurturing as We Know It?

    By Guest Blogger

    iStock 000019316456Large advanced

    Psst. Wanna know a secret? I’m no longer sure that lead stages exist.

    I know I shouldn’t admit it. After all, lead stages have been around since 1898, when Elias St. Elmo Lewis proposed the AIDA (Awareness, Interest, Desire, Action) sales model.* They’ve survived because they make intuitive sense and because they’re a useful way to organize marketing programs.

    Read More
    HootSuite Partners With HubSpot to Offer Social Media Lead Nurturing #ClosedLoopSocial

    By Rebecca Corliss

    hubspot and hootsuiteThe news is out, and we're excited to announce that HubSpot and HootSuite are teaming up to make the world of marketing an even better place. Team HS & HS are launching a new product integration, a record-breaking webinar, multiple ebooks, and more, all centered around a single idea: we should make it easier for marketers to generate, nurture, and manage leads via social media, so they can finally "close the loop" on their social media marketing efforts (what we're calling 'closed-loop social' for short).

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    8 Mistakes That Kill Lead-to-Customer Conversions

    By Corey Eridon

    mofu mistakesMarketers spend plenty of time fretting over what sometimes seems like a lofty lead generation goal. But luckily (for the leads and the sales organization), marketers are also still thinking about what happens to those leads once they enter the CRM. While leads were once given the cold shoulder upon entering the middle of the funnel -- sales isn't ready to talk to them, and marketing is worried about generating more leads -- now effort is being expended to nurture those leads to a point at which they're uber-qualified and ready to buy your awesome product or service.

    Read More
    30 Thought-Provoking Lead Nurturing Stats You Can't Ignore

    By Pamela Vaughan

    middle child tshirt p235131644586895367zv087 400We've got some news for you, inbound marketers, and it might come as quite a shock: your job doesn't necessarily stop at lead generation (GASP!). Just because a website visitor has downloaded your awesome ebook or registered for your informative webinar doesn't exactly mean he or she is ready to chat with one of your sales reps and jump right into a purchasing decision. (Sorry, but someone had to break it to you.)

    Read More
    How to Use Email to Transform Leads Into Sales

    By Andy Pitre

    Let's start with some common sense: don't spam your leads. Lead nurturing is a powerful tool for driving leads further down your funnel and delivering more qualified leads to your sales team. The grand, utopian vision of lead nurturing is that you can take a large group of early-stage leads, send them a series of deeper funnel offers, and separate the sales-ready leads from the tire kickers without wasting valuable man hours.

    Read More
    5 Savvy Ways to Segment Your Marketing Emails

    By Meghan Keaney Anderson

    segmentation image Relevancy is becoming more and more central to today's marketing strategy, and buyers have come to expect personalization in their communications . According to a study by MarketingSherpa , 4 out of 10 subscribers reported that they've marked emails as spam simply because they were irrelevant . On the flip side, MarketingSherpa also reports that emails that have been tailored to specific audiences through segmentation get 50% more clicks than their counterparts .

    Read More
    10 Data Points You Need to Convert More Customers

    By Pamela Vaughan

    red bugThere's a dangerous misconception flying around that inbound marketing stops once you generate leads. Let's squash that rumor like a bug right now since, well, it doesn't. Effective implementation of inbound marketing follows leads throughout the sales cycle, especially considering the fact that only 50% of qualified leads are ready to buy immediately, according to Gleanster Research. This means that your leads are definitely in need of a little TLC, and that's why lead nurturing is such a valuable asset in your inbound marketing toolbox.

    Read More
    How to Generate More Customers With Fewer, Heartier Leads

    By Alison Savery

    WheatbreadleadsAs an inbound marketer, you are probably driven by the number of leads you generate for your company. Usually, a small percentage of these leads convert into customers, so by logic, the more leads you produce, the more deals the sales team closes. In order to drive growth and generate more revenue for your company, you focus on increasing your leads goal month after month. But what happens when you start to saturate your market or it’s just not possible to hit your new goal with your current resources?

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    How to Save Ecommerce Sales With Abandoned Cart Emails

    By Mike Ewing

    abandonded cartEcommerce sites lose out on many potential sales simply because customers abandon their carts in the middle of shopping, and it’s not always because they’re no longer interested in purchasing the product (although that might be true in some cases). A great way to recover these customers without investing a lot of cost and effort is through the deployment of abandoned cart emails.

    Read More
    5 Ways to Totally Suck at Lead Nurturing

    By Karen Rubin

    NurturingLet's say you've done an awesome job of creating content, optimizing it so it ranks well in search engines, promoting it on social media, getting traffic to your site, and converting that traffic into leads. (Go you!) But now it's time to figure out how to effectively nurture those leads so your sales team can convert more of them into money-making sales. To help you figure that out, let's discuss 5 ways to totally suck at lead nurturing so you don't have to make these mistakes yourself.

    Read More

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