Don't Follow These Bad Marketing Habits

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Anaida Robert
Anaida Robert



bad marketing advice copyWith every bit of information just a click away, business owners believe they have the SEO and marketing game all figured out. This may even be true for seasoned professionals who have invested at least a decade in the business. But for amateurs, copying others to execute your marketing campaigns thinking it would get you the same results is a mistake not to be forgiven.


There are some repeated mistakes which are made by almost all professionals. It can be targeting the wrong market to using the lesser effective medium for delivering their brand message. Some bad marketing habits which must be avoided by businesses are:

Going on Auto-Pilot

Are you following the same strategies which were designed last year or the year before? The belief that a single repetitive marketing strategy will keep on generating leads and conversions is based on wishful thinking. Owing to Google's attempts to prevent black hat SEO practices, the recent hummingbird and penguin updates have left marketers wondering where to head to in the future.


Duplicate content or unsavory SEO techniques are a thing of the past. If you are still relying on old techniques to rank in the SERP's you are definitely following a habit which can even cost you your business. Keep a track of how Google keeps updating its algorithms for devising better marketing campaigns.


Relying on Online Networking only

If you're a small business owner or an entrepreneur only you may be happy to have large social networks. It is reasonable to believe that these networks will help you to make useful contacts that will eventually help you in landing great business. But, this is just part of the business.


Making contacts in the real life will also help you in business development process. Nobody is denying the importance of a solid online reputation but it helps you to automatically connect to people when they know you in some way. It can be either because of regular guest blogs or your recent seminar; it is a good idea to stay active in the business of your current field.


Bombarding your social contacts with self promotional content

While social networking is a good idea to stay connected to your contacts, bombarding them with too much of content can backfire in an expected manner. Be careful while sharing your posts, infographics and other marketing content and don't spam your contacts who will think of blocking or putting your messages on ignore. Only advertise such those who will find value in your content.

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Devising New Campaigns with Old Data

Many business owners are guilty of committing this crime. However, if you do not conduct surveys or market researches frequently you are bound to create a marketing plan which is stale and bound to fail.


Trends and statistics keep changing with time and other factors. What worked best for you five years back is not guaranteed to be fruitful today. Craft those brand campaigns which target with the current and most relevant factors.


Underestimating Business Blogging

A business blog on your website can generate organic links and be responsible for better search rankings. Research reveals that businesses with blogs attain 67% more leads compared to businesses without blogs. Your business blog not only helps people to know more about your services but it also makes sure that your users want to read and know about your particular niche.


The blog section of a business website is often termed as the traffic generator for a website. If you do not have a business blog you may lose that edge over your competitors which possess a blog with hundreds of subscribers. A business blog is a popular marketing tool for today's marketers.


These are some of the mistakes which businesses commit while marketing their products and services. For making your online campaigns a success make sure you are using expert and professional services to avoid doing harm to your business.

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