Building Inbound Links at the Enterprise Level

Lauren Bradley
Lauren Bradley



Inbound links are the foundation to quality SEO. Without inbound links to your client’s website, the chances of them showing up for targeted keyword phrases in the search results is very limited — and nearly impossible for competitive terms. Along with optimized on-page factors, building a strong external link portfolio can lead to strong results and a positive ROI. At the enterprise level, the number of "low hanging fruit" is infinite. Large brands and companies are talked about often in the media, as well as in medium-sized websites and blogs. By acting as an extension of your client’s public relations team, there are three things you can do starting today to build links for your client.

Here are some tips for when you are reaching out to editors or content owners:

1. You aren't the only agency link building for your client. Create a unique subject line that is specific to the content you are referencing.

2. Compliment the piece. If they were not providing the content, you would not have a linking opportunity.

3. Keep the message short. Editors are just as busy as you; they don't have time to read a newsletter.

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