Is Your Client Looking for Love or Just Playing the Field? [Infographic]

Jami Oetting
Jami Oetting



agency-client-relationshipAgencies grumble about the fickle attitude of clients.

But they have every reason to be skeptical of clients' intentions: Since 1984, the average agency-client relationship has decreased from 7.2 years to less than three years.

To get a better understanding of this modern "dating" field, Agency Management Institute (AMI) and Audience Audit conducted a survey of marketing decision-makers. The results of the “2014 CMO Insight Research Report” were released yesterday at BOLO, an annual conference for agency professionals.

The report identified three key types of clients and evaluated each group on topics such as how they find agency partners, how they work with agencies, and what they want from their agencies.

The below infographic will help you identify the three types of agency clients (Looking for Love, Playing the Field, Single and Satisfied) and get a better understanding of what each really wants in a partnership.



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