Cocktail Hour: June 1, 2012

Emily Eldridge
Emily Eldridge



agency-cocktail-hourIt's the first day of June. It's Friday. Summer has begun. Grab your colleagues and convince them that it's time to go have a drink. Here's your guide on how to kill it at your agency's cocktail hour this week:

Dress to Impress

Men in Black 3 is out. We're not sure how good it is, but the more important thing is that it's bringing tailored black suits and sleek shades back in style. So dress fly [MenStylePower].

After you've donned the suit and shades, you'll be ready to go, but your iPhone's battery will be running low and your outfit will need a shiny accessory. Good thing Dolce & Gabbana has extended its brand to watches with the creativity and sexy brand standards [Guardian] we've always admired.

Arrive on Time

Being "on time" is relative, but being lost is never advised. Don't go looking for the hot spot on Google Places - because Google Places is no more [Search Engine Land]. As of yesterday, you'll need to use the Google+ Local pages, which is yet one more search-oriented reason you need to be on Google+.

Start an Intelligent Conversation

Nobody wants to hear you bitch about your workload because their load is probably just as bad. So here are some safe marketing news stories that will help you gain friends and impress the boss:

Avoid Silence

Silence is the sign of a poor cocktail atmosphere. Here are some one-liners to keep in your back pocket to keep things industry-relevant, but interesting:

And if all else fails, talk about your super sweet paper folding skills. [Noupe]

This Week's Choice Cocktail

We recently hired a bartender as a junior associate (Greg). As a result, we're going to start giving you interesting drink suggestions. You're welcome.

The Trashcan

  1. One shot of Vodka
  2. One shot of Rum
  3. One shot of TripleSec
  4. One shot of Gin
  5. One to two shots of Curacao
  6. Sweet & Sour Mix and Sprite to fill
  7. Add one open RedBull® to the top of the drink on the ice


Please drink responsibly.

Alright, you're ready for a productive, yet fun cocktail party with the co-workers. Let us know how it goes. Tweet us your Instagram shots. Tell us the best jokes you hear. Contribute your choice cocktail and maybe we'll feature it (only if Greg knows how to make it, though). Most of all, make it a great time.


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