63 Social Media Charts to Include in Your Next Proposal [Free Download]

Jami Oetting
Jami Oetting




Your clients know they need to invest in social media. 

But sometimes, they just don't believe that it is worth it -- that it could work for their industry. 

You can show what their competitors are doing, discuss how often they should be tweeting and uploading status updates, promote the benefits of using the platform for market research, and even highlight how customers are using Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, but it's difficult to convince someone who has already decided it is a useless tactic. 

Besides, they know their industry, company, and customers better than you ever will, right?

This is when you need to call in reinforcements because no amount of talking (or even tweeting) is going to make a difference. You need data, real numbers that show how different industries are using social media and what results they are seeing.

We surveyed more than 7,000 businesses to provide you with the benchmarks you need to both sell and support social media when working with clients in our new ebook -- The Social Media Benchmarks report. 

And we've collected all the charts in one file so you can easily plug-and-play the data you need to convince and convert your clients into social media advocates. Download the charts here

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