The State of SEO Agencies: Market Study on the Present and Future of SEO [Infographic]

Fenja Villeumier
Fenja Villeumier




In an ever-changing online marketing environment, getting a better idea of evolving customer expectations is a crucial factor for SEO agencies in optimizing their performance and strengthening their market position in the long-run. It's essential to know the gaps and interferences between supply and demand -- which is exactly what we have identified and evaluated in our extensive market study on the State of SEO Agencies in 2014.

The results show a highly interconnected online marketing landscape that has made the move towards a symbiotic approach to SEO -- including content marketing and online PR. This new approach is indispensable for achieving sustainable growth in online visibility.

But what does that mean for the daily business of an average SEO agency? What challenges does this development bring about for both SEO service providers and their clients? What are the biggest concerns and the most important goals in this regard?

The below infographic delivers answers to the most urgent questions, clearly mapping the direction that the increasingly demanding and evolving SEO industry is headed for.


State of SEO Agencies 2014 is an infographic by LinkBird.


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