7 Missed Social Media Lead Generation Opportunities

Kipp Bodnar
Kipp Bodnar



4600581394 dc57b57e3d m resized 600 Lets take a look at opportunities that many marketers are missing in the battle for online lead generation. Many of these issues stem from not including calls to action (CTAs) alongside valuable and relevant content that is being shared on social media.

7 Missed Social Media Lead Generation Opportunities

1. No Blog CTA - Business blogs are great, because they are a social media asset that a company owns and completely controls. Businesses that blog get 55% more website traffic than those that don’t . However, it doesn’t help your business if those new visitors remain anonymous. Many businesses forget to include CTAs on their blog, preventing traffic from turning into leads. At HubSpot , we have found that putting CTAs at the end of blog posts works well to increase lead generation.

2. No Referral Process - If you are sending social media followers to interesting blog content with CTAs, then some of them will become leads for your business. The next problem to solve is getting more followers so that you can continue to grow your flow of new leads. It is important to have some type of process that encourages people to follow your business on social media and recommend others to follow your business. This process could be a contest on Twitter or Facebook or could be as simple as occasionally asking your followers to recommend to others in their online community to follow your business.

3. Having a Facebook Page Without A Landing Page - The fewer clicks needed for someone to become a lead for your business, the better. One way to reduce this friction is to integrate lead capture forms into social media platforms where possible. You can add an offer and landing page as part of your Facebook page. If you are a HubSpot customer or trial user, you can now do this very easily .

4. Missing Social Media Bio Opportunities - Often the first pieces of content a potential new follower or lead sees on the social Web is your profile information. On Twitter, for example, the profile information for your account is in the sidebar of your page. There, most businesses simply put in the link to their home page. However, it is a better option to send them to a custom page only for Twitter users that features special content as well as a relevant offer to people who may follow you on Twitter.

5. Missing Social Signature Links - Signatures matter whether they are in your email, a blog comment or on a site like LinkedIn. Forgetting to include a signature with a link is a major mistake. When selecting the link to go into your signature, make sure you pick a relevant resource that also has potential to convert some visitors into leads for your business.

6. Boring Content - You can have the most amazing CTA and lead generation offer in the world, but if it is surround by boring content, no one will ever see it. If your content is boring and talks only about your product, it won’t attract any attention through social media or any other channel, for that matter. So focus on creating content that is about your industry and the problems that your customers are trying to solve.

7. Too Many Clicks - Don't make people work hard. In the case of social media lead generation, working too hard means making people click too many times to find the information they want. Going from anonymous Web visitor to a lead could also involve a lot of work. Examine your lead generation paths throughout your social media tactics and make sure that you have reduced friction as much as possible.

Great social media marketing is about combing awesome and relevant content with voluntary opportunities for prospects to get closer to your business, whether that'd mean becoming a follower, subscriber or a lead.

What other missed opportunities would you add to this list?
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