6 Mobile Important Marketing Questions Answered

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Angela Bray
Angela Bray



As more and more of us rely solely on smartphones and tablets for information, mobile marketing is the growing jackpot for businesses. Technology is most ultimately the simple and convenient way to blast information in mass form. While original branded content, advertising, expert content, and video dominate the mobile market, sales, specials, discounts and user reviews are reaching their place.

1/3 of companies currently have a mobile marketing strategy.

Within 12 months, those companies will grow up to 73%

The tech savvy who aren’t using iPhone or iPad are relying on Android, BlackBerry, Palm, and Windows devices.

In HubSpot ’s mobile marketing webinar, one of our Inbound Marketing Managers Kipp Bodnar , along with King Fish Media ’s Director of Marketing and Research Gordon Plutsky , discuss the plans, trends and measurability affiliated with this generation’s marketing method.

View the webinar for the results of a study recently released by HubSpot , along with King Fish Media, Maxymiser , and Junta42 measuring marketers’ adoption and use of mobile for their companies' marketing efforts.



Below are some questions and explanations generated from the study’s content.

What are the three most important things a small business (under 10 employees) can do to kick-start their mobile marketing campaign?

Make sure your website, emails, landing pages, etc. all display well on a mobile device. Always test everything. When creating content to send out, think about your customers and what you can do to benefit them. If you’re a retail business, claim your profile on Foursquare, Yelp and other local platforms. Also, make sure you’re optimized for search results.

What’s the average cost of a mobile site?

It isn’t necessary to have a completely different mobile version of your site; it just needs to display well on mobile devices. So, avoid flash-based platforms, as it is not supported by iPhone and iPad.

How can an app be featured in the Android market?

This isn’t something you have a lot of control over. The app would need to be really popular, popular enough that the marketplace will see its trend of usage.

E-commerce via mobile apps

It is more about impulse buying. For example, take the Amazon app for shopping. You have your mobile device with its apps and all of your information stored in it. You can be anywhere in the world with an Internet connection, making it way too easy to make a purchase. Now, the ability to scan a QR code with a barcode reader brings you another step closer to making a quick direct purchase.

Native App vs. Web App

A native app is created in the device’s language. For example, Mac and iPhone, iPad have its own, Android has its own, BlackBerry has its own. The specific language is self-contained; it takes advantage of the device’s capabilities.

A web app is a website that is enabled to look really good on a web browser; it’s universal.

Good Mobile Marketing vs. Bad Mobile Marketing

The two genres of apps are great. The type geared toward products, like Best Buy and Amazon , enable customers to browse and look at products. The content-specific apps, like New York Times and Wall Street Journal , maintain great publisher-reader relationships.

Lack of optimization is an example of what not to do. Some businesses launch an app and throw up content without much thought.


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