6 Ways to Instantly Improve Facebook Fan Engagement

Pamela Vaughan
Pamela Vaughan




Does your Facebook Fan Page lack luster ? You might be attracting new fans to your business Page, but if they're not actually engaging with you, you're missing out on an important opportunity. Facebook fans can serve as  powerful brand evangelists for your business , and by 'liking' your Page in the first place, they've already indicated a level of interest in what you have to offer.

Nurturing these current fans into even bigger fans will ultimately reward you with a larger following of super fans who will be more likely to share your content and spread positive messages about your company and its products/services. Facebook Page enagement is not only good for building stronger evangalists, but more enagement actually means more traffic back to your website. Facebook uses an algorithm call EdgeRank to determine what stories show of in a users newsfeed. The more a person enages with your Page the higher the likelihood that those actions will appear to their friends driving more likes and website traffic.

So how do you activate your fans to be more engaging?

Here are 6 tips to help you instantly improve fan engagement on your business Page:

1. Enable Comments

First thing's first. Are you at least giving your fans the opportunity to engage? Whether you initially turned off this functionality intentionally or not, it's important to enable comments on your Wall. Within your Page's settings under "Manage Permissions," make sure your Page's posting ability is set to allow users to write or post content to your Page's Wall. You might just find that the reason your fans weren't engaging in the first place is because you simply weren't letting them!

2. Ask Questions

A great way to encourage engagement on your Page is by posing questions to your fan community. Ask them for advice on certain topics; ask them to share their favorite blog article on a given topic; ask them for their opinions on industry news and announcements. The possibilities are endless, and questions are sure to get your fans talking.

3. Request Feedback

If a Facebook user is a fan of your Page , they likely follow your business and already know a bit about you. This also means they probably have some opinions to share with you. Request their feedback! Ask them to share their thoughts on a new product, service, or feature you've launched. Motivate them to tell you how you can make their experience on your Page even better. Then listen to what they have to say, thank them for their feedback, and seriously consider implementing it. This will make them feel like a valued member of your community and emphasize that your company thinks their feedback is respected and appreciated (because it is!).

4. Conduct Surveys

Your fan community can be a valuable resource when conducting research. Use surveys to collect information about your fan base. Trying to determine what kind of content is most valuable to them? Want some ideas for your next blog article ? Want to know which features of your product/service they value the most? Create a quick poll using Facebook's question feature and post it to your Wall.

5. Start Discussions

Use Facebook's discussions feature to spark conversation or debate on a certain topic related to your business. Invite fans to share their opinions on a hot-button industry issue. You might end up learning something new about your fan base, or it might even spark an idea for a blog post or an ebook.

6. Participate!

Once you get your fans buzzing, don't just sit back and watch. Get involved! Join their conversations, thank them for their contributions, and continue to nurture the discussions happening on your Page. You shouldn't be a silent facilitator. You should be an active member of your Page, too!

In what other ways can you improve engagement on your Facebook fan page ? What things have you tried, and how have they worked?

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