9 A/B Tests Mere Marketing Mortals Can Use to Increase Leads

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Rebecca Corliss
Rebecca Corliss



A/B Testing HubSpotIf you are not trying any A/B tests currently, you're probably doing yourself a disservice. (There, I said it!) Running A/B tests on your website is a killer way to learn how to generate more leads from the same amount of traffic. In other words, stop losing leads you could be capturing today by making just a few small tweaks here and there. Anyone can do it, you might be surprised what you learn, and you know what? It's fun! So what should you be testing?

Here Are 9 Ideas for A/B Tests You Can Try on Your Website Today

1. Button Color: Red or blue? Green or ORANGE? The color of a call-to-action button could actually impact conversion depending on how the color relates to the rest of the web page. Test a few colors, and see which color your visitors respond to best.

2. Headline Copy: Changing a couple of words in the headline of your page could also have a major impact. Test different headlines on your page (especially landing pages!) to see which headline drives more leads.

3. Images: Should you use big images? Small images? Photos of puppies? I recently learned that WhichTestWon tested photos of people facing away and toward a form. And guess what? Using a photo of a person facing a form on a page actually increased conversion. Well, that's just awesome!

4. Message positioning: Think about what your audience values, and from that brainstorm, create different ways to position your primary message. What type of message will your audience respond to best? Test a few!

5. CTA position: Where should a call-to-action be located on your website to best drive visitors to a landing page? (Hint: it's most likely not below the fold.) But should it be on the left column? Right column? Try and see.

6. Landing Page Layout: Try testing different layouts with the intention of optimizing for eye path. Try one column, two column, or test it with form on the left or maybe on the right.

7. Number of Form Fields: Wouldn't it be great if you could increase landing page conversions just by removing a form field? Or perhaps your team has decided to add a form field. Do an A/B test to see if it will negatively affect conversion. It might not!

8. Amount of Copy: Is less more? Or is it crucial to explain a particular concept in depth? Let the numbers do the talking, and test to figure out your sweet spot.

9. Offers: A visitor may respond differently to a particular offer depending on the context of the page where the offer is promoted. For example, on our blog, people appreciate ebook offers more than free trial offers, and the inverse is true on our product pages. A/B test your offers on different pages!

Once your tests have run their course, evaluate them! Were your results statistically significant? Use this guide to help you decide.

This is only the beginning! What other A/B tests can you think of? Or what A/B tests have you tried previously that worked great for you? Let us know!


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