6 Brilliant Tips to Boost Blog Conversion

Pamela Vaughan
Pamela Vaughan



rocket booster Smart business bloggers understand that conversion rate is a very important metric for measuring the success of blogging efforts. Sure, traffic and leads are great, but understanding the correlation between the two is a very powerful thing. Improving your conversion rate can help you generate more leads from the same amount of traffic, and a declined conversion rate can hurt your ability to generate more leads from increased traffic.

So if you're consistently tracking your blog's key success metrics, what do you do when you notice a conversion rate decline? Or perhaps you want to give your conversion rate a boost so you can generate even more leads from existing traffic. Either way, here are 6 brilliant tips to better your blog's conversion rate and start pumping more leads out from that valuable traffic.

1. Better Align Content With Relevant, Targeted Offer CTAs

If you want to generate leads from your blog, you should understand the importance of calls-to-action, and you should know to place one on each and every blog post you publish. Take a look at your arsenal of blog CTA and the offers they reflect. Could they be better aligned with the content of your specific blog articles? Consider updating your calls-to-action to make them more relevant and targeted to each blog post. This could mean simple tweaks in the language of your CTAs, or perhaps it means creating a completely new offer to cater to certain types of blog content. Remember: the more targeted you are, the better the chances that your blog readers will be interested in what you have to offer, and thus, more likely to convert. Make sure your offers' CTAs also direct visitors to targeted landing pages with lead-capture forms.

2. Optimize Evergreen Blog Content With New CTAs

Remember that blog post you published 3 months ago that generated tons of traffic? Are you so sure it's not still generating tons of traffic from organic search ? Take a look at your analytics to determine which blog articles are ranking well in search and still generating a lot of traffic. Then update the calls-to-action in those articles to include your newer, best converting offers to boost the conversion rates of those evergreen blog articles .

3. Update Banner Creative & Highlighted Offers

Let's face it: the same top and sidebar CTA banners viewed over and over again will get stale. Sometimes just a fresh new look can positively impact conversion rates. Consider designing some new banner creative to highlight your top-performing offers. Also, regularly swap in newer offers that you weren't previously featuring. Let your analytics be your guide, and display your best converting offers in your banner creative.

4. Test CTA Button Variations 

Do some A/B testing of your calls-to-action! Does a simple button perform better than a more detailed and complex one? Does the tone of your messaging affect conversion rates? Does layout affect clicks? You'll never know until you test. Run your test, determine its statistical significance , and make decisions on the types of CTAs you use on your blog based on your results.

5. Pepper in Links to Offers Throughout Your Posts

Besides button CTAs, you can also leverage the text within your blog articles for conversion. Optimize your posts for better conversion by using anchor text to link to appropriate offers. If you're a plumber and you've written an article about "10 Common Drainage Treatment Mistakes," link some anchor text within the article to your ebook on At Home Plumbing for Dummies .

6. Add an Email Opt-In Form

Don't overlook some simple ways to increase your blog's conversion rate. If it doesn't already have one, add an email opt-in form to the sidebar of your blog so blog visitors can easily opt into your email database . If your blog already does have an email opt-in form but it's not generating a lot of new email addresses, investigate why it's failing and brainstorm a few ways to improve it. Perhaps the form just isn't prominently visible on your sidebar. Or maybe you're not highlighting the value users will get from opting in to your list.

As we mentioned a few times already, your marketing analytics are key tools to help you diagnose and give a boost to a poorly converting business blog. Regularly monitor the performance of your blog to spot deficiencies in its conversion rate, and once you make adjustments, track the results. This will help you determine what works and what doesn't so you can make better marketing decisions.

What other tricks for boosting a blog's conversion rate can you share?

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