Black Friday MarketingBlack Friday. It's the biggest shopping weekend of the year, and today marks the busiest day of the entire holiday season. As retailers prep their brick and mortar presence with lights and glitter, smart inbound marketers are also taking to the internet in order to cash in on their online sales. Take a look at some mind-blowing statistics and predictions around the use of mobile devices, online coupons, and email marketing this holiday shopping weekend.

26 Black Friday Statistics for Marketers

1.) Almost 85 percent of retailers will send an email to their customers about Black Friday deals, up from 80 percent last year. (Source: Tweet This Stat!

2.) U.S. spending has reached $9.7 billion in the first 20 days of the holiday season, up 14 percent versus 2010. (Source: Reuters) Tweet This Stat!

3.) Forget the turkey. 26 percent of those surveyed planned on shopping online on Thanksgiving Day. (Source: Deloitte) Tweet This Stat!

4.) Nearly three-quarters of retailers will use their Facebook page to reach out to shoppers, up from 57.1 percent last year. (Source: Tweet This Stat!

5.) Only half of retailers will utilize their website's homepage to promote Black Friday deals. (Source: Tweet This Stat!

6.) As many as 152 million people plan to shop this weekend, up 10 percent from last year and the biggest expected turnout ever. (Source: National Retail Federation) Tweet This Stat!

7.) Some 34 percent of shoppers said they plan to shop on Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, up from 31 percent last year and 26 percent in 2009. (Source: International Council of Shopping Centers) Tweet This Stat!

8.) More than 74 percent of frequent online shoppers plan to look for online coupons and coupon codes this year, compared with 63 percent last year. (Source: Tweet This Stat!

9.) Half of shoppers plan to keep track of holiday sales and promotions via advertising circulars throughout the holiday season. (Source: National Retail Federation) Tweet This Stat!

10.) In-store mobile shoppers are big spenders; they're looking for premium gifts and prefer to purchase from a physical store. (Source: Kellogg Shopper Index) Tweet This Stat!

11.) Men say they always use mobile devices to check prices while shopping in stores versus just five percent of women. (Source: Kellogg Shopper Index) Tweet This Stat!

12.) Black Friday shoppers will do most of their shopping at Walmart and Best Buy according to an analysis of Twitter conversations. (Source: Mashwork) Tweet This Stat!

13.) Holiday television commercials will be tuned into by 31.7 percent of shoppers in an effort to find those awesome gifts. (Source: National Retail Federation) Tweet This Stat!

14.) Coupon websites will enjoy visits from 23.1 percent of holiday shoppers. (Source: National Retail Federation) Tweet This Stat!

15.) Nearly one-third of Santa's elves will specifically keep track of the email coupons they receive from retailers this holiday season. (Source: National Retail Federation) Tweet This Stat!

16.) One in four consumers frequently or always use a mobile device to compare prices while shopping in a store, and 64 percent do so at least occasionally. (Source: Kellogg Shopper Index) Tweet This Stat!

17.) Mobile will play a critical shopping role today, Saturday, and Sunday, with an estimated 60 million consumers planning to use their devices to shop, research purchases, or seek retailer information. (Source: InMobi) Tweet This Stat!

18.) Social media will play a big role in consumer behavior, with 17.3 percent monitoring retailers’ Facebook pages. (Source: National Retail Federation) Tweet This Stat!

19.) Discount hounds will take advantage of deals, with 11.3 percent checking out group-buying sites like Groupon and LivingSocial. (Source: National Retail Federation) Tweet This Stat!

20.) A staggering 42 percent of mobile shoppers plan to use their mobile devices to shop or research sales on Cyber Monday, which has traditionally been dedicated to online shopping. (Source: InMobi) Tweet This Stat!

21.) Of those who own tablet devices and who plan to shop for or research holiday items this year, one in five (21.3 percent) will seek out group buying sites and 31.2 percent will check out retailers’ Facebook pages. (Source: InMobi) Tweet This Stat!

22.) The number of consumers shopping from their mobile device this holiday season has increased 150 percent since last year. (Source: IBM Coremetrics Benchmark) Tweet This Stat!

23.) Fully 15 percent of all searches made on Black Friday will come from mobile devices. (Source: Portfolio) Tweet This Stat!

24.) Not to be outdone, Cyber Monday will have 39 percent of shoppers buying, almost the same number as Black Friday. (Source: PriceGrabber) Tweet This Stat!

25.) Virtually all Cyber Monday shoppers will be drawn in by the one-day deals, discounts, and free shipping offers. (Source: PriceGrabber) Tweet This Stat!

26.) Most Cyber Monday shopping will be done from home (84 percent) and the balance will be done from work (for those willing to admit to it!). (Source: PriceGrabber) Tweet This Stat!

If you haven't finished putting together your online coupons, your mobile site optimization isn't quite complete, or your email marketing campaigns aren't quite nailed down yet, ask your marketing elves to get hopping! Even if you miss the Black Friday shopping rush, the rest of the holiday season will still be busy for retailers, especially those who can cater to the last-minute shoppers.

What am I doing today? Well, besides working on our lead generation plan and marketing budget for 2012, not a whole lot. I am not going anywhere near a store or mall. But I might venture forth into the online realm. With my Android, of course.

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Originally published Nov 25, 2011 5:00:00 AM, updated October 20 2016


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