How to Optimize Your LinkedIn Company Page in 15 Minutes

Rebecca Corliss
Rebecca Corliss



LinkedIn company pages are becoming an increasingly popular tool for marketers to engage with their networks, generate leads, and showcase their products. In HubSpot's specific case, our visitor-lead conversion rate for LinkedIn is double that of any other social network. Pretty hot, right? To help you get some similar benefits, here are 10 quick tips to help you optimize your business' company page in 15 minutes. Ready? Go!

LinkedIn Add Admins

10 Steps to Optimize Your Company Page in 15 Minutes

1. Activate status updates by adding admins - including yourself! This is the first step to getting some serious value from your company page. Go to "Edit," click "Designated Users Only," and then select connections you want to be able to edit your page and publish status updates. Here's a special tip: make sure you add yourself, otherwise you'll have to ask one of the new admins to go in and add you.
LinkedIn Add Admins

2. Commit to posting a status update twice a day. To some, this is relatively ambitious. However, if you can go in and post a link to a blog article in the morning and perhaps a discussion question at night, you're on the right track! Consistently posting will help you grow your LinkedIn reach, as well as regularly get traffic to your website from LinkedIn. HubSpot LinkedIn Status Update
3. Add your blog RSS to your page to auto-populate your blog's content. This is a five second no-brainer. Do you want your blog articles to be automatically posted to your company page to help send traffic to your website? Thought so!

LinkedIn Blog RSS

4. Create a helpful "Company Overview" description, with the most important info at the top. Feel free to be as thorough as you'd like, but understand that visually, it will be truncated after line eight or so. Make sure the most important point (or perhaps a CTA) appears right at the top without scrolling. A good idea is to direct visitors to other parts of your company page or encourage follows!

LinkedIn Company Description5. Opt-in to "show news" about your company. Similar to point #3, this is super easy, and enabling it will automatically post any interesting and relevant news articles and press releases about your company to your company page. This is a nice way to show how your company is impacting the industry. Not much news about you? No worries. When there is, it will automatically show up on your page since you've already enabled it.Add News LinkedIn

6. Add "Company Specialties" (or keywords) to help your company get found for specific terms. Consider this your LinkedIn SEO strategy. When people are searching for companies like yours within LinkedIn, you want to make sure your company appears in relevant situations. Add a few keywords that make sense to help your company page get found.LinkedIn Company Specialties

7. Link to a landing page on your Overview Page. I bet your first thought was to link to your homepage, huh? Why not use it as a lead generation opportunity! Link to a landing page, or a targeted interior page with some good details about your company. That will ultimately be more effective at driving leads and customers.

LinkedIn Company Page URL

8. List one of your products or services in the "Products" section, and explain why it's valuable. The "Products" section of a LinkedIn page is a really powerful tool. You have the opportunity to link and explain each of your products and services individually, and ask your customers to "recommend" them. Go through the steps to add a product, starting at Products Tab >> Admin Tools >> Add a product. Follow the wizard from there.Company Page Products

9. Add "banners" to your Product Page and link to special interior pages of your website. Have an image that would look smashing on your Products Page? If you have a 640x220 pixel banner or image (or something at that ratio) upload and use it to link to one of your landing pages. Let the traffic roll in!

Zipcar LinkedIn Banner

10. Add a video to your Product Page. You must have a YouTube video, right? At least one? Good! You can add it (or anyone's YouTube video, really) by going to "Add your YouTube video ..." and copy/pasting a YouTube video link. Now you have video to complement your written content. Nice work.

LinkedIn Video

There you go! Now, in the same amount of time it would take to go on a coffee break, you have nicely optimized your LinkedIn company page. Well done!

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