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Did you hear? You probably heard...just about everywhere. Facebook filed their S-1 yesterday, and is charging full steam ahead to their much anticipated IPO. Many of us have been poring over the juicy details that were revealed in the S-1 -- Facebook revealed revenue and profitability numbers, mind blowing usage metrics, and the even more astonishing take-home pay of some of their employees. Take a look at the S-1 for all the gory details; but we've also consolidated what we think are the most fascinating stats and data to come out of the document if you don't want to read the 150+ pages of it.

Facebook Usage

1.) As of December 2011, Facebook has 845 million monthly active users worldwide, and 483 million daily active users worldwide. Tweet This Stat

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2.) Mobile accounts for half of Facebook's user base at approximately 425 million active monthly users. Tweet This Stat

3.) There were 100 billion friend connections on Facebook as of the end of 2011. Tweet This Stat

4.) In Q4 of 2011, there were 2.7 billion likes and comments per day on Facebook. Tweet This Stat

5.) 250 million photos are uploaded every day on Facebook. Tweet This Stat

6.) More than 100 quadrillion bytes of photos and video were shared on Facebook in the last quarter of 2011. Tweet This Stat

Global Penetration

7.) Facebook is available in more than 70 different languages. Tweet This Stat

8.) Facebook has a penetration rate of greater than 80% in countries such as Chile, Turkey, and Venezuela. Tweet This Stat

9.) Facebook has a 60% penetration rate in the United States and United Kingdom. Tweet This Stat

10.) In countries like Brazil, Germany, and India, penetration rates are estimated at 20-30%. Tweet This Stat

11.) Japan, Russia, and South Korea have Facebook penetration rates of less than 15%. Tweet This Stat

12.) Facebook is restricted in China, resulting in a 0% penetration rate. Tweet This Stat

The People of Facebook

13.) There were 3,200 employees at Facebook as of the end of 2011, a 50% increase over 2010. Tweet This Stat

14.) At $500,000 a year, Mark Zuckerberg makes three times more a year than Google's co-founders did when they filed for their IPO in 2004. Tweet This Stat

15.) Zuckerberg is trailed by COO Sheryl Sandberg and CFO David Ebersman, who both make $300,000 a year, the second highest salaries at Facebook. Tweet This Stat

16.) Sandberg may only have the second highest salary, but she is the highest paid employee, even over Zuckerberg. In 2011, she ended up taking home $30,873,579. Tweet This Stat

17.) Like Steve Jobs did as CEO of Apple, Zuckerberg plans to take a salary of $1 per year starting in 2013. Tweet This Stat

18.) Zuckerberg owns 28% of Facebook, which could translate to $28 billion in worth after the IPO. Tweet This Stat

Facebook's Financial Information

19.) Facebook has only been profitable for the last three years. But in 2011, they earned a profit of $1 billion, far more than Google and Zynga when they IPO'd. Tweet This Stat

20.) In 2011, Facebook reported $3.711 billion in revenue, 88% more than the $1.974 billion they reported in 2010. Tweet This Stat

21.) This revenue growth seems enormous, but the percentage of growth year over year is shrinking. They point out that annual revenue growth from 2009 to 2010 was 154%. Tweet This Stat

22.) 85% of Facebook's revenues come from advertising. Tweet This Stat

23.) Zynga, the gaming developer who brought you the much beloved and bemoaned Farmville, accounts for 12% of Facebook's revenue. It came from direct advertising they purchased, and processing fees related to purchase of virtual goods. Tweet This Stat

24.) Marketing and sales expenses increased $243 million in 2011, or 132% compared to 2010. The increase was primarily due to payroll and benefits expense increases because of their 46% increase in headcount. Tweet This Stat

25.) In 2011, diluted pro forma per share profits were 43 cents a share. Tweet This Stat

26.) Share-based compensation expense increased from $2 million in 2010 to $43 million in 2011. Tweet This Stat

27.) Facebook did not grant any stock options in 2011. Tweet This Stat

When Facebook IPOs, will you be buying shares in the company?

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Originally published Feb 2, 2012 12:10:00 PM, updated October 20 2016


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