Companies That Auto-Publish to Social Media Generate 50% More Leads [New Data]

Anand Rajaram
Anand Rajaram



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If you're an inbound marketer, you're probably already on board with the idea that business blogging is an effective way to generate leads . And you probably also know that you can increase your blog's ability to generate leads if you also promote it in social media -- the more exposure the better, right?

But we did a little analysis here to see if there's something else we can all do to make our business blogs and social media networks even more effective at lead generation . Turns out, there is. And it's auto-publishing your blog content to social media. Who would've thunk it?

A recent analysis of leads generated by HubSpot's customers indicates that companies that automatically publish their blog posts to social media get 50% more leads than companies that don't.

blog auto publish lead generation Additionally, companies that used a social media publishing tool to schedule their social media posts had 3 times as many leads as those that didn't.

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1) Optimize your blog titles and content. Focus on the keywords that matter to your business. Social media content is indexed in search engines, too, so if you're concerned with optimizing your organic presence, inclusion of keywords in your blog post titles and content will help support that effort.

2) Provide tweetable "nuggets" in your blog posts. This will help you expand your blog's reach on social media in two ways. First, short tweetable statements help your readers find new copy to pull into their updates when they share your content via social media other than just your title. But you can also use tools like Click to Tweet that let you find tweetable content within your blog post that, with just one click, lets a reader share content to their social networks with a pre-filled tweet of your choice. What a great way to expand your reach and drive new traffic to your blog!

3) Provide easy social sharing options. Social sharing buttons are one of the easiest ways for visitors to get your blog posts out to the rest of the social media universe. The easier you make it for readers to share your content, the more your blog content will spread.

4) Consider a platform that automatically schedules and publishes blog posts on social media. Think this data applies to your business? Put it to the test. Use a social media publishing tool that integrates with your business blog so you can see this kind of epic lead increase for yourself.

5) Establish the best times to publish in social media. We've done our own research on the best times to publish social media updates, but it certainly varies from business to business. We also offer suggested times in the HubSpot social media publishing tool to help businesses spread their content out throughout the day. Figure out what times you receive the most engagement from publishing your blog content on social media to get the most bang for your buck!

Do you auto-publish your blog content to social media? Will this data encourage you to experiment with it if you weren't doing so already?

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