Pinterest Now Sending More Traffic Than Yahoo Search, and Other Marketing Stories of the Week

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Have you noticed anything different lately? Noisy yellow school buses, cute little backpacks, and excited children's chatter have filled the streets. That’s right.

The kids are back in school!

Do you know what that means? It’s time for you and them both to take some time this Sunday evening to do your homework! Don’t worry, we’ve done most of it for you. All you need to do is sit back, relax, and read. Catch up on these top 5 marketing stories of the week so you’re prepared for the week ahead.

Pinterest Now Sending More Traffic Than Yahoo Search, Shareaholic Says, From Search Engine Land

Are you using Pinterest to drive traffic to your website? If not, you may want to start! Search Engine Land shared some great data from Shareaholic, informing us that Pinterest is sending more traffic to their users' websites than Yahoo organic search. In fact, Pinterest is also sending more traffic than Bing and Twitter, too, coming in at Shareaholic users' fourth largest traffic driver in August. The sample size was based on 200,000 websites that are using Shareaholic’s widgets. The post included some impressive graphs and charts to illustrate these numbers. If you’re interested in seeing the full data surrounding this article, you can check out the story here.

After Long Startup Journey, Seesmic Is Bought by Social Media Management Service Hootsuite [Confirmed], From TechCrunch

It’s confirmed. HootSuite (you know, the social media monitoring tool that integrates with HubSpot so you can monitor your leads on Twitter) is acquiring Seesmic. If you haven’t heard about Seesmic, the company started back in 2007 as a video version of Twitter. The company played around with various video capabilities for a few years, and eventually ended up in the social media client business. This was great news for HootSuite, since the two companies had similar features and it was easy to see a connection. Interested in reading more about the acquisition? Check out the full story here, with a heartfelt excerpt from the company’s founder.

How the Best B2B Marketers Think Like B2C Marketers: Five Strategies to Emulate, From MarketingProfs

Russell Glass of MarketingProfs explains a B2B marketer’s job very accurately. They “have a rich, complex, and high-pressure job to do in a very dynamic and noisy world.” With this said, how can B2B marketers creatively sell some seriously unsexy products? The solution is simple. Smart B2B marketing = B2C marketing with a twist! Successful B2B marketers understand building a memorable brand, but they also understand what influences the buyer, what contributes to purchasing decisions, how to remove the risk of the decision, and how to distribute messages to the decision maker. Basically, if you’re a B2B marketer, keep doing what you’re doing, but try throwing in some new tactics that allow you to humanize your brand. If you’re interested in learning more, you can check out the full story here.

LinkedIn Launches New Company Page Design: See What's Changing, From HubSpot

You may have noticed that HubSpot’s LinkedIn Company Page is looking a little bit different this week. That’s because LinkedIn has started rolling out a new design for Company Pages for a few select companies. The changes only affect the look and feel of the Company Pages, introducing a cover image and more prominently featured elements, such the Products and Services section as well as targeting options for Company Updates, which hold high importance for marketers. Additionally, LinkedIn is rolling out the ability to find Company Pages on iPhone, Android, and iPad apps, which did not exist previously. We thought it would be interesting to compare HubSpot’s old LinkedIn Company Page with the new one to show you exactly what has changed and how you can prepare. Read the article to take a look at the new design changes here.

5 Ways Strategic Social Media Can Help Small Businesses, From Brian Solis

Finally, Brian Solis prepares us for the week with some great inspiration -- that “small businesses possess an enormous advantage over big businesses” when it comes to social media. It’s true! Social media isn't just for big brands. In fact, small businesses can see huge results by recognizing and adapting new opportunities quickly, with less investment, and with an incredible capacity to learn and improve. His tips for developing a strategic social media presence include listening, defining your brand, making your presence matter, building, investing, and learning ... then repeating these steps over and over to stay as relevant as possible. Whether you're a small business owner, a big enterprise marketer, or even an individual social media user, we can all find some great takeaways from Solis’ wisdom. If you’d like to learn more, read the full story here.

What inbound marketing stories did you enjoy reading this week? Share them in the comments!

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