Three PR and Social Media Measurement Tips From KD Paine

Lauren Brown
Lauren Brown



A main criticism of social media is that it's impossible to measure its impact. 

Not so, says KD Paine, author of the new book "Measuring Public Relationships."

Paine has made a career of social media measurement; in addition to her recent book, she is also the founder and CEO of KD Paine & Partners LLC and writes her own blog, PR Measurement.

Recently, HubSpot's Rick Burnes caught up with Paine. He spoke with her about today's marketplace, ways to form relationships with stakeholders and some current success stories.

On Ford's Social Media Success

From the video above:  "They say, 'Ford is not like the other three,' and because they're not like the other three, that's why they're selling cars. That's their key message, and you can track that through social media."

On Measuring Reputations

From the video above: "All those things [like reputation] are intangible, but you can make them very measurable."

On Measurement Priorities

From the video above: "Figure out what's not working; don't try to justify your existence."

Check out the full conversation here (we apologize for some scratchy audio during the conversation):

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