Survey: Inbound Marketing Cost Per Lead Is 60% Lower Than Outbound

So, how can your organization lower its marketing costs by 60%?

Two years of data are clear: Do  inbound marketing .

HubSpot's 2010  State of Inbound Marketing report , being released today, shows that Inbound-dominated organizations average 60% lower cost per lead than outbound-dominated organizations! 

cost per lead

The report is based on a survey of 231 people involved with or familiar with their business' marketing strategy. We asked them to provide their average cost per lead, then compared the cost-per-lead for organizations that focus on inbound marketing ( Social media blogs PPC SEO ) to the cost per lead for organization that focus on outbound marketing (direct mail, telemarketing, trade shows).

This year's cost-per-lead results are remarkably consistent with the 61% lower cost per lead that we found  a year ago when we conducted the same survey .

Other key findings of the  2010 State of Inbound Marketing  report: 

  • Social Media and blogs are the most rapidly expanding category of marketers' overall budgets.
  • Over 40% of customers using Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook and company blogs have generated a customer from that channel.

Live Webinar: The 2010 State of Inbound Marketing

2010 State of Inbound Marketing

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