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Source: Econsultancy’s Best & Worst Return-on-Effort Marketing Tactics, 2010

Inbound marketing depends on a team’s skills: their creativity, knowledge and responsiveness. It also depends on their effort. I look at it a little like a formula: Effort x Skills (creativity, knowledge, responsiveness) = End Result.

So how are marketers of small and medium businesses doing in terms of end results? The chart above (which is a sneak peek of Econsultancy’s Best and Worst Return-on-Effort Marketing tactics webinar and report ), shows that in the eyes of most marketers from small and medium size businesses, the only bright spot is generating email copy. Every other content-focused inbound skill area can use some serious improvement. While creating compelling content for website and communicating the voice of the customer had good positive evaluation, the negatives were pretty high as well. And as for social media marketing, well, the results are sobering at best.

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Originally published Aug 18, 2010 9:00:00 AM, updated October 20 2016