5 Reasons INBOUND is Great for HubSpot Customers (Including the First 100 Breakout Sessions!)

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Elijah Clark-Ginsberg
Elijah Clark-Ginsberg



I hear it from HubSpot customers all the time: “INBOUND is my favorite week of the year!” (For the record, it’s my second favorite, following closely behind the week of straight hibernation that follows INBOUND). We actually plan INBOUND with all marketers and salespeople in mind, regardless of whether or not they use HubSpot, but there’s still good reason that HubSpot customers return year after year.

Here are the top five reasons that thousands of customers will be joining us in Boston from November 8-11th (and why you should too!)

Get as Nerdy as Your Heart Desires

We just announced our first 100 breakout sessions, among them some great topics about the finer points of all things HubSpot? Want to learn to wrangle your messy contacts database? (I do). We’ve got a session for that. Want to become a lead scoring master? Got you covered there too. No matter what aspect of HubSpot stokes your fire, we’ll have a session on it.

Meet Your HubSpotters

You probably have a small army of HubSpotters who’ve been by your side since you signed on, but chances are you’ve never been able to get a high five from them in person. That’s a crying shame. At INBOUND you can meet your sales person, consultant, customer success manager, and everyone else who’s helped you out along the way. High fives will abound.

Get Trained In-Depth

Breakout sessions are great for deep dives into a specific topic, but when you want a really thorough training on a broader topic (say, lead nurturing or sales and marketing collaboration), INBOUND Training Day on Tuesday the 8th is your answer. You can attend optional half-day trainings on a variety of topics, including some in-depth looks at advanced features of the HubSpot product.

Hit the Ground Running

New to HubSpot? Or have a new marketer or salesperson starting? INBOUND is the perfect crash course in HubSpot and the inbound way of doing business. We’ll have sessions on getting started with HubSpot, and even Tuesday trainings on the inbound methodology.

Get a First Look at New Products

INBOUND is where we makes our biggest HubSpot product announcements. If you’re in the room, you’ll not only be the first to hear about them, but you’ll also get to see them up close on the Grow with HubSpot track and in demos at HubSpot HQ.


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