6 Handy Resources to Help Solve Your Biggest Content Creation Problems

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Lauren Hintz
Lauren Hintz



A version of this post originally appeared on the Marketing section of Inbound Hub. 


Content creation is one of the key pillars of inbound marketing -- but that doesn't always mean it's the easiest pillar to master. As with any new project, you're bound to run into an obstacle or two. 

You're not the only one!

To help you overcome those obstacles, here’s a quick round-up of recent blog posts by HubSpot Partners about solving the most common content creation challenges that inbound marketers face. Each post features killer tips and tricks you can start implementing today.

1) Running out of ideas? Learn how to brainstorm 100 ideas in under an hour.

Sometimes, the hardest part of any project is getting started. How many times have you stared at a blank white screen, just hoping your next brilliant idea would appear? This blog post walks you through five tactical steps for brainstorming content ideas. It explains everything from the best way to collect content ideas from sales teams and customer service associates to prioritizing content topics to drafting enticing titles.

2) Want to create more engaging content? Get to know your audience.

We can't say enough about how critical it is to know your audience. The trouble is, sometimes actually doing that isn't so clear. Creating buyer personas can solve for this. Fictional representations of your ideal customers can help you nail down key details about your company’s perfect customer. When you know your audience, content creation becomes that much easier. This quick read explains the essential questions to ask yourself about your audience so you can create content tailored specifically for their wants and needs.

3) Don't miss that deadline! Here's how to avoid common content planning mistakes.

As an inbound marketer, you know that content is king. It’s essential for attracting strangers to your website, converting those visitors into leads, closing customers, and continuing to delight these people to make them promoters of your brand. It’s oh-so-easy to get swept up in a hyper-creative idea and forget about the practical side of creating content that’s inherently helpful. You’ll learn how to avoid a few pesky pitfalls to make your content creation process as smooth as possible.

4) Content isn’t converting? Try this.

For many marketers, the ultimate goal of content creation is lead generation. This post explains four small tweaks you can make to your content to inspire potential customers visiting your website to take action, such as providing their email address for a download or chatting with your seals team.

5) Congrats on the sale! Your content's job isn't over yet.

Content creation shouldn't stop once you’ve sealed the deal. After your company has closes a new customer, the next step is delighting them so they become promoters of your brand. It's a fine line of providing helpful content but also pushing your customer to act as a cheerleader for your company. In this blog post, you’ll learn five quick tips for charming your customers so they tell everyone they know how awesome your really are.

6) If all else fails, learn a thing or two from these pups.

The writer of this blog post works from home and spends a lot of time with her five (count ‘em, five) dogs. This post tackles everything from goal setting, user experience, brainstorming ideas, and delighting customers with content. She explains how crushing the fundamentals of content marketing can lead to big results. And, to be honest, this one’s worth reading because the analogies are clutch.


Any other content tips or articles you've read that have helped you? Share it with us!

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