Using Attachments vs Using Documents in Your Sales Process

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Amanda ElMassih
Amanda ElMassih


In the midst of your sales processes, there will be times you will need to share additional assets with or related to the contact you are interacting with. Perhaps there is a white paper that you need to send along in an email to a lead. Or maybe there is an important contract specific to the lead that needs to be visible to your sales team. Whatever it may be, HubSpot has you covered with the attachments and documents tools. While both tools allow you to use files in your sales processes, there are some important differences in how they should be utilized. 

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Access Your Documents in HubSpot

The End User 

When deciding whether to use documents or attachments, the key factor to consider is who will be seeing these files. Documents are meant for sharing with your contacts, whereas attachments are meant for your team to see on contact records in the CRM. 

Information in the Asset 

Furthermore, when deciding between using documents or attachments, consider the type of information in the asset.

Assets that are more generalized or focused on your business or your offerings would be better suited for the documents tool. Your sales team could then add a link to the document to share with the leads they are interacting with over email. To learn more about how to upload and share documents, check out this article from the HubSpot Knowledge Base.

Assets that are specific to the lead should be used as attachments on the contact record in the CRM. Attachments can be any assets related to the contact that you want to be visible to your team in the CRM. Check out this article from the Knowledge Base for more information on adding attachments. 

Now that you know the major differences between using attachments and documents, you can manage your assets accordingly to enhance your sales process. 

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