How to Plan the Content for Your Lead Nurturing Campaigns

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Planning for Lead Nurturing resized 600Thank you for joining us today for our exciting first session on Lead Nurturing: How to Plan the Content for Your Lead Nurturing Campaigns. We hope you learned some valuable take-aways on how to approach lead nurturing with goal setting and building a structure around defining your goals.  Both aspects are imperative to ensuring your lead nurturing programs will contribute to motivating your leads to take action and take steps toward becoming a customer.

Please complete the following homework before our next webinar on how to create a lead nurturing campaign:

Next week we will conduct the second installment in this series: How to Set Up One Lead Nurturing Campaign in HubSpot. During this session, we will teach you how to create a lead nurturing campaign and how you should approach each of the emails in your series.  

Ellie and Mark are looking forward to seeing you next week at 4PM EST!  Enjoy your week.  

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