5 Email Marketing Tools You Need to be Using

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Mark Kilens
Mark Kilens



email marketing toolsWe are about to wrap up our seven-week email marketing webinar series and I want to make sure you are aware of all the email marketing tools we presented during the webinars. You can download or use each tool by clicking on its title.

9 Step Email Marketing Guide

Use the email marketing guide to learn how to properly create and send your emails. You will learn how to create a subject line, where to place links in your emails, how many images your emails should have and much more.

10 Step Email Newsletter Guide

Learn how to create a monthly email newsletter and what content you should include in your newsletter. The guide will teach you what email address the newsletter should use and how to structure the content in the newsletter.

6 Step Lead Nurturing Guide

According to a 2010 Market2Lead Study, businesses that use lead nurturing see a 9% higher average deal size and the length of their sales cycles is reduced by 23%.  This guide will teach you how to set up a lead nurturing campaign in HubSpot from start to finish.

5 Email Testing Best Practices

You must test your emails to learn what you need to change and improve. Learn how to test your emails using the A/B testing methodology and what you should be testing. Elements you should test include the "from" name and address, the subject line, and the placement of content and images.

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Grade your emails so you learn what you need to change with your emails. HubSpot's EmailGrader grades your emails on how well the email is set up for deliverability, conversion, mobile, social and compliance.

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