Lead NurturingWhy Should I Use Lead Nurturing?

50% of leads that are collected on a website are not ready to buy when they first fill out a form and convert on your website. Lead Nurturing, also known as Drip Marketing, Automated Emails and more, are a series of emails that go out to your leads over time. These emails build relationships and trust with your leads resulting in a shorter sales cycle and higher deal size!

How to Set Up Lead Nurturing in 30 Minutes

  1. Video of how to set up lead nurturing in 30 minutes
  2. 6 step lead nurturing guide
  3. Guide to setting up lead nurturing in 30 minutes
  4. Video walk through - creating a custom email template

What Lead Nurturing Can Do!

It can take up to 8 "touches" for a person to recognize a brand. Lead Nurturing can increase your brand's recall, establishing credibility and contributing to sales. In fact, 66% of buyers said that "consistent communication by sales and marketing organizations" was a key part of choosing a provider!

Originally published May 25, 2011 1:27:00 PM, updated December 16 2013