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HubSpot MobileWhy set up HubSpot Mobile and use the HTML Email Template?

Editors note: Since this post was published, HubSpot has released a content management system that has mobile-optimized pages built using repsonsive design that also allows for personalization with Smart Content. See it all here!

Mobile screens are small, and content created for the world wide web isn't always the right size for little screens, making your content invisible to users.

Also more and more people are using mobile devices to search the web and read emails. In fact, a recent poll by AT&T found that 78% of people read emails on a mobile device and 43% of people use mobile devices to surf the web.

With HubSpot Mobile and the HTML Email Templates, your content is ready to be viewed on and mobile device - open and ready for all to see!

How to set up HubSpot Mobile and How to use the HTML Email Template Tools

How to install and use HubSpot's mobile app

How to create a custom email template

How to set up your social Follow Me module

What setting up HubSpot Mobile and using HTML Email Template Tools can do!

People read a lot of email on their phone. If they receive your company email and read it on their mobile device, not only will they be able to see everything you wrote, but they will be able to easily connect with you (since your social media profiles are included in the email) and they'll also be able to easily search your website - all without moving from a mobile device to a laptop! It all equates to more website visitors, which can turn into valuable leads.

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