3 Strategies That Will Increase Email Deliverability

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Mark Kilens
Mark Kilens



increase email deliverabilityYou’ve been collecting leads over the last few months and you have a customer database. You’re thinking about doing some email marketing to your lists. However, the last thing you want is someone to unsubscribe and never be able to get your emails in the future.  Below, I've outlined three very important strategies that will ensure people receive your emails, read your emails, and don’t unsubscribe.

Before we discuss what you should do, you need to understand what you should measure to see if the strategies are paying off. Three things you must measure are unsubscribe rates, click-through rates, and spikes in traffic to your website the day and day after you send an email. You can use the Sources application in HubSpot to measure if your website traffic increased.

You’re probably wondering why I didn’t mention open rates. Open rates are a very difficult metric to accurately track because people can preview the email without opening it or if their email client doesn’t accept images.  What really matters is if they took action on the email and didn’t unsubscribe.

Segment Your List

You need to segment your email list into different groups to ensure each group gets relevant content.  You don’t want your customers getting sold to, but you still want them to digest and share your content.  You could have four segments labeled leads, customers, win-backs, and newsletter.

Set Expectations

Setting the right expectations is important so you don’t annoy your email lists.  The expectations you should set are:

  • Why should they subscribe
  • How many emails will they receive
  • When will they receive the emails
  • What are the emails going to be about
  • What address and brand/person are the emails being sent from. Recommend they add the address to their safe sender list.

If you set the right expectations you will reduce the chance someone will be surprised by your email and unsubscribe from your list.

Respect Their Privacy

You must respect your subscribers’ privacy so they will stay an active subscriber. State that you will never sell their information or give their information to a third party.  You might want to create a privacy policy that your subscribers can read and print. You must also honor their request to be removed from your list within 10 business days to comply with the CAN-SPAM law.

What strategies do you use to get your emails delivered?

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