Why Every Marketer Should Use Tracking URLs

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Mark Kilens
Mark Kilens



why every marketer should use tracking urlsYou love using HubSpot’s Sources tool to see how people are finding your website.  You instantly know how much traffic, leads, and customers you’re website is generating. However, do you know how much traffic, leads, and customers your last email marketing or paid search campaign produced?

Well, tracking URLs are your solution. During last Friday’s Content Camp webinar, Dan Dunn explained how to set up and use HubSpot tracking URLs. They are super important and very powerful, so I outlined some common ways you should be using them.

Email Marketing:  Anytime you do an email marketing campaign, all of the links in your campaign should be tracking URLs. This applies to quick promotional emails, lead nurturing emails, newsletter emails, and really any marketing emails you send.  You should also use tracking URLs in your email signature and when displaying social media icons in your emails.

Social Media:  Use a tracking URL anytime you post a link on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter. Wouldn’t it be awesome to know that your tweet generated three leads and one of those leads became a customer.  There’s your social media ROI!

Paid Search:  Every ad or banner ad you have running should use a tracking URL to measure the campaign’s performance.  You will get data back on how many clicks, leads, and customers the campaign generated. You can also crunch some numbers to determine the cost per visit, lead, and customer.

Testing:  Every marketer should be testing, and without tracking URLs you’ll never know how each test performed.

The Simple Answer: Dan Dunn stated it the best, “You should use tracking URLs anytime you’re sending traffic from an outside source to your website.”

Please share how you have used tracking URLs with your marketing campaigns!

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