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Mark Kilens
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place your content above the fold

One of the steps in my 10 Step Landing Page Guide tells you to place your landing page content above the page’s fold.  But, how do you know if your content is above the page’s fold if you’re only using your computer screen as the judge?

I like to introduce you to Google’s Browser Size tool.  This tool allows you to see how your landing pages will appear on the majority of computer screen sizes.

It’s extremely important to keep landing page content above the page’s fold.  Reasons to keep the content above the fold include:

  • Helps the landing page pass the blink test.  Jeanne gave the advice of standing about five to ten feet back from your computer, and see if you can still make out what the landing page is about.
  • Conversion is the goal of the page. You want people to quickly complete the form on the page and not have to scroll down the page to find it.
  • Makes it very easy for people to understand what the offer is and why they should take action.
  • Landing page headlines should be above the fold and be consistent with the call to action.  Headlines help the page’s content stand out.

I like to use three column landing page layouts when trying to keep all my landing page content above the fold. The left column can have an image, the middle column is where my landing page content sits, and the right column includes the form.

What strategies do you use to ensure people see and find your landing pages?

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